Astral Chain Embraces the Weird to Deliver A Thoroughly Entertaining Experience

Astral Chain,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Rating: 4.0/5 stars

Whenever we hear about a PlatinumGames release, we can be sure that it will not be an everyday game. The studio has a reputation for taking risks and not shying away from embracing the “weird and we are delighted to experience Astral Chain. The game reeks of flair and style and makes the Switch Exclusive a truly amazing experience. The game is based on a truly peculiar yet fascinating world. The detective-action genre is a common theme amongst this year’s games. However Astral Chain presents its take, incredibly unique and thoroughly entertaining. The game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

The storyline is based around a post-apocalyptic environment caused by alien pollution. The bulk of humanity is living in the Ark, a future city filled with neon-lights and its own share of Alien problems. The protagonist of the game is either male or female. One of the Howard twins can be selected as the main characters. The protagonist is part of a task form formed to eliminate aliens. The major fighting tool against the fight is Legions. These robots are tethered using the Astral Chain. A link that connects us to our Legion. Having the Astral Link allows us to see the Chimera’s which are the Aliens we are fighting against.

Astral Chain,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

The game introduces an interesting combat system that allows us to control two users at the same time. Due to the innovative approach used in introducing this mechanism, the transitions between the characters is seamless and the changes are rewarding.

Game Combat

The game is full of interesting twists and turns that kept us glued to the screen during our experience. The characters in the game are full of personality despite the lack of flair in one of the protagonists. Due to the quirky and energetic nature of the surrounding characters, the quiet protagonist feels even more out of shape in Astral Chain. Despite this lack of personality, the combat element of the game more than makes up for the shortcomings in personality. The synchronicity between us and the legion, the action is amazing. The studio did an amazing job with creating stylized animations that go along perfectly with the theme of the game. The particle effects and graphics make the combat look insanely amazing. The flawless performance of the game in the hand-held mode makes the game a must-have for any switch user.

Astral Chain,Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games

The game offers a plethora of legions to choose from and the fighting mechanics ensure that the game never gets too easy. The combat system made us work to make smart choices and rapid decisions to ensure that we got the best out of our Legion. The game is also full of hidden Side Quests and other fun stuff that make it a must-try. Our experience with the game was truly unique due to the gameplay and sheer creativity. It is highly recommended for all Switch users.


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