Dual SIM Cellphones: What? Why?

There is a phenomenon in mobile gadgetry, and it’s not exactly new. From the eastern shores of Asia comes the ultimate in mobile telephony convenience: the Dual SIM phone. A Dual SIM phone is a cellular phone with a twist: it can house two SIM Cards (Subscriber Identity Module) in one phone. Thus, you canContinue reading “Dual SIM Cellphones: What? Why?”

My|Phone T13: Love It Or Leave It

Speaking of Dual SIM phones and Touch Screens, my friend Lorie shares that she just got herself a free Dual SIM phone from a cellular phone service plan in my country. The My|Phone T13 is a phone that has both features from our previous articles: the Dual SIM card, and the Touch Screen. While theContinue reading “My|Phone T13: Love It Or Leave It”

The Dual Sim Dilemma Part 1: The Intro

When it comes to phones, most people would want something that has a camera, ultimate connectivity and 3G capabilities, even WiFi. But I… I want a Dual Sim phone. In the Philippines, it’s soo unavoidable to NEED more than two sim cards. Because of Sun Cellular’s ingenious Unlimited Call and Text services, they had revolutionizedContinue reading “The Dual Sim Dilemma Part 1: The Intro”