Comprehensive Blader Skill Guide

In Cabal Online, you are given a lot of skill points, but eventually you will discover that you really don’t have enough points to max out every skill. This is why Cabal Online players burn through so much of their alz learning and unlearning skills. This guide is a detailed list of the skills youContinue reading “Comprehensive Blader Skill Guide”

Cabal: The Non-leveling guide

So you have installed the game and created your character. First of all, welcome to Nevareth, the world of Cabal Online. Cabal Online has a lot in common with other massively-multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), and the first half hour or so you spend playing will be filled with a series of tutorials toContinue reading “Cabal: The Non-leveling guide”

I Think I Likey: RF Online… Really?

As I posted the other day, while I might not totally like gaming, I would still give RF Online a shot, if only for the graphics and the music. I told you, I like the concept. There’s rich history, sociology and psychology in the storyline. However, in a game, the storyline really doesn’t play outContinue reading “I Think I Likey: RF Online… Really?”

Rising Force Online? Why Would Lorie Play?

There are reasons why I would play a computer game, and more why I won’t. But before I tell you the reasons why I won’t play a computer game, I’d like to tell you my definitions of a great game. It’s simple to play. The storyline is immaterial, but as usual, it would be niceContinue reading “Rising Force Online? Why Would Lorie Play?”

RF Online’s Storyline: An Analysis by a Non-Gamer

I’m not one for video games much, but I was intrigued when my blog partner and this blog’s owner Vin had mentioned that more people got intrigued with our blog when he posted stuff on RF Online. So I thought to research on RF Online. I found quite a few things that were interesting toContinue reading “RF Online’s Storyline: An Analysis by a Non-Gamer”

RF Online Item Crafting Guide

Ever since I started RF online, I have always wanted to get weapons and armors without having to buy from other co-players. Well, as I went on with the game I found out the answer to that was Crafting. My first character was an item crafter but I had a hard time finding a goodContinue reading “RF Online Item Crafting Guide”