Comprehensive Blader Skill Guide

In Cabal Online, you are given a lot of skill points, but eventually you will discover that you really don’t have enough points to max out every skill. This is why Cabal Online players burn through so much of their alz learning and unlearning skills. This guide is a detailed list of the skills you need and for what purpose. Hopefully, it will save you a few million alz. There are also a number of blader combos in this guide, optimized to perfection.

Skills Categorized

Blader skills can be categorized depending on their speed and damage output. If you’ve played a fighting game before, you can compare skills to normal attacks because the principle is to divide them into jab, strong, and fierce.

1. Jab Skills
Jab skills are quick. They have short cast times and short recovery times. Although relatively weak, you can cycle jab skills over and over, making great to start combos with.
2. Strong Skills
Strong skills are characterized by medium speed and medium damage. They’re not a fast as jab skills, and they’re not as damaging as fierce skills. They’re in the middle, and they’re good for dishing out the bulk of your damage.

3. Fierce Skills
Fierce skills have long, complicate animations but they also boast the best damage. Because they’re so slow, you’ll want to use them as the very last skills in a combo. One reason is that you can’t cycle them as easily as the faster skills because they have a slow cooldown. The other reason is that the long animation will give you enough time to click another target in case your current target is dropping.

Skills By Rank

Dash and Fade Step

You can get Dash and Fade Step if you want, but at really early levels you don’t need to. However, they are quite useful in maneuvering. You will eventually feel the need to max them.

When you start out, don’t worry and just get all the skills you want. At novice level, the skills are cheap and because you have a very limited selection,you really don’t have much choice, do you? You’ll get an idea of how quick blader combos are. Just grind until you rank up to apprentice rank.

If you feel like maxing out a skill for power, pump Stab & Slash. Eventually, you’ll need to unlearn all of the skills at this level, though.

The first skill you need from this rank is Double Slash. It’s the first jab skill you’ll get so start your combos with it.

You’ll notice that skill xp will start to slow down dramatically. Just keep on grinding those mobs.

When apprentice level 8 rolls along, get Triple Slash, which will be your first actual strong skill. You can unlearn Impact Stab because that skill has outlived its welcome.


This is the fist skill rank that you will be advised to totally avoid a skill, and that poor skill is Rising Shot. Just don’t bother with it because it only damages one enemy and for one hit. There are better skills for your slots so save the alz and skip on this one.

Blade Force, on the other hand, is quite delicious with a healthy damage bonus. Use it until you get Blade Aura.

Another good one is Double Rising, which can be both a jab skill and a strong skill. You can unlearn Flash Draw to pick up Double Rising because DR hits thrice, knocks down, and damages an area. Not bad, eh?

Your first fierce skill is Death Cross. Drop Stab & Slash because you’ve had a long and meaningful friendship. Now it’s time to start finishing combos with Death Cross. Note though, that you might eventually feel like dropping Death Cross for Hasing Dance, which can be a strong or a fierce skill.


This skill rank is where the big fun starts. One word: Assault. Get it. It makes Dash useless for anything more than backup maneuverability. It’s the best jab skill out there.

One other skill that would be great to have is Iron Skin, which heaps a lot of survivability on you.
After a while, get Hasing Dance because it can function as both a strong skill and a fierce skill. It’s pretty good to watch. AoE damage and knockdown makes it very useful. You can ditch Double Slash at this point.

At around 40, get Storm Grind, which is a great strong skill. Ditch Triple Slash.

A. Expert

Don’t bother getting Round Cut. Or just get one level of it so you can watch the animation, then get rid of it. Just wait a bit more and you’ll get access to Mirage Grind, a strong/fierce skill.

At around skill level 30, replace Blade Force with Blade Aura. You could have gotten it sooner, but then you would be running around with a buff that gives less attack.


You get 3 skill slots for this skill rank, which gives you room for Dash and Concentration unless you got them earlier. At level 9, Dash is really good for running through maps in addition to its combat applications.

