Fallout 76

Fallout 76, the latest installment in the open world post-apocalyptic RPG series Bethesda has carefully reared for the last 20 years, is set to drop on November 14, 2018, barring any last minute hiccups that may cause delay. It marks the first game in the cadre to

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Fallout 76, the latest installment in the open world post-apocalyptic RPG series Bethesda has carefully reared for the last 20 years, is set to drop on November 14, 2018, barring any last minute hiccups that may cause delay. It marks the first game in the cadre to not only support multiplayer functionality, but require it; and despite widespread reports of a buggy beta experience and noise pollution from other real, living players, fans of the franchise seem to be overjoyed with what the future has in store. This is what betas are for, after all.

You see, Fallout 76 is Bethesda Game Studios’ first online multiplayer game. It uses a modified version of their Creation Engine, designed to accommodate multiplayer play, and boasts a map four times the size of Fallout 4. The distinction between Bethesda Softworks, the publisher of the Fallout series, The Elder Scrolls, etc., and Bethesda Game Studios, the subsidiary of Bethesda Softworks responsible for in-house development of games, is important.

For those who may have been under a rock or otherwise preoccupied or uninterested during its announcement and subsequent hype, Fallout 76 is actually a prequel to the original Fallout game, and as a result, the entirety of the series. Set in the cultural region of “Appalachia”, specifically within West Virginia in the year 2106, a mere 25 years after The Great War, our protagonist and the other residents of Vault 76— a vault housing America’s brightest minds of the time— exit their temporary habitat on Reclamation Day as part of a plan to re-colonize the now barren and aptly named Wasteland.

Other players on the server assume the role of fellow vault dwellers, all vying for survival, and there are no human NPCs in Fallout 76. Players may play individually or with a party of up to three others. All servers for the game are reportedly dedicated to instances of the game, with each player being automatically assigned the best server for their region and connection. Instead of the usual characters, players will receive their quests and world events from robots and other non-human NPCs, a feature which Todd Howard, game directory of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, feels will help players recognize the freedom to build their own narrative. Some of these non-human NPCs include new mutated monsters such as corporeal West Virginia’s own Mothman and Flatwoods Monster legends.

After acquiring the necessary launch codes, players will be able to use nuclear weapons to shape the world around them. We’re not just talking main storyline nukes either, arbitrary nukes. There is not yet additional information surrounding criteria for setting off a nuclear device in-game. The prospects of an online world shaped by nuclear mayhem are intriguing, yet frightening to say the least. Enjoying an online game can be difficult when other people have different goals than your own. The good news is that Bethesda has plans to grief griefers in the form of bounties on their player, so worry not at the idea of being repeatedly targeted by the person you got off on the wrong foot with.

The SPECIAL system and VATS both return triumphantly and with reported improvements. This time, SPECIAL manifests itself in the form of trading cards. Each card has a value and the player can unlock or upgrade perks equal to their respective value; eg. five points for a five point perk or upgrade. The player can also merge similar cards together to create more powerful— albeit more expensive— perks.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This is life after earth as we know it. The backstory is a gripping action, thriller and mystery that one can easily tell are easily inspired by the series The 100. Developed by the award-winning creators of PlayStation’s venerated Killzone franchise, Guerilla Games, this Mathijs de Jonge directed game is made for the PlayStation 4 platform. Horizon Zero Dawn was released in North America on the 28th of February 2017 and in Europe on the 1st of March 2017. It is an Action role-playing genre with a single-player mode. The single-player mode is thrilling as it is explored from an angle rarely given attention before. i.e. the third-person perspective.

The main character is Aloy, an athletic, sexy, strong and alluring hunter-archer who ventures into a post-apocalyptic land that is under the control of ‘machines.’ These ‘machines’ are robotic creatures designed to look like hybrids of humans and creatures. Aloy’s quests are to find her way through the post-apocalyptic terrain by killing the machines which are the enemies. To add to the mystery, Horizon Zero Dawn gives the player both an open world environment as well as day-night cycle. Just like in the series The 100, the weather in Horizon Zero Dawn tends to be dynamic offering the player endless ways of exploring. The terrain is a healthy existence of snowy mountain ranges, thick forests, sandy desert and a jungle.

Aloy is equipped with more than just spears and arches. She has a headpiece called ‘Focus’ that she wears to scan machines. Using Focus, Aloy is able to learn basically everything about a machine from its ranking to its location. Horizon Zero Dawn is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and this is evident in the way one of the machines called ‘the Stalker’ can change game formation by enabling cloaking technology thereby averting the gaze from Aloy’s Focus scan. As the game progresses, players fight tooth and nail to reclaim the earth and get it backed from the fearsome machines. What makes the quests more challenging is the fact that the mechanical creatures have an unknown format, they are a mystery, with different makeup composition. A player can never say that they understand one machine so they understand all of them. The action keeps one glued right to the end.

