Exciting New Characters Additions Make Us Want to Play Overwatch Again

Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

One of the things that set Blizzard apart as a top-notch gaming company is its constant support and update. The Overwatch community was anticipating additions into the game following the Anniversary Event for Overwatch. One of the most awaited aspects was the addition of new heroes into the game. With time, we got used to playing with the initial roster of 21 heroes and wanted something new. Blizzard has always been honest about its commitment to introducing fresh content and ensuring the game is exciting for the users.

Overwatch does not let the secret out easy; it leaves intriguing little hints on the map and other gameplay elements to lure the users into figuring out the secrets of the new characters. Users were hotly anticipating the addition of a new hero. After days and weeks of community discussions and figuring out, Hero 30 has finally been figured out.


Baptiste,Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

Baptiste is the latest addition into the Overwatch hero roster. Similar to many other heroes that were added recently, Baptiste will have two roles; doing damage and healing. The battle medic has an exciting background story and we are thrilled to be able to freshen things up with our new Hero.


Ashe,Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

Blizzard unveiled Ashe at Blizzcon. Even though the animated short teased the hero people thought would be Athena, it was revealed that the hero was Ashe, A gang leader along with her omnic boy B.O.B. The reveal also allows us to have a clearer idea of Ashe’s abilities. It also revealed the role of B.O.B.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking BallOverwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

Jeff Kaplan introduced Wrecking ball to the world with the means of a small video put together. The genetically modified hamster Hammond was revealed to be Wrecking Ball.


Bridgette,Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

Bridgette is one of the most recent additions to the game. She is the daughter of Torbjörn, the team’s lead engineer. She is revealed to be a supporting role with tanking abilities and her signature items include a shield and a flail.

There are also abundant rumors of incoming rumors revealed by avid users that have spent their time analyzing game files and clues for ant hints regarding new heroes. This research has led to interesting revelations regarding the heroes. These are all characters that can be introduced at some point down the line but it is possible that some of them never make it or take years before we get to see them in action.


Sojourn,Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

The analysis of a promotional trailer reveals Sojourn, a potential new hero. An audio message also reveals Sojourns encounter with Soldier 76. It can be deduced that she is a member of the international task force.


Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

Athena has been a part of the game since the beginning days of Beta. She has been assuming the role of the administrator in Team Fortress 2. There are major speculations on her becoming a character due to her massive role in the game as well as her integral part in the backstory as well.





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