Something to inspire.

I don’t know if this man, who has touched so many lives from this moving lecture, was a Christian. All I know is that what he taught in his last lecture series was something Christ would like to teach us, too. 🙂

It ain’t about religion indeed. It’s about LIFE and living life to the fullest, by… Loving (I’m guilty of the charge of having a metal heart, please pray for me..) and dreaming… And being passionate for excellence. 🙂

Below is the Oprah version.

And here is the full version.
Attached is the full transcript, ready for your download. 🙂

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Calling the Next Generation!

As usual, I was just minding my own business, trying to fix my blog, and a blog I had promised my Editor-in-Chief friends from Central Philippine University, where I graduated, and I came across this post by another Christian, detailing her agony about how she hadn’t seen Christians developing FREE Blogger templates. If anything, she has even voiced out what I had only thought before: that software and what-not created by Christians for Christians are, well, in need of massive improvement.

I don’t blame her. Because before, I used to complain the same thing about how the Christian community seems to be rather deprived.

I know that since Jesus was also persecuted and hated by the world, it’s only natural that we’re the minority, too. But wait up. The past of the Christian being on the sidelines of the world is gone.

This year had been marked by the American Prophetic community of the year when the Lord’s people are taking back the land the enemy has claimed and closing the gates of hell.

If I’m speaking alien here nevermind. What you need to know is that, this year marks something in the air for the Lord. He is sounding the trumpet for His people to rise up and take their places.

Are you called to web dev?

Are you called to writing in mainstream media?

Are you called to love numbers and become an excellent accountant?

Rise up.

We were meant to live for so much more. We were meant to live for beyond feeding ourselves or our families. We were called to take dominion and seize what is Jesus’!

You’re young you say? Timothy was young too.

Dudes, figure out what you love doing. Chances are, this is where God will use you to the fullest.

Life is more than the paycheck. Life is more than the misery. When you are on track and on focus towards the goal that the Lord has set for you, three things will happen:

  1. You will understand what needs to be pruned or chopped off in your life to make room for more focus in the direction you were called.
  2. You will know exactly what it is you need to be doing.
  3. You will stop running around in circles.

So yeah, my jobhunting to Manila Bulletin, Powermac, etc., were never in vain. Powermac, I’m sure I will have a season there. I was given the open door in case I still want to come back and I am taking it, when the time is right. Manila Bulletin, I am seriously not sure, but one thing is certain for me: our mainstream media needs new blood.

It may not be me,

It may not be you,

It may be your seatmate in the next D’Block, Yo-Jam, or whatever youth group meeting you are attending that day.

It may be that girl you’ve been praying for to fall in love with Jesus.

All I know is that we are called to pray, figure out where God is going to use us to the fullest, and walk, relentlessly, in that path.


What If: >>>Extreme Sports for Jesus, Being a Christian Ninja, and Other Stuff Off the Top of my Head<<<

The great part about having a Christian boss who, by all indications so far, is a true-blue JESUS worshiper, is that she’s a lot understanding about my adjustment period. She’s allowing me to just sink my teeth into the schedule and stuff for now. I, on the other hand, am seriously wanting a maid already. Only, I couldn’t afford a maid, heheh.

Much of my time is consumed washing the dishes coz my landlord hatez the mess I leave. Ohkaay. So I have to deal.

Now, because everything is just going crazy and it seems like I’m losing my love for my First Love, I just decided to take some time out and listen to Mike Bickle of International House of Prayer and his vision for International houses of prayer being set up around the world.

I would love to take part in that.

But then there I started craving for one of Misty Edwards’ songs. Misty is a member of IHOP’s Prayer Room, and her songs are just rockin’ and soul-shaking, like this one:

…And in my search for that particular video to share with you, I came across this one, about kids doing the new extreme sport, “Parkour.”

What I learned from my earthly father is that with everything that a person has to do, there has to be purpose. There has to be an end goal for everything we do.

While I admire these kids’ power and talent, I can’t help thinking that this is so reminiscent of the abilities of the ninjas in the old days.