The skills will get pretty pricey at this level. This is when learning and unlearning skills would actually be painful, and you’d save yourself a lot of alz if you pick well. Get Twin-Moon Slash, which has the speed of a jab skill and the damage of a fierce skill. Great, right? Try using Dash to get close, then Twin-Moon Slash your target, then Dash away again. It’s a good, frustrating attack for pvp.

Vital Interfere works great for players who don’t use combos. 3-second stun, which is enough time to pop a few hits then stun them again. Great for pvp and war.

Wait until later before getting Aura Barrier because you’ll just end up having less damage.

A. Master
Just get Blade Cry as a wicked fierce attack. Always use it as the last skill in combos because it has a monster cooldown.

G. Master and Beyond

This skills for these advanced ranks are too good to pass up. Get them all and just remember how to categorize them according to speed so you can place them correctly in your combos.

Some Combos

Here are some combos you can try and experiment with.

Flash Draw to Stab Slash to Double Slash (to Triple Slash)
Double Slash to Triple Slash to Double Rising
Double Rising to Triple Slash to Death Cross
Assault to Hasing Dance to Storm Grind (to Mirage Grind) – good for nice big mobs
(Assault to) Double Rising to Hasing Dance (to Storm Grind) to Mirage Grind (to Twin-Moon Slash)
Double Rising to Hasing Dance to Mirage Grind (to Twin-Moon Slash)
Hasing Dance to Storm Grind to Mirage Grind to Blade Cry – good for grinding
Assault to Triple Slash to Double Rising to Twin-Moon Slash to Hasing Dance to Death Cross to Blade Cry to Storm Grind
Assault to Double Rising to Death Cross
Storm Grind to Hassing Dance to Mirage Grind to Storm Grind to Round Cut

Cabal: The Non-leveling guide

So you have installed the game and created your character. First of all, welcome to Nevareth, the world of Cabal Online. Cabal Online has a lot in common with other massively-multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), and the first half hour or so you spend playing will be filled with a series of tutorials to show you how to control your character.

Whether you play a wizard, a force blader, or any other class, there are some aspects of the game that are not covered by the opening tutorials. This guide details on three things you have to remember regardless of class.

The most important thing is do quests. In most games, quests are simply a means to gain experience points (XP) and a little cash which is called alz in Cabal Online. However, quests are more important in Cabal Online. In fact, you have no choice but to perform certain quests to advance in the game.

A lot of players just complete enough quests to get them to the next level bracket, then disregard the other quests for the previous one because in other games, questing serves only that purpose. In Cabal Online, a long series of quests is required to access the advanced maps. A lot of players are forced to backtrack for hours performing quests that they could have finished earlier without much trouble. Perhaps the most important tip for Cabal Online is to do all the quests. Also, questing is a good source of honor points, which is another often-overlooked aspect of the game.

The next thing to remember is to advance your skill rank, which is separate from from your character’s base level. It has been proven that in Cabal Online, being able to learn the most advanced skills is more important than having a high-leveled character. Therefore, it would be good to prioritize on skills with the shortest casting times instead of ones with bigger damage because your skill rank goes up with each instance you use a skill and not the amount of damage it deals.

On this note, invest on Adept equipment, which adds to the skill experience you gain. Many players wear Adept gear until they get to the highest skill rank possible (currently, Transcender). A lot of alz gets spent on learning substandard skills and then unlearning them again. Leveling your skill rank ensures that you get your alz’s-worth because you get to purchase skills that you are more likely to keep.

The last thing to take note of is to raise your honor rank. Like skill rank, honor rank is more important than base level because it opens game features that would otherwise be unavailable to even a character at max level such as better potions and items for sale at the NPC merchants. Late in the game, your honor rank also helps your guild, as it factors in more heavily in guild ranking than the members’ base levels.

