Blood & Truth: SIE Studio’s Play Station VR Exclusive Adds New Dimension to VR Gameplay

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In the era of tough competition between consoles and platforms, making a decision for the right platform can be really tough. However, games like Blood & Truth make that decision a lot easier to make. The game that could smoothly without VR shines even more so while employing the best Virtual Reality has to offer. A plethora of games presents themselves with the promise of Action, Suspense and everything in between. Blood & Truth, however, actually delivers.

The game is everything we wanted and more, From tense exhilarating action to a captivating story, The game has it all. Contrary to most VR games, Blood & Truth offers a truly comfortable gaming experience. During our 2-hour gameplay, There was minimal discomfort. The shooting mechanics were easy to track while being visually stimulating.




The game is recommended to be played from a seated position with basic movements to perform in-game tasks. The mechanism is simple to follow and easy to remember. Even though the calibration process takes a while to track all the motions smoothly, The end result reflects in the game brilliantly. The issues with irritating camera motions are eliminated in the game which we found refreshing compared to most PSVR games.

The storyline revolves around a retired soldier facing his family getting stuck in the messy world of underworld and crime. The protagonist faces a range of experiences in order to go through the scenarios and deal with the situation he is stuck in. The game scenes offer incredible depth and immersion. The game however also allows for shenanigans with the DualShock 4 or the standard controller. The cinematography is stunning and makes the player feel like the actual protagonist in a well-directed movie. The animation and sound design pair up perfectly with the experience and add to the vibe of the game.



The supporting cast and characters have great depth and personality, adding to the flair of the game. Backed by a great supporting cast of actors that gave their best to make the game truly realistic with dialogue and expression. The Studio has outdone itself from its previous flagships to improve on the quality of facial expression that the characters have. The lack of a major villain does feel to be a missing factor in the game but the general shooting scenes and action sequence more than make up for the minor flaws in storyline.

The Blood and Truth has received unanimously rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Our experience seemed to mirror the expressions from major twitter reactions as we found ourselves spending hours immersed in the gameplay. The game is a major hallmark in evolving VR gaming to a truly comfortable experience, this aspect is only part of the allure that the game brings. Despite the predictable storyline and high expectations to live up to, the game manages to executive it in a way that will surely make you immersed in its splendour.



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