The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a console that tries to do many things simultaneously. Its success is due to it bridging the gap between a handheld console and a home console that the late, lamented Wii U never managed. It’s a credit to the Nintendo team that the Switch is able to combine gaming on-the-move with gamingContinue reading “The Nintendo Switch”

Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro

Even though it has been almost 30 years since it began, the console wars rage on. The latest generation includes the Nintendo Switch, modern gaming Pcs, and the two big console players: The Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. Triple-A Gaming is beginning to make the jump into 4k, and Microsoft and Sony areContinue reading “Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro”

The Switch’s Number of Ports is Just Fine

No doubt you have seen the mini direct where Nintendo announced a variety of ports of new and old games that will come to the switch soon. Games like Dark Souls and Wolfenstein 2 and even indie titles like Hollow Knight will reach the Switch in 2018. Many people have expressed their objections to theContinue reading “The Switch’s Number of Ports is Just Fine”

The Nintendo Labo is Doing Everything Right

While Microsoft and Sony continue to push the line between video games and reality, they are wholly missing the mark on what people want. Enter Nintendo to show them how it is done with a whole lot of cardboard. On January 17th Nintendo introduced the first peripheral for the switch, the Labo. The Labo isContinue reading “The Nintendo Labo is Doing Everything Right”

Snes Classic, a Retro Retrospective

  My Christmas highlight was definetly receiving a SNES Classic. I had sought after an NES classic but was never able to get it due to the scarcity of the product, and the SNES classic was a bit above my price range. Unwrapping it was euphoric, and I immediately wanted to get started. The consoleContinue reading “Snes Classic, a Retro Retrospective”

Amazing Possibilities: Touch Screen Technology

See Product Here Touch Screen devices abound in the market today. From music players like the iPod Touch down to mobile phones, and even tablet laptop computers and tablet netbook computers, the Touch Screen device is becoming a staple in the tech industry. What sets the Touch Screen device apart and why does it haveContinue reading “Amazing Possibilities: Touch Screen Technology”