Granado Espada Stance – Hanging Guard

Who can use: Fighter Grenmah Idge Imbrulia Battlesmith Idge Ramiro Tiburon Weapon: Greatsword Sword (Ramiro and Tiburon) Attack Cycle: 1 hit Splash Prerequisite: Level: Expert Stance: None Acquisition: Item Exchange: Symbol of Leo + 3 Growth Stones, Emilia (after quest) Bonuses: Stance Level 25: Accuracy +10, Aspd +22%, Critical +12%, Penetration +20 Stance Feature: 10% decrease inContinue reading “Granado Espada Stance – Hanging Guard”

Granado Espada Stance – Tactical Assistance

Who can use: Emilia Giannino Scout Soho Soho the Fighter Viki Weapon: None Rosario Attack Cycle: None: Prerequisite: Level: Veteran Stance: Bard 25 Acquisition: Master Guardian NPC 1,000,000 Vis Bonuses:Stance Level 25: +5 Evasion Skill Name Stance Level SP Cost Cast/Cool (sec) Targets Classification/Effect Damage/Duration Consolidation 1 200 10 Mithridart Cast time: 1.1 Cooldown: 5 All familyContinue reading “Granado Espada Stance – Tactical Assistance”

Granado Espada Stance – Enhanced Tactics

Who can use: Emilia Giannino Scout Soho Soho the Fighter Valeria Viki Catherine, the Summoner Weapon: Rosario Attack Cycle: None Prerequisite: Level: Expert Stance: Tactical Assistance 25 Acquisition Item Exchange: Symbol of Scorpio +2 Element Jewels, Emilia (after quest) Bonuses:Stance Level 25: +20 Evasion, Immunity +10 Stance Feature: 20% increase in melee damage received, 10% decrease in rangeContinue reading “Granado Espada Stance – Enhanced Tactics”

Granado Espada Stance – Epee Glacier

With the strongest single target Ice spell and the area attack among the Rapier stances, this stance of Karjalainnen offers great range damage and can fend off most opponents with the useful fencing attacks. Required Level: 60 Required Weapon: Rapier, Bracelet of Ice Required Stance: None Combinable Stance: Epee Guard, Sabre Guard, Sabre Glacial StanceContinue reading “Granado Espada Stance – Epee Glacier”

Granado Espada Stance List

Here is the complete Stance list in relation to character promotion: Melee: Back Guard Bareknuckle Bareknuckle (special) Blandir Cruz Book of Earth Book of Fire Book of Ice Book of Mind Book of Wind Combatant Defending Guard Dobalada Corte (Corte Duplicado) Dobalada Corte (Corte Duplicado) (Scout) Epee Garde Epee Garde of Grim Escrima Escrima (Scout)Continue reading “Granado Espada Stance List”