How to set up an Internet Cafe part 1

High school – I discovered strategy and role playing games (more commonly RPG’s). College – I got introduced to my true addiction, MMORPG’s. When ever I recall those days, I can’t keep myself from thinking of the endless hours in front of my computer or in the internet cafe clicking away at my favorite game.Continue reading “How to set up an Internet Cafe part 1”

PDF Converter – doPDF 6.0

Softland‘s doPDF 6.0 is a PDF converter that can create sercheable PDF files by selecting only the Prind command from almost any application. This version adds a new languages tab and bug fixes. It can be used both for personal and commercial use. Converting Microsoft Excel, Word or Powerpoint documens or your emails, for thatContinue reading “PDF Converter – doPDF 6.0”

Slow boot time? Try QuickStartup

QuickStartup. Having clogged startups? Doesn’t a slow startup annoy you when you need to meet someone online? Any tech junky would use the MSConfig utility. But if MSConfig means nothing to you, you might want to try this simple and straightforward freeware that allows the average user to tweak startup. QuickStartup configures startup by displayingContinue reading “Slow boot time? Try QuickStartup”

Budget Laptop on-the-go: ASUS Eee PC 4G

For me, this tiny, featherweight gadget remains the apple of, what I think are, the eyes of all those people who are constantly on the go. However, this ultra-cool and ultra-small piece of heaven comes at a premium $399. It goes to show, we still need to pick our wallets for miniaturization.Still, this slim gadgetContinue reading “Budget Laptop on-the-go: ASUS Eee PC 4G”

Hip Fashion Accessories – N82

Nokia‘s latest released N-series phone, N82, is one of the hottest must-have mobile phones around. Like its predecessors, it is armed with one of the highest resolution cameras equipped onto a mobile phone in its generation. Sporting a 5-Mega pixel camera, built-in Xenon Flash Photography, and an up to 100Mb dynamic memory, it is theContinue reading “Hip Fashion Accessories – N82”