Games That Stole the Show In 2019

Apex Legends,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

2019 has been a monumental year for the gaming industry. Even though it lacked major AAA releases like 2018, It has still managed to produce some spectacles. Without wasting time, we are going to delve right into our list of the best games in 2019 so far.



Apex Legends,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games


Apex Legends: Any list from 2019 would be meaningless without Apex Legends. The surprise release from Respawn Entertainment completely changed the Battle Royale landscape this year. We had a thoroughly entertaining time with this game for months. From its smooth launch without any major fumbles to its game-changing (Pun intended) respawning mechanism, the game ticked all the right boxes and rapidly shot to popularity. For a brief period, the game managed to dethrone Fortnite from twitch streaming charts, major achievement from the studio that gave us Titanfall.





A Plague Tale: Innocence: A Plague Tale: Innocence is everything you’d want an Indie game to be and more. This game knocked it out of the park with its stimulating visuals and gameplay. With a gripping story from France during the worst part of the Plague, this game had mind-blowing visuals and intense gameplay.





The Division 2: Division 2 is hands down one of the best shooters of the year, despite Ubisoft’s reputation for mis portrayed political scenarios, the game perfectly captures the vibe of Washington after the apocalypse. Everything about the game from its shooting mechanics to matchmaking is improved from its predecessor. The game stays exciting throughout its extended gameplay and never misses a beat in being compelling.





Metro Exodus: I definitely feel that this might be the most underrated entry in this list. Metro Exodus improved massively on the previous 2 titles in the franchise and allows players to carve their own paths in the gameplay. The game is amazingly well structured making the open nature perfectly tied with progression. The story is incredibly captivating and I cannot recommend this game enough.





Kingdom Hearts 3: Kingdom Hearts 3 makes the decade long wait for a new entry in the series absolutely worth it. Just the simple ability to allow playing with our favourite Disney characters was a treat for us during the gameplay. The game improves every aspect of the previous games and can surely be declared the crowning jewel of the Kingdom Hearts series.


The nature of lists forces us to cap it off with our top but here are some definitive honourable mentions that stood out due to their gameplay and compelling gameplay. Devil May Cry 5 was definitely one of our favourites as Capcom delivered with an amazing game, Mortal Kombat 11 was also comparable with the best games from this year. The best part of the year is yet to come, We are patiently waiting for what Hideo Kojima brings with Death Stranding and the gameplay from Wolfenstein: Youngblood. It is definitely evident that 2019 will wrap up as a great year for the gaming industry.


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