MY Definition of “GEEK”

The other week, I put out an article about the definitions of the word “Geek.” People defined “geek” with one general thought: Geeks are those people who are so focused on what they do, and they do not care that what they do is actually against the norm. The general consensus is that while GeeksContinue reading “MY Definition of “GEEK””

Of Java and Starbux Mermaidz

One of the things that geeks just love guzzling is a cup of Java.. Coffee! That is why one of the most favored software development platforms, Java, is so named after that “magic drink,” so to speak. But we are not about to talk about Java today. Truth be told, I hate that platform. WhileContinue reading “Of Java and Starbux Mermaidz”

Books Aren’t Dead: Amazon Kindle Resurrected Them!

It’s Saturday tomorrow! Time to do some serious reading! But while we all are going to go curl up with a true- blue paper book and stay in in bed, then after we’re done with the book we’d let it stay in the shelf and gather dust, there is one book that would let youContinue reading “Books Aren’t Dead: Amazon Kindle Resurrected Them!”

To Blog or to Multiply?

To blog or to go “Friendstering”/“MySpace-ing”/“Multiplying”/“Facebooking”??? When it comes to online usage, most people go for social networking because it allows them to interact with others. Unlike blogging, which is seemingly a solitary affair, being on a social network is like having an all-in-one online service. A social networking service already combines email, blogging, andContinue reading “To Blog or to Multiply?”

Steve Jobs: Profile of a Non-Geek Tech Icon

Do you know who Steve Jobs is? Well, you ain’t no genuine geek if you don’t know teh Apple kingpin himself. Most of the people who have heard about teh sexy Macbooks and teh kewl iPodz have heard of Steve Jobs. He’s the guy behind the Apple logo, and the guy who has rights toContinue reading “Steve Jobs: Profile of a Non-Geek Tech Icon”

“Geek? Are You?” Part 1: The Definition

Just one question: “How could you tell that you are a geek?” For me, it’s not just about the penchant for techie stuff. It’s all about where your passions lie. While Fashionistas go for the beautiful clothes and the style and flair, the athletes go for sports, geeks… Are anyone with a passion for somethingContinue reading ““Geek? Are You?” Part 1: The Definition”

Choosing the Perfect Ultraportable

Ultraportable computers have become more of a need as opposed to a want nowadays. With people growing more mobile by the second because of more demanding schedules, it is a must to have a good computer around, especially when you know your career demands that you be connected wherever you are. While your job isContinue reading “Choosing the Perfect Ultraportable”

How to set up your own Internet Cafe part 2

I have previously posted a guide on putting up an Internet cafe. However, I feel that I have to go more in depth so the average person can fully take advantage of the guide. There are several tools out there to help you build your cafe from scratch. There are packages like those from SmartContinue reading “How to set up your own Internet Cafe part 2”