These three things puts Cabal Online apart from other MMORPGs and they can also present certain complications to players who assume that base level is the most important thing to work on, as it is with other games. Hopefully, this guide would let you avoid certain frustrations while playing the game. Enjoy your stay in Nevareth!

I Think I Likey: RF Online… Really?

As I posted the other day, while I might not totally like gaming, I would still give RF Online a shot, if only for the graphics and the music.

I told you, I like the concept. There’s rich history, sociology and psychology in the storyline. However, in a game, the storyline really doesn’t play out much. You’re just there, enjoying the game.

According to this review, Greg Mueller thinks that RF Online isn’t really all that great, but the music is good.

I have to agree.

Even through the excruciating download, which I even slept through, I was able to get some of Rising Force Online’s soundtrack clips.

Like any MMORPG, you’d expect that the songs are dreamy. It’s expected to have a fantasy feel, like you’re walking on clouds or something.

The first time I started to appreciate MMORPG music was when my beloved (chika) housemate introduced the stuff to me one idyllic afternoon (or was that evening?) when we had nothing better to do than consume the available oxygen in our boarding house.

Since then, I realized that there may be potential to this genre of music after all.

The thing is, RF Online isn’t about music alone. Of course I would have to figure out having to go through all those crazy moves, and as you might know me by now…

I can’t do anything else but Pac-Man and Spooky Castle.


So there’s the rub, right?

But if you want to find out the virtues of Rising Force Online, get it from this guy.

But in my opinion, these are RFO’s biggest selling points:

  • Great graphics, where there are graphics (Greg says there are boring points and plain landscapes. 😦 )
  • Great music.
  • Great downloads.
  • Great storyline.
  • It’s free.

From an outsider’s point of view, RFO has its virtues. I think all Codemasters Online has to do is to improve on these spots Greg Mueller mentioned, get better hosting, and they’re good to go.

How bout you, what do you think?

Rising Force Online? Why Would Lorie Play?

There are reasons why I would play a computer game, and more why I won’t.

But before I tell you the reasons why I won’t play a computer game, I’d like to tell you my definitions of a great game.

  • It’s simple to play.
  • The storyline is immaterial, but as usual, it would be nice if we’re rescuing the good guys from some evil ogre or something.
  • It’s easy to massively kill, well, masses.
  • It’s something I could do while listening to a podcast.
  • It doesn’t make my 512 MB of RAM on OS X Tiger choke to badly that I would want to toss my computer out the window in a fit.

The only games that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed beyond comprehension were Spooky Castle of Hamumu Software (those were beautiful times), Bug Squish, Pac-Man, and Frozen Bubble.
Spooky Castle (Kid Mystic) was the only borderline RPG game that I was able to really, truly enjoy, and everything else I mentioned were games that “real” gamers would snob.

Before I get to the highlight of my story, let me give you a run down of those three fave dumb games of mine.

Bug Squish is an Open Source game whose main (and only) objective is for you to squish the mosquitoes, ticks and roaches that would attempt to drain the blood out of a human arm. Seemingly simple, but it seriously lets me release massive anger issues. You should try it!

Pac-Man, well, to the uninitiated, the oldies just love this game. We’ve had this since the 80’s, and even up to today, SourceForge and other Open Source sites/orgs still offer this game up for downloading. Well, the old geeks never really lose the love for the classic games. Objective, eat em dots to oblivion… Or the end of the game. Heheh.

And lastly, my personal love. Frozen Bubble. It took me more than a year to complete all 100 levels. Such fond memories. It started out that I just really liked playing this as I took breaks from writing. Then later, I would actually play while I would listen to podcasts, because I could not stand listening to sermons without being able to do something else in the meanwhile that I try to sit still. Playing Frozen Bubble seriously just gave me the illusion that I was doing something “productive.”