The signature features associated with Horizon Zero Down include the varied ecotopes, ever-changing weather systems as well as the rich buried secrets of the past. As Aloy progresses, players are introduced to the different geographies and ecotopes that are complemented by dynamic weather conditions which need one to adapt to otherwise lose their focus and progress done on the game. Also, because the game is set in a post apocalyptic world, there are insurmountable amounts of a lost civilization that remain constant throughout the terrain and changing ecotopes. Regardless of the number of times one plays the game, you are always bound to come across an undisturbed grave of ancient treasure.

Horizon Zero down’s storyline pauses gripping questions such as; what happened to civilization in a post apocalyptic era, where the machines originate from etc. As the player seeks to answer some of the questions, it becomes clear that the answers determine Aloy’s fate which directly translates to that of humans. Every avid gamer will agree on a thing, Horizon Zero Down is a classic masterpiece with rich rewards. Players are kept engaged as they develop unique strategies and understand the machines, one after the other.

Cabal Online: Warrior and Force Shielder

This is the second part of the class overview for the Cabal Online MMORPG. As we have discussed last time, this series covers the pros and cons of each class. This time, we will talk about the two toughest classes in the game: the warrior and the force blader. In general, classes that specialize in Strength are specialize in taking the brunt of damage while relying on bashing slow but large chunks of out of their foes’ faces.

The Warrior

The warrior in Cabal is the standard swordsman classes in other MMORPGs. Basic fighters, warriors are pretty straightforward and that in itself is their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. The warrior is absurdly simple to play and effortless to handle. A new player who wants a decent and reliable character without needing to learn too many complications cannot go wrong with a warrior. Simply pile all stat points on strength, don that heavy armor, and start bashing away with sword skills.

Simplicity is also the warrior’s biggest disadvantage. The biggest challenge for a pvp situation is the damage that ranged classes will deal you while you close the gap—at which point they Dash away and start hurting you again. With ranged classes, the Panic Cry skill is your best friend, and Seismic Wave and Sword Cannon if they’re running. If not, well, you’ll get a diced wizard soon.

Play a warrior if you want an easy time leveling, but not necessarily fast leveling. With lots of strength, you’ll have tons of HP and considering that you wear heavy armor, the damage against you is minimal. Mobbing hordes of monsters won’t be a problem for you, although taking it out may take some time.

The Force Shielder

The force shielder is Cabal Online’s natural tanks. Defence is their specialty and enduring hits is what they do best. Play a force shielder if you enjoy being the last one standing after a grand melee, or if you enjoy the feeling of your party mates rallying around you (well, behind you is more appropriate, if you think about it). Force shielders are also natural guild masters. In MMORPG, the players who think of the group more than themselves draw the attention of other players, and the force shielder is all about taking one for the team.

Skill-wise, players who want to use force shielders are actually torn between strength and intelligence. The force shielder boasts awesome magic skills in advanced skill ranks such as Shadow Shield, which allows you to take damage in a party mate’s place. This skill is important for keeping softer wizards and bladers alive and dealing damage. Skill leveling, therefore is quite difficult because you’ll need sword skills and strength to have damage and high hit points, but you need to raise your magic skill rank too. Like the force blader, it is necessary for the force shielder to master both to be at maximum strength. More importantly, force shielders excel in dealing AoE damage instead of massive damage to a single target. Therefore, going one-on-one with a more focused class might not be a good idea. Nevertheless, force shielders rock in party battles.

That’s it for the force shielder and the warrior. Next time, we’ll tackle the classes which deal death from afar: the wizard and the force archer. Until then, enjoy your stay in Nevareth.


Some Opening Ceremony fireworks were faked

If you watched the Opening Ceremony on Friday night, chances are you said something like, “no way that’s possible” at least once. It turns out you were right.

London’s Telegraph newspaper reports that some of the fireworks which appeared over Beijing during the television broadcast of the Olympic Opening Ceremony were actually computer generated. But — hold on — it’s not necessarily as bad as you think.

The faked fireworks were actually set-off at the stadium, but because of potential dangers in filming the display live from a helicopter, viewers at home were shown a pre-recorded, computer-generated shot. It sounds dishonest, but I’m not sure it’s such a terrible thing.

The Opening Ceremony is, at its core, just one big performance. And isn’t it accepted that some things might not be legit at a performance? The final torch bearer wasn’t actually running around the top of the stadium, does the fact that everyone could figure that out make it any less impressive? It might have been unnecessarily deceptive, but the firework-faking isn’t really that big of a deal. But, if I found out that the lighted-drum thing wasn’t on the up and up, then we’ll have problems, China.

I couldn’t help laughing about this post, coz the tone is sooo possessive and soo irate and soo… “I own the world.”

I also couldn’t help reacting to the fact that apparently, everything is all about deception nowadays. 🙂

I woke up last week realizing how a key person in my nearest proximity is the king of deception, and I can’t help laughing hysterically at how hostile this world is to us Christians, actually. Hoo boy. Sisa Moment. 🙂

Snide remark: Oh Chris Chase, get a clue. :p

Something to inspire.

I don’t know if this man, who has touched so many lives from this moving lecture, was a Christian. All I know is that what he taught in his last lecture series was something Christ would like to teach us, too. 🙂

It ain’t about religion indeed. It’s about LIFE and living life to the fullest, by… Loving (I’m guilty of the charge of having a metal heart, please pray for me..) and dreaming… And being passionate for excellence. 🙂

Below is the Oprah version.

