Rohan Online Guild Guide

Rohan Online’s guild system is not very different from most MMORPGs. Basically, you have a group of people that band together and have an emblem or a name for them to represent. In any case, guilds still serve the same purpose, which is for players to have a sense of camaraderie.To make a guild, youContinue reading “Rohan Online Guild Guide”

Rohan Online: Warlock

The Warlock specializes in dealing out some massive AOEdamage and crippling opponents. This build gives you a few hit points but mostly magic attack power. Its important for a Warlock to keep mobs and opponents away from them or you will die quickly. The Dark Elf Warlock is, like all devotedly-offensive magic users in anyContinue reading “Rohan Online: Warlock”

Twilight: Vampires Can Love Me, Too

“Twilight” is sincere and astonishingly faithful to Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling series, “The Twilight Saga”, and it captures all of the loaded eye contact between a vampire and his human lover. The concept may have been milked throughout the ages, but there seems to be something about “Twilight” that grips its teeny-bopper audience. This same thingContinue reading “Twilight: Vampires Can Love Me, Too”

Cabal Online: Blader In-Depth Class Guide

Speed is the bread and butter of bladers of Cabal Online. Like thief and assassin classes in other MMORPGs, bladers specialize in avoiding getting hit by attacks and dealing a lot of small bursts of damage really, really quickly to take down their enemies. This guide will cover stat distribution, skill selection, and gear. StatsContinue reading “Cabal Online: Blader In-Depth Class Guide”

Comprehensive Blader Skill Guide

In Cabal Online, you are given a lot of skill points, but eventually you will discover that you really don’t have enough points to max out every skill. This is why Cabal Online players burn through so much of their alz learning and unlearning skills. This guide is a detailed list of the skills youContinue reading “Comprehensive Blader Skill Guide”

Rohan Online Class Guides: Dekan Dragon Fighter

Here is my Dekan Dragon Fighter Guide: The HP Bomber The HP Bomber is a build that is simple and effective for easy solo leveling during the early levels, which is something everyone could appreciate in Rohan Online. It also has good PvP potential as well as PvE, a balance that shines in any MMORPG.Continue reading “Rohan Online Class Guides: Dekan Dragon Fighter”

Cabal classes: Blader, Force Blader

Like every MMORPG, Cabal Online lets you choose a class for you character which basically maps out your character’s career. Each class would have its own advantages and disadvantages so there is no such thing as the ‘best class’. Your enjoyment largely depends on your own playing style and you are likely to have moreContinue reading “Cabal classes: Blader, Force Blader”

Cabal: The Non-leveling guide

So you have installed the game and created your character. First of all, welcome to Nevareth, the world of Cabal Online. Cabal Online has a lot in common with other massively-multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), and the first half hour or so you spend playing will be filled with a series of tutorials toContinue reading “Cabal: The Non-leveling guide”

Choosing the Perfect Ultraportable

Ultraportable computers have become more of a need as opposed to a want nowadays. With people growing more mobile by the second because of more demanding schedules, it is a must to have a good computer around, especially when you know your career demands that you be connected wherever you are. While your job isContinue reading “Choosing the Perfect Ultraportable”