I finally finished the game a couple of months back, while listening to a particularly enlightening podcast. I was beyond sad that I finally finished the game. But, all good things must come to an end, and I have to lay my Frozen Bubble fascination to rest, as there seems to be no point to playing it now.

NOW we go to why I won’t play a computer game.

  1. It eats up entire days. I won’t get fed if I keep at a game. At least with Frozen Bubble, I get to listen to podcasts and get some much deserved rest moments. Heheh.
  2. It eats up my RAM. If I just wanted to take a break from work and I wanted to keep my other work-related windows open, I would be killing my workflow if I needed to close everything else to play one game.
  3. There is much too much of breast exposure in the current-day computer games.

While the last point is always open for debate, I’d like to segue to why I won’t want to play RF Online, based on this article.

This reviewer, Greg Mueller, says that RFO is rather slow with the gameplay. I believe that it’s the factor of using high-resolution graphics on a rather slow/unreliable server which caters to the whims of thousands of kids around the world.

I tried downloading RFO’s wallpapers and music and it was rather slow, for something that shouldn’t be. The good part is that RFO is offered FOR FREE, so to those who are bent on playing this game, that’s great news for you, right?

Also, Greg says that there is much of running through unadorned landscapes. Now unless I would be listening to a particularly interesting podcast here, I don’t think I’d like that much.

And lastly, this is my most compelling reason why I won’t play RFO: I never really resonated with the high-resolution RPG’s. I never really got the point of Final Fantasy, Diablo, and the other RPG’s. I think it’s because I was raised around workaholics, that’s why I’m addicted to working. Work = Play for Lorie, and I doubt that’s going to change anytime soon.

And yet, RPG’s, especially RF Online, has its qualities that may well compel me to actually play with it at one point. Wanna know? Come back on Thursday for more!

RF Online’s Storyline: An Analysis by a Non-Gamer

I’m not one for video games much, but I was intrigued when my blog partner and this blog’s owner Vin had mentioned that more people got intrigued with our blog when he posted stuff on RF Online. So I thought to research on RF Online.

I found quite a few things that were interesting to note about Rising Force Online, a.k.a. RF Online.

One thing was the MMORPG‘s storyline. I felt like it was much of a socio-psychological commentary on the human race’s structure, than anything else.

On one hand, there are the Bellateans of Bellato, who are all about family, unity, and a continuous expansion of their dynasty. They are focused on trade and on acquiring more resources, in order to take over more and more of their galaxy, Novus.

On the other hand, the Corites of Cora, who are centered on their deity, called DECEM, who do not really care much for blood and family, and while they are organized into a neat caste system, anyone who belongs to a caste are considered members of an organization as strong as a family unit, but their central credo is that no one, not even parents or family, can come between them and their deity. The Corites, however, take care of their environment, and are rather respectful of where they dwell.

Lastly, the Accretian society is a organization of mecha beings who have a human brain. The Accretians come into being through cloning, and when they are “of age,” so to speak, their brains are transferred from their corruptible bodies into mechanical robotic structures.

As expected, the Accretians lack feeling, and the central goal of their totalitarian society is to destroy the other races in the Novus universe.

Theirs is a totalitarian society, woven together by their goal of taking over Novus by force and destruction.

For me, these three “societies” of RFO are caricatures of three structures in our world today. The Bellateans remind me of either the Jews or the Chinese, who are especially skilled in trade and who tend to control their society through resources.

The Corites seem to be the Christian community, or the Koreans of South Korea, who are known to be devout Christians.

The Accretian society, lastly, seem to be either the Americans or the Japanese, because of how they were characterized as imperialistic, their past as imperial powers, and their being materialism-oriented and driven more for productivity.

I am of the opinion though, that the makers of RF Online may have meant the Korea-Japan-China circles instead, but it’s interesting how the themes have come directly from real-world characteristics.

I may have read some not too optimistic reviews of RFO, but it’s of no consequence to my opinion that the storyline is excellent and well-thought-out. I am of the opinion that it’s most likely the company’s Korean background that gave the story those kinds of themes.

Koreans, you see, have strong Christian leanings. They also have a tendency to be philosophical about a lot of things, not to mention determined to excel. That’s the opinion I’ve formed, after observing some Korean friends back in Iloilo City.

Either way, it’s fascinating to see RFO from the eyes of a non-MMPORPG gamer. I’d like to learn more, but I doubt you’d see me playing it anytime soon.


Check out tomorrow’s post. See yah!

RF Online Item Crafting Guide

RF Online Logo, RF Online Crafting Guide
Ever since I started RF online, I have always wanted to get weapons and armors without having to buy from other co-players. Well, as I went on with the game I found out the answer to that was Crafting. My first character was an item crafter but I had a hard time finding a good source for crafting recipes. So, to those who need one, below is a compilation of item combinations for RF online. For those newbies out there, Item combination allows you to create items out of ingredients both looted from monsters or through mining of ores.

But first things first. You must know where to have ingredients combined. There is an NPC in the game called “Hero”. This NPC allows you to combine materials. When you find him, try and talk to him and click on the Item Combination option. You will be prompted to a window that has five (5) empty boxes. This is where you place crafting ingredients. These can be looted from different monsters in the game. Please click on the recipes below to see the ingredients needed to craft them:

Weapon Combination
Force Revear Combination

Booty Decomposition
Ability Extraction
Ability Combination
Proof Of Warrior Combination
Leon’s Weapon
Accessory Upgrade
Socket Extender
Type C Armor
Where To Combine

Hope this Online Crafting Guide helps.

Thanks to

RF Online

RF Online is an MMORPG with a delicate balance of traditional fantasy and revolutionary sci-fi. To those who are new to MMORPG, it means Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Anyway, this genre is entirely new. This can be attributed to its game play that roots one’s success not on the character level, rather on how well you use your equipment and skills. Players aggressively upgrade their equipment, and transmute ingredients to use powerful items; thus, becoming prominent in the game.
Their economy is based entirely onto two methods of gaining profit – farming and mining. Farming is hunting monsters to gain loot. Rare and valuable items can be obtained through farming. In-game “Money” can be gained by selling loot to NPCs (Non-playing Character) or to fellow players as well. In-game currencies differ with each race. Dallant for the Bellato Union, Disena for the Corites, and CP for the Accretians.

Mining is the most controversial source of ores. These ores are the only ingredients that can transmuted into Talics, the main ingredient when upgrading equipment. Some of these talics can be discarded but there are others than can be sold at very high prices to co-players. Through mining, the three races can produce many kinds of enhanced weapons and arsenals. This Mining system results to many conflicts within the races.

The world of RF revolves around three races. Bellato Union, which specializes in manning mechanized units with great strength and offensive skills, Holy Alliance Cora, a mystically oriented race utilizing magic and summoning skills, and finally the mighty Accretia Empire, fully mechanized units with highly advanced weaponry. These three races are naturally opposing each other. Their goal is to obtain the Crag mine which is the main source of their economy. All members of the race are required to participate in the race war – Chip War as it is referred. Each race has a chip that they need to defend from the other races. The objective of the war is to defend your race’s chip while destroying one from an opposing race. If a certain race wins the war they have the full access on the mining site for several hours until the war chip begins.

When choosing a character class you should first consider what type of character you have in mind. There are specialties for each race. You may pick a warrior, a ranger, specialist or spiritualist to be your character whatever race you will choose. Warriors are excellent in close combat while rangers hone their skills for ranged assaults. Specialists have ability to craft items such as armors and weaponry; for the Bellato Union, they are this is the only class that can pilot the dreaded MAU. Finally, the spiritualist is the strongest damage-dealing class and like other MMORPGs they have physical weaknesses. You can choose on which of these classes suit your personality and game style. If you need help, there are tons of websites with guides and FAQs on RF Online.