As Misty is singing, we are on the verge of Christ’s return. I bear witness to the fact that there IS something happening in the air. He did say in the Bible that when the Son of Man comes, signs abound. It is like the time of harvest, when the wheat heads are full, and they’re drooping from the weight of their fertility.

If you are unaware that so many things are happening and all you see is that you want to live your life with your head in the sand, and that Jesus may well not return, then what-evar. All I know is that electricity is starting to crackle in the air.

But back to these kids doing Parkour. Bear with me as I paint a mental picture. In the areas where God is so needed, there is still so much of a need for physical strength, and in the path of flight, where persecution might happen, don’t you think that talents like Parkour would have use?

Imagine. Thousands of Christian “ninja’s” taking ground for Jesus in the Middle East, in the Communist countries, in the mountainous and hostile regions where His name has yet to be heard.

Imagine. Your prowess of backdiving and stuff better utilized as you flee from physical enemies in nations where they do not understand that God owns this earth and He is taking ground and He wants to use you?

I sure want to learn Parkour if only the Philippines were not so hostile to new things like these. There were days, when I was on an extended fast, that my feet were so light and quick that I felt like I could do things like these.

I know I will get the chance to play around with my physical strength. For now, I’m letting the gears turn in your head.

What if Jesus needed end-time ninja’s to go brave Cuba, South America, or even Japan, North Korea, and the unreached areas of China?

What if?

Are you willing to take the call?

RF Online Item Crafting Guide

RF Online Logo, RF Online Crafting Guide
Ever since I started RF online, I have always wanted to get weapons and armors without having to buy from other co-players. Well, as I went on with the game I found out the answer to that was Crafting. My first character was an item crafter but I had a hard time finding a good source for crafting recipes. So, to those who need one, below is a compilation of item combinations for RF online. For those newbies out there, Item combination allows you to create items out of ingredients both looted from monsters or through mining of ores.

But first things first. You must know where to have ingredients combined. There is an NPC in the game called “Hero”. This NPC allows you to combine materials. When you find him, try and talk to him and click on the Item Combination option. You will be prompted to a window that has five (5) empty boxes. This is where you place crafting ingredients. These can be looted from different monsters in the game. Please click on the recipes below to see the ingredients needed to craft them:

Weapon Combination
Force Revear Combination

Booty Decomposition
Ability Extraction
Ability Combination
Proof Of Warrior Combination
Leon’s Weapon
Accessory Upgrade
Socket Extender
Type C Armor
Where To Combine

Hope this Online Crafting Guide helps.

Thanks to

The Dual Sim Dilemma Part 1: The Intro

When it comes to phones, most people would want something that has a camera, ultimate connectivity and 3G capabilities, even WiFi. But I…

I want a Dual Sim phone.

In the Philippines, it’s soo unavoidable to NEED more than two sim cards. Because of Sun Cellular’s ingenious Unlimited Call and Text services, they had revolutionized the way consumers use cellular phone technology, and maximized the value for the customer.

Unlimited call and texting, or “Unli,” as it is affectionately called by the locals, has created a need for at least two cellphones, for the average Juan. And yet, don’t you think it would be funny, not to mention bulky, if a person would need to carry two phones? What if the person needs the ultimate in tech and would like to have two 3G-capable phones? Two Nokia Communicators or two Nokia 3G-Capable phones, anyone?

But there is good news. As mentioned, my current technolust includes dual sim phones. With these phones, you can now use two sim cards from one phone, and text your friends in one network, as well as other friends in another network. In the Philippines, this would ensure that your textmates would reply to you, because most likely, they are on Unlimited texting/calling, too, and won’t have spare prepaid credits, called “load,” for other networks.

Though the Dual Sim phone players are mainly Chinese manufacturers, another Asian player also entered the scene. Verzio, a Singaporean company, released their high-end dual sim phones in late 2007. They are one of the few reliable companies who have entered the Dual Sim battlefield.

There are two other key players in this arena: Philips and Samsung.

