Is Xbox Game Pass the future of gaming?

Microsoft has just announced their newest service. A so-called “Netflix for video games”, boasting over 100 games to start for only $10 per month. You can play big titles like Halo 5 and Bioshock, or indie titles like Terraria. I think this service will begin a shift in the way we pay for video games,Continue reading “Is Xbox Game Pass the future of gaming?”

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Review

From a father who chokes his own son to sleep to a mother who chops off the head of her enemy, then takes the head and shove it in front of her daughter’s vagina telling her to get oral sex, this game will surprise you in many ways than you can imagine. This is aContinue reading “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Review”

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

The introduction of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim back in 2011 was welcomed with a lot of excitement. To be honest, the game developer outplayed the notion of an open world game by presenting one of the largest maps in the game genre. For me, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is amongst the best alongside GoD,Continue reading “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review”

RO: Idle Poring Game Review

Ragnarok Online has a great list of spinoffs that are developed by various developers. I mean, the fact that a random developer gets the nod to develop a spinoff is a turn off for loyal fans. Developers of RO, Gravity, did a great job with the ever-popular Ragnarok Online thus managing to build a significantContinue reading “RO: Idle Poring Game Review”

Granado Espada Stance – High Guard

High Guard is the defensive counterpart of Back Guard together with the use of shield. It greatly improves block than attack rate and this stance offers mostly single target skills. This stance is available for: Fighter, Catherine of Strength, Catherine of Dexterity, Catherine of Intelligence, Coimbra Trooper, Idge the Battlesmith, Reboldoeux Soldier, Selva Required weaponContinue reading “Granado Espada Stance – High Guard”

Granado Espada – Musketeer

Character Stats: STR – 50 AGI – 60 HP – 50 DEX – 80 INT – 30 CHA – 30 In Granado Espada, the musketeers are the ranged class and they have the most powerful single attack in the game, able to deal extensive damage to ground or flying enemies. They are armed with RiflesContinue reading “Granado Espada – Musketeer”

Granado Espada – Scout

You will first need to create your family before you can start your journey in the New World. Your family name will be your identity throughout the game and all your characters will carry a common family name in Granado Espada. After creating your Granado Espada family, you will need to build a character fromContinue reading “Granado Espada – Scout”

Virtual Cooking: Teaching Rudimentary Cooking Skills

If you’ve ever loved cooking but hated the mess, would you ever consider cooking through a video game instead? Cooking video games now abound in the gaming industry. From cooking video games on the Nintendo DS and PSP, cooking games are also available via online gaming sites. Cooking video games are not only engaging, butContinue reading “Virtual Cooking: Teaching Rudimentary Cooking Skills”

Playing Life: 2 Simple But Addictive SIM Games

When it comes to Simulation games, or SIM games, nothing beats the success and fame of the SIMs series. However, there are two offbeat, not-as-famous SIM games that are equally as addictive: “Game of LIFE – The Path to Success” the video game, and’s “Daily Life.” Game of Life was originally a board gameContinue reading “Playing Life: 2 Simple But Addictive SIM Games”

Online Games: The Best of Browser-Based Gaming

When you’re bored at work and you’re one of the lucky few who work in companies who don’t care to put up firewalls and productivity-maximizing rules like no browsing “fun” sites like Facebook and MySpace, there are quite a few sites out there that would keep you from the boredom bogeyman. These game websites hostContinue reading “Online Games: The Best of Browser-Based Gaming”