Shorties: Random Things Off The Top Of My Head

To the iPhone and Apple enthusiasts, great news. The iPhone is coming to YOUR country, and you won’t even need to break it through having it unlocked by your local iPhone modder. In the Philippines, the iPhone would be offered by Globe Telecom. According to, Globe is still mum about it, so I guessContinue reading “Shorties: Random Things Off The Top Of My Head”

Blurt-Outs: Randomness Rocks!

Because I got seriously serious in the previous post, I’d like to do something totally random. You likey? I likey! (Even if you don’t, I’ll get silly anyway, so there. :p) *** I realized I likey gaming when my housemate let me play with his Nintendo DS. I got addicted to Trauma Center: Under theContinue reading “Blurt-Outs: Randomness Rocks!”