Pokemon Let’s go!

Even though Pokemon games have existed for a long time and will continue to do so, Pokemon Let’s Go is an innovative new look at the game franchise while keeping the history and the legend of the game and the franchise in mind. It manages to bring a few new twists to the original gameplayContinue reading “Pokemon Let’s go!”

Overwatch: Game Guide

Overwatch was released in May 2016, and since then there has been a lot of changes implemented to the game. Honestly, this is one of the most played first-person shooter games. Apparently, if you are reading this, it means you are new or at the baby steps of playing this marvellous game. I call itContinue reading “Overwatch: Game Guide”

2018 is the year of Nintendo’s Modernization

Recently, Nintendo added the ability to write reviews for switch products on their site. While a common sight in many game platforms, it usually takes a little bit longer for Nintendo to catch on to industry practices (looking at you, backing up to the cloud). Hopefully, this can be seen as steps towards the modernizationContinue reading “2018 is the year of Nintendo’s Modernization”

What Made Monster Hunter World Work?

Since January 26, Monster Hunter World has accrued a fantastic 90% on Metacritic and sold over 5 million units. These figures have cemented the game as the current best selling title for Capcom. The game always has had a large, dedicated fanbase in the east, but hadn’t really caught on in the west until now.Continue reading “What Made Monster Hunter World Work?”

Granado Espada Stance – The Defender

Although it has no Stance prerequisites, this Stance possesses remarkable bonusses and skills, with a spammable stunning attack and extreme blocking boosts, this stance can easily withstand physical attack of any kind. Magic can still bypass the defenses, so spellwarding buffs, equipment or simple toughness are needed in order to create a “perfect” defender. RequiredContinue reading “Granado Espada Stance – The Defender”

Granado Espada Stance – Defending guard

A stance used by Romina and the Rescue Knights for melee, basically a mix of Back Guard and High Guard. Though they cannot equip shields, both have shields implemented in their amor, counting as a shield equipped when using skills, allowing Guardian to function. The skills are gained at later levels similiar to dagger stancesContinue reading “Granado Espada Stance – Defending guard”

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

When compared to quantity, quality has been lacking in the world of anime fans. The anime fans have been underserved for the past years; however, that nightmare seems to have seen its sunrise with the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ. The comics and cartoons of the Dragon Ball universe are what made the series’ nameContinue reading “Dragon Ball FighterZ Review”

Shadow of the Colossus

An outstanding remaster class that takes the 2005 version of the game to a whole new level. A number of developers have tried the theory of remastering old games into a modern style with most of them failing dismally. However, Shadow of the Colossus is not one them. Based on the 2005 PS2 game ShadowContinue reading “Shadow of the Colossus”

Granado Espada Stance – Death chopping

Who can use: Catherine Torsche Weapon: Dagger + Dagger Attack Cycle: 4 hit 1 target Prerequisite: Level: Expert Stance: Raid Assault 25 Acquisition: Item Exchange: Symbol of Capricorn + 2 Element Jewels, Emilia (after quest) Bonuses: Stance Level 25: Accuracy +20, Aspd +20%, Critical +30%, Evasion +20%, Penetration +20 Stance Feature: 10% increase in range damage received, 20% decreaseContinue reading “Granado Espada Stance – Death chopping”