While Philips’ Dual Sim phone (Xenium 9@9w) is of the “switching” kind, meaning only one sim is active while the other you will need to press a few buttons to activate, if you are using your other sim as backup only, this is surely more reliable than the Chinese phones.

On the other hand, if you want both sims to be active at the same time, you could try the Verzio phones. Or, if you have cash to spare, you could go for the Samsung dual sim phones.

Samsung’s dual sim phones are decently featured: they have Java, bluetooth, and GPRS. They also have video-capable cameras: one is 2MP, the other is at 3.1MP. The Samsung D880 had been launched late last year, while the D780 is yet to have reached the local stores, though it was announced that they’d ship out in May.

While Verzio’s Duplii model seems to be a better buy, with the 3G capabilities and all, I seriously do not like the keypad layout. Not to mention that according to this review, even über-techie YugaTech got puzzled with some Verzio Duplii controls.

In my opinion, choosing the right Dual Sim phone entails much consideration. Tomorrow’s article discusses my standards for a good Dual Sim phone.


Thank you for the photo:

A Ramble on Viral Video

When it comes to web promotion, people can’t go wrong when they make use of viral video. Viral video is just basically some amateur video, or a video made to look like an amateur video. The main purpose is for the video to catch attention. For commercially-driven viral video, for the video to attract enough attention as to get people to also try out the product featured, mentioned, or otherwise attached to the video.

Viral Video started a few years back, when YouTube started to gain popularity. As users uploaded entertaining videos and viewers started to intently watch these and become fans of the producers, Viral Video became a staple on the Internet.

The dominant genre for viral videos is comedy. While surely the shock videos also dominated the scene, more videos were aimed at tickling the funny bones of people. Other videos also displayed people doing unbelievable feats like this: Kobe Bryant leaping over a pool filled with poisonous snakes.

Others were parodies of internet phenomena, like the Alexey Vayner application video, that earned the outrage, as well as the mockery of a lot of people. The Vayner video had spawned such a phenomenon that hilarious viral video makers had parodied his video.

Online Videos by

Viral Video like the Cadbury gorilla commercial created a stir online and added Cadbury to the list of companies who used the Viral Video for marketing purposes.

On the other hand, there were Viral Video phenomena that barged in on the scene that were not positioned to become a moneymaking hit. The Numa Numa video, an innocuous dancing video by a young, geeky teen, made waves across the Internet and made him an overnight celebrity, as well as overnight millionaire. He has since built an enterprise around his dance video, though with lesser success than his original, uninentional hit of a first vid.

On the whole, Internet Phenomena has three factors to it:

  • Novelty
  • Enjoyability
  • Shock value.

While other video producers tend to go for shock value to gather attention, the basic way that a Viral Video gathers attention would be if it’s not something others have watched before. Usually people go for the “sex sells everything” ethic. While it’s very gross, and I believe that the use of sexuality in everything has degraded our tastes in entertainment, you can’t help but shake your head at how crazily effective sex is.

Goshly. I think I’ll stick to watching Mac vs. PC videos. Tech is my new porn. :p

Do you Spark?

I’m fairly new to everything blogging related as is this blog. I realized that there are still a lot of stuff that I need to learn to keep a blog moving – and EARNING too. Thankfully, Lorie, a friend-contributor to this blog has taught me a few bits and tricks to this new world I should be calling the “blogosphere”.

Well, I have followed some steps to monetizing a blog and most of them are Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising from Google AdSense and Bidvertiser (as Lorie recommends using). There are also Pay per Post (PPP) sites that offer good compensation for putting up posts for them. I have tried to sign up to a few of them but I keep getting declined because of this blog’s present PR. However, I did stumble on IZEA’s SocialSpark. I signed up and after a few days, this blog got verified – which was cool. My first verification! Haha.

It is something of a social networking site that caters to bloggers and advertisers alike. There are two ways you can get signed up as. One is as a blogger, and the other as an advertiser. As a blogger, you get paid for writing reviews for products and services out on the web. SocialSpark also allows for dynamic pricing if you plan on advertising. As a blogger, you can also pay fellow bloggers to expand coverage of your blog too. It’s a neat package where bloggers get paid to write reviews or advertisers get coverage at the same time it is a networking site where bloggers like us get meet fellows in our own interest groups.

What’s great about Social Spark is that it has its own way of ranking blogs. They call it Real Rank. It is a more realistic ranking system as opposed to Google’s and Alexa’s. Some days you get good traffic, and some not as much. This is favorable for a starting blog like this one because you won’t need to put your blog to a PR 3 to get good sponsorship. By the way, Social Spark calls these “opps” or opportunities to write about a product or service for an advertiser. Another feature I like is the prop/drops button which you can find at your profile. It allows fellow bloggers to let you know how appealing your blog is. Not to fear though, Social Spark members are pretty quick on providing constructive criticism. Advertisers can also have a look at your profile and evaluate if you can provide some reviews for them.

Social Sparks has a code of ethics to keep everyone secure.

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

Get signed up now. It’s easy. Setting up a profile is pretty simple too. Once you get signed up, you will have to provide some basic information like your name, address, Paypal email address (this is how you get payed), etc. So head on to Social Spark now and set up your own spark.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

The Changes in Friendster

Friendster was one of the pioneers of social networking. Even before MySpace started to dominate the Social Networking scene, and even before Social Networking became the byword for Internet users and web developers, Friendster was already alive and making puddles among its first users. But somewhere along the way, it started to lose its relevance as MySpace, Multiply, and even YouTube took over. So many things had contributed to Friendster’s slow death: the interface made it so much less advanced than how it should be, and the users, lured by the pretty applications of Facebook, all flocked over to the Social Networking upstart.

While everyone else migrated to Facebook because it’s the newest thing on the Web, I had gone there because of the apps and because Friendster profiles that had been “overpimped” had a tendency of crashing my browser, much to my annoyance.

But lately, with all the changes that Friendster has done for its website, I’m becoming more and more impressed at how it has evolved. Today, instead of the über buggy profiles, even the absolutely tricked-out ones don’t kill my browser needlessly. Friendster achieved this through changing the interface, and most likely, changing the code of the website.

The great thing about Friendster is that it aims to please. A lot of the youngsters now feel rather empowered because of its “Abuse” function. They can have the trolls who either copy their profiles taken down or suspended for abuse. This is just an indication of how Friendster aims to please its users.

One superfluous addition to Friendster, however, are the apps, no doubt created to mimic Facebook’s apps. For me, this was rather useless, because people befriend people on Friendster because these are long-lost friends and schoolmates or classmates. I see Facebook as a more impersonal place, judging from the people who befriended me there.

In my opinion, Friendster is, indeed, more focused on the user himself. Friendster profiles showed more of the personality of the user, rather than giving the user an escape from the real world.

Friendster shows the personality of the user by highlighting the “About Me” and the other a la slambook fields, while Facebook is more on activity-sharing through apps.

I think Friendster should focus more on its strength: the personality and the friendship-development features of the site, and stick to that rather than imitate Facebook and a be-all kind of social network.

I just happen to like the increased stability of the pages, and I do wish they’d keep being the down-home social networking site that they aimed to be, in the first place.

Facebook and Pokey! (A Glorified Tamagotchi)

I recently rediscovered the beauty of Facebook, as it helped fulfill my dream…

…Of getting my own pet dog.

I had initially been resistant to creating my own Facebook profile when Facebook first launched for public use, because I had Friendster and Multiply then, and I thought they were enough. But when my fiancé and I got to try the Facebook apps, with all the pokes and hugs, I believed I found the “mother lode” of social networking, finally.

But when my friends started to join, and found me, and also discovered a myriad of apps and bombarded me with them, I decided I’ve had enough of Facebook and dropped the Social Networking service in question.

The reason? The very system of Facebook allows it to exploit the applications and maximize its advertising potentials and bombard the users with updates and emails, thereby cluttering users’ profiles and activity feeds, and even third-party email inboxes. In an age where spam allergy is an epidemic, I believe that this system, which was the heart of why Facebook decided to go public, turned some of its users off to the service.

But recently, as I said, Facebook helped answer my prayers of having a dog to take care of, with lots of added benefits.

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted a dog so badly, and I found one for only about $15 (Php 500)! I was so ecstatic, because I had wanted a dog for so long, but my landlord won’t let me keep it. And despite my disappointment, I felt like it was a load off my shoulders, because I was already starting to worry about the poop, the pee and the food, even before being able to fully claim the doggie and “install” it in my house.

But through Facebook’s Pokey! (third-party) application, I was able to adopt an adorable choco labrador retriever puppy, and he…

Doesn’t poop.

Or pee.

With Pokey, you can adopt a pet, feed it, give it water, even throw bones and frisbees at it! The only side of Pokey that I didn’t like all that much was the fact that it would show a sad face if you didn’t feed it. I find that function both a good and bad thing: it’s a good thing because you can tell that you’ve been remiss with your pet, but a bad thing also because the facial expression is so… Expressive, that you can’t help empathizing with your Pokey! pet and his heart-wrenching sad face begging for some virtual food.

On the whole, Pokey! is like a super-advanced Tamagotchi (if you still remember that); it gives you an added responsibility, but it also gives you your much-needed dose of pet love, sans the poop. It’s so cool, it revived the love of Facebook for me. 🙂

Gadget Love at First Type! Toshiba PortĂ©gĂ© G900

I decided to take a break yesterday, so I took a much-needed stroll around the mall, peering at tech toyz galore. One of the things that caught my eye was the Toshiba Portégé G900.

The Toshiba Portégé G900 is a cute smartphone. I have no deep love for smartphones, to be honest. Instead, I prefer other mobile devices. I was eyeing the eeePC 900, the iPod Touch, the Amazon Kindle, and a Canon Ixus digicam, but there was nothing in my “technolust portfolio” that ever indicated a deep desire for a smartphone.

Until the Toshiba Portégé G900 that I saw yesterday.

This baby, while getting so-so reviews, opened up the world of smartphone salivation to me. One reason? The keyboard a writer would truly love.

While O2 and HTC dominated the smartphone market recently, Toshiba’s seemingly experimental Toshiba Portégé G900 made nary a whisper when it got into our local market. But as I tried it out and played with its functions, I saw all the reasons why I would want one, though I do have a couple of concerns, which I will point out later.

One of the main reasons why I would ever want an all-in-one mobile machine was that when I go out to mingle with the “real world,” there are moments wherein I would need to wait for someone or to kill time in queues. In those moments, I feel that I really needed something to either surf the Internet with, to be able to write some articles on, or to note all the new ideas that come to me in those “Eureka!” moments that seem to come upon you right at the moment when you have nothing else to write with… And, something to read my many e-book downloads on. If it has a built-in camera, I would be all the happier, too.

I had pondered about the iPod Touch, the Amazon Kindle, the eeePC, but something was always lacking. With the iPod touch, the touch screen would just defeat my need for a note-taking machine. The Amazon Kindle, on the other hand, was just a place to read e-books on. The eeePC… Well, just imagine being on a bus and trying to type out one article on those uber-small keys. Not really fun, right?

Until yesterday, when I saw this baby. It was love at first type!

The keyboard was possibly a glimpse of writer’s heaven. The OS, being Windows Mobile, needed me to bump my head on the wall, especially with all my attempts to actually make the bluetooth work, the camera was so-so, but, when I go back to the fact that it has a PDF reader, and I can write decent articles rather fast on it, I knew I found tech love.

Even TrustedReviews agrees with me on the beauty and artistry (/me iz exaggerating heheh) of the Toshiba Portégé G900’s keyboard.

Despite my misgivings about the image quality of the camera (see right), If only for the keyboard, the WiFi, the VoIP, the GPRS and HSDPA/3G* functions of this baby, I am all for this machine! I believe I will so love this when I do have it.

Now all I need to do is to pray about it, and believe I will have it soon!

*3G is so useful when your DSL is down, heheh.

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the Toshiba Portégé G900:

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