Borderlands 3 Expands on the Series by Venturing into Other Planets and Adding Layers of Personalization

Borderlands 3,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Game

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Whenever you hear about a Borderlands game, you know what to expect. Memorable characters and a ton of shooting mayhem. The latest addition in the franchise does not disappoint. Building upon what the series does best, Borderlands 3 is packed with tons of new fun features while retaining the best of the previous games.

Expanding out of the planet for the first time, the series adds a ton of new personalization options that allow you to add your own flair into the game. The crew brings back some of the best characters while keeping them personable, making them feel like a family instead of a group of rag-tag outlaws.

Set 7 years into the future from the events that unfolded in Borderlands 2, Borderlands 3 takes a leap forward into new dimensions, wrapping past storylines and adding new threads into the future. As part of the Crimson Raiders based in Pandora, you are at war with Troy and her twin Tyreen Calypso. The story starts slowly but rapidly pics up pace as it moves along and then never looks back. Even though the action, shooting, and looting lie at the heart of the game similar to other renditions of the series, The game has a gripping story that makes it thoroughly entertaining to play for hours.

Borderlands 3,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Game

Borderlands 3 adds customization like never before, adding new levels to which you can personalize your characters. For the first time, Vault hunters have their active skills tied to their respective skill trees. This makes it possible for you and your friend to play the same character while having completely different roles on the battlefield. This makes the campaign enjoyable to play without the limitations present in past games. Even though the solo play option is there, Borderlands 3 still rewards co-op by having the option to remove the loot requirement.

We found in our experience that one of the most fun parts of the Borderlands experience is better than ever before. The guns are truly fun to use and shoot. Borderland has always been known for its unique guns and this game is no different. There are a number of unique new guns to play with and they have some major game-altering impacts. Borderlands 3 never lets the weapons get stale and adds incentive to keep on experimenting with new weapons as they get progressively better and more explosive as you move through the game.

Overall, the game is quirkily fun and combat never gets dull due to the unique lines and the way enemies go out. The game is incredibly fun in its shooting experience and the standard humor you’d expect from a Borderlands game. It is highly recommended to give it a try even if purely for the sheer fun of the shooting. Avid fans of the series would love this rendition due to its exploration onto new territories and must-try new additions.

The Latest Franchise In the series sticks to what Borderlands does best.


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