Granado Espada Stance – Possession Fire

The Elementalist or Warlock starts out with three basic stances – the three Possession stances.  Among them is the Possession Fire stance.  This stance is available to the following RNPCs: Elementalist, M’Boma, Catherine of Intelligence Required weapon to trigger stance: None, Fire Bracelet, Fire Bracelet + Skullic Bracer, LOE Bracelet + Fire Bracelet Required Level:Continue reading “Granado Espada Stance – Possession Fire”

Granado Espada – Elementalist

Character Stats: STR – 30 AGI – 30 HP – 40 DEX – 50 INT – 80 CHA – 70 The Elementalist class is composed of powerful offensive magical users that use three elements: fire, lightning, and ice. Elementalists draw their magic from their bracelets and at higher level they can use two bracelets, enablingContinue reading “Granado Espada – Elementalist”

Granado Espada – Wizard

Character Stats: STR–30 AGI – 50 HP – 40 DEX – 40 INT – 70 CHA – 70 The Wizard class in Granado Espada has the best of both ends of the magic spectrum; they are able to use both offensive and defensive magic. Developing their stances allows them to be a buff specialist orContinue reading “Granado Espada – Wizard”

Granado Espada – Musketeer

Character Stats: STR – 50 AGI – 60 HP – 50 DEX – 80 INT – 30 CHA – 30 In Granado Espada, the musketeers are the ranged class and they have the most powerful single attack in the game, able to deal extensive damage to ground or flying enemies. They are armed with RiflesContinue reading “Granado Espada – Musketeer”

Granado Espada – Fighter

Character Stats: STR – 60 AGI – 60 HP – 60 DEX – 60 INT – 30 CHA – 30 In Granado Espada, the Fighter class is typically the front line of a team.  They are able to wear heavy armor and can endure excessive amount of damage due to their high HP – makingContinue reading “Granado Espada – Fighter”

Granado Espada – Scout

You will first need to create your family before you can start your journey in the New World. Your family name will be your identity throughout the game and all your characters will carry a common family name in Granado Espada. After creating your Granado Espada family, you will need to build a character fromContinue reading “Granado Espada – Scout”

Granado Espada

  Granado Espada is an MMORPG fantasy game created by IMC and had distinguished itself by its MCC “Multiple Character Control” system. Instead of only using one character at a time, MCC system allows a player to control up to three characters simultaneously. Controlling three characters simultaneously will be easy at a basic level throughContinue reading “Granado Espada”

Look out for!

There has been tremendous growth in the gaming industry in the past few years. Gaming, a multi Billion dollar industry is opening up to newer opportunities and the time is just right for gaming related products to hit the market. There is great scope for such products and is one website which has capitalizedContinue reading “Look out for!” : Gamers’ Paradise!

  Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) has taken gaming to a whole new level. is today a big name in the world of MMORPG service providers and has gained solid reputation in a short span of time. The website provides virtual services to gamers worldwide and is a great destination for online shoppingContinue reading “ : Gamers’ Paradise!”

Granado Espada – A quick overview

Granado Espada or the Sword of the New World: Granado Espada in North America is a familiar name for most gaming freaks, but not so for the occasional gamers or the novices. For the benefit of these greenhorns, Granado Espada is a free-to-play fantasy Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by the Korean company,Continue reading “Granado Espada – A quick overview”