Rohan Online Guild Guide

Rohan Online’s guild system is not very different from most MMORPGs. Basically, you have a group of people that band together and have an emblem or a name for them to represent. In any case, guilds still serve the same purpose, which is for players to have a sense of camaraderie.To make a guild, youContinue reading “Rohan Online Guild Guide”

Rohan Online: Warlock

The Warlock specializes in dealing out some massive AOEdamage and crippling opponents. This build gives you a few hit points but mostly magic attack power. Its important for a Warlock to keep mobs and opponents away from them or you will die quickly. The Dark Elf Warlock is, like all devotedly-offensive magic users in anyContinue reading “Rohan Online: Warlock”

Rohan Online Class Guides: Dekan Dragon Fighter

Here is my Dekan Dragon Fighter Guide: The HP Bomber The HP Bomber is a build that is simple and effective for easy solo leveling during the early levels, which is something everyone could appreciate in Rohan Online. It also has good PvP potential as well as PvE, a balance that shines in any MMORPG.Continue reading “Rohan Online Class Guides: Dekan Dragon Fighter”