And here is the full version.
Attached is the full transcript, ready for your download. 🙂

Check the bottom of this post. 🙂


Calling the Next Generation!

As usual, I was just minding my own business, trying to fix my blog, and a blog I had promised my Editor-in-Chief friends from Central Philippine University, where I graduated, and I came across this post by another Christian, detailing her agony about how she hadn’t seen Christians developing FREE Blogger templates. If anything, she has even voiced out what I had only thought before: that software and what-not created by Christians for Christians are, well, in need of massive improvement.

I don’t blame her. Because before, I used to complain the same thing about how the Christian community seems to be rather deprived.

I know that since Jesus was also persecuted and hated by the world, it’s only natural that we’re the minority, too. But wait up. The past of the Christian being on the sidelines of the world is gone.

This year had been marked by the American Prophetic community of the year when the Lord’s people are taking back the land the enemy has claimed and closing the gates of hell.

If I’m speaking alien here nevermind. What you need to know is that, this year marks something in the air for the Lord. He is sounding the trumpet for His people to rise up and take their places.

Are you called to web dev?

Are you called to writing in mainstream media?

Are you called to love numbers and become an excellent accountant?

Rise up.

We were meant to live for so much more. We were meant to live for beyond feeding ourselves or our families. We were called to take dominion and seize what is Jesus’!

You’re young you say? Timothy was young too.

Dudes, figure out what you love doing. Chances are, this is where God will use you to the fullest.

Life is more than the paycheck. Life is more than the misery. When you are on track and on focus towards the goal that the Lord has set for you, three things will happen:

  1. You will understand what needs to be pruned or chopped off in your life to make room for more focus in the direction you were called.
  2. You will know exactly what it is you need to be doing.
  3. You will stop running around in circles.

So yeah, my jobhunting to Manila Bulletin, Powermac, etc., were never in vain. Powermac, I’m sure I will have a season there. I was given the open door in case I still want to come back and I am taking it, when the time is right. Manila Bulletin, I am seriously not sure, but one thing is certain for me: our mainstream media needs new blood.

It may not be me,

It may not be you,

It may be your seatmate in the next D’Block, Yo-Jam, or whatever youth group meeting you are attending that day.

It may be that girl you’ve been praying for to fall in love with Jesus.

All I know is that we are called to pray, figure out where God is going to use us to the fullest, and walk, relentlessly, in that path.


What If: >>>Extreme Sports for Jesus, Being a Christian Ninja, and Other Stuff Off the Top of my Head<<<

The great part about having a Christian boss who, by all indications so far, is a true-blue JESUS worshiper, is that she’s a lot understanding about my adjustment period. She’s allowing me to just sink my teeth into the schedule and stuff for now. I, on the other hand, am seriously wanting a maid already. Only, I couldn’t afford a maid, heheh.

Much of my time is consumed washing the dishes coz my landlord hatez the mess I leave. Ohkaay. So I have to deal.

Now, because everything is just going crazy and it seems like I’m losing my love for my First Love, I just decided to take some time out and listen to Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer and his vision for International houses of prayer being set up around the world.

I would love to take part in that.

But then there I started craving for one of Misty Edwards’ songs. Misty is a member of IHOP’s Prayer Room, and her songs are just rockin’ and soul-shaking, like this one:

…And in my search for that particular video to share with you, I came across this one, about kids doing the new extreme sport, “Parkour.”

What I learned from my earthly father is that with everything that a person has to do, there has to be purpose. There has to be an end goal for everything we do.

While I admire these kids’ power and talent, I can’t help thinking that this is so reminiscent of the abilities of the ninjas in the old days.

As Misty is singing, we are on the verge of Christ’s return. I bear witness to the fact that there IS something happening in the air. He did say in the Bible that when the Son of Man comes, signs abound. It is like the time of harvest, when the wheat heads are full, and they’re drooping from the weight of their fertility.

If you are unaware that so many things are happening and all you see is that you want to live your life with your head in the sand, and that Jesus may well not return, then what-evar. All I know is that electricity is starting to crackle in the air.

But back to these kids doing Parkour. Bear with me as I paint a mental picture. In the areas where God is so needed, there is still so much of a need for physical strength, and in the path of flight, where persecution might happen, don’t you think that talents like Parkour would have use?

Imagine. Thousands of Christian “ninja’s” taking ground for Jesus in the Middle East, in the Communist countries, in the mountainous and hostile regions where His name has yet to be heard.

Imagine. Your prowess of backdiving and stuff better utilized as you flee from physical enemies in nations where they do not understand that God owns this earth and He is taking ground and He wants to use you?

I sure want to learn Parkour if only the Philippines were not so hostile to new things like these. There were days, when I was on an extended fast, that my feet were so light and quick that I felt like I could do things like these.

I know I will get the chance to play around with my physical strength. For now, I’m letting the gears turn in your head.

What if Jesus needed end-time ninja’s to go brave Cuba, South America, or even Japan, North Korea, and the unreached areas of China?

What if?

Are you willing to take the call?

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