Virtual Cooking: Teaching Rudimentary Cooking Skills

If you’ve ever loved cooking but hated the mess, would you ever consider cooking through a video game instead? Cooking video games now abound in the gaming industry. From cooking video games on the Nintendo DS and PSP, cooking games are also available via online gaming sites. Cooking video games are not only engaging, butContinue reading “Virtual Cooking: Teaching Rudimentary Cooking Skills”

Playing Life: 2 Simple But Addictive SIM Games

When it comes to Simulation games, or SIM games, nothing beats the success and fame of the SIMs series. However, there are two offbeat, not-as-famous SIM games that are equally as addictive: “Game of LIFE – The Path to Success” the video game, and’s “Daily Life.” Game of Life was originally a board gameContinue reading “Playing Life: 2 Simple But Addictive SIM Games”

Online Games: The Best of Browser-Based Gaming

When you’re bored at work and you’re one of the lucky few who work in companies who don’t care to put up firewalls and productivity-maximizing rules like no browsing “fun” sites like Facebook and MySpace, there are quite a few sites out there that would keep you from the boredom bogeyman. These game websites hostContinue reading “Online Games: The Best of Browser-Based Gaming”