Dragon Quest Builders 2: Sequel Manages to Exceed Standards Set by First Game

A marriage between Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Breath Of The Wild, Dragon Quest Builders 2 manages to combine all the right elements and present a stunning game. Even though the game is largely based on its building elements, the story aspect is absolutely stunning. With synergy between RPG and building mechanism, Dragon Quest 2 manages to be one of the most fun games we have tried in a long while.

Even though we had played the previous game ago, Dragon Quest Builders 2 does not need the first one to be played in order to understand the storylines. The minor references do indeed bring back major doses of nostalgia for players that have tried the first game. From the way the map works to the final villain, the home definitely pays is a true homage to its predecessor.

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One of the strongest aspects of the game is its Role-Playing aspect. With complete set elements like level-ups, equipment, magic and boss battles, the game manages to stand on its own rather than becoming just another Minecraft lookalike. Square Enix managed to blow this one out of the park with attention to detail and stunning gameplay aspects.

There is a clear impression of Breath of the wild on the game, with major inspiration elements and artwork, the game clearly shows why Breath of the Wild was one of the biggest games of the past couple of years.

There has been a major expansion to the building aspect of this game. Agriculture has increased importance in this rendition. Aspects, like building farms and recruiting villages, are important in the starting of the game. The nuanced workings of the previous edition are replaced by smoother mechanics. From the weapon system to armor, there are major changes that are visible throughout the game. The game feels much more coherent and fluid.


The game is truly by definition, a Dragon Quest one. There are major explorations into isles, a run-in with quirky characters and absolutely vast landscape. The pace of the game stays consistent to the prior ones and the added simplicity leads to a much better game. The one element we felt was a big buggy was the combat mechanics. There is a major limitation in terms of fighting bosses that can only be dealt with using a certain function. However, despite this, the other aspects of the game more than make up for it.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 managed to be one of the best RPG games this year while absolutely setting new standards in the Builder genre. The studio deserves all the props for being abuse to seamlessly fuse the two genres towards into something original. Despite the inspiration from Breath of the wild and clear footprints of the previous edition the franchise. The game is absolute, mind-blowingly fun. Our initial experience led us to a 12-hour binge which we absolutely did not regret. The game is a must-try for fans looking for a much more fun version of Minecraft with RPG elements. Its is guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

Gear 5 Promises to be a Ton of Fun Despite Lacking Maps

September could not come closer as millions of gamers along the world wait patiently for Gears of War 5. We were amongst the lucky cohort that got a chance to experience it hands-on at E3 2019 and it was surely a delight. The game was announced during E3 2018 alongside a trailer and a release window of 2019.

E3 2019 brought us much anticipated news alongside gameplay experience for the game. The developers did a marvelous job keeping the majority of the details under wraps to maintain anticipation and assure an element of surprise with the game. The conference was monumental in terms of sharing details about the game and we were lucky to be able to get a first-hand experience.

The development studio is still strictly keeping the details of the campaign mode contained, however, we got to know the following detail about other modes.

Escape Mode

Getting to experience Escape mode was a really fun experience. The premise is very simple; Team players team up together in either online play or local co-op with the goal of battling through enemy give map in the shortest amount of time. During my gameplay experience, I struck done anything that got in my way. The poisonous gas in the background added a really interesting element to be aware of.

My character of choice for the first run was Keegan. He is essentially a supporting character and his special ability allowed me to spawn ammo within a circle. This was a really helpful perk for a limited time and was really handy when my team ran out of ammo.

Keegan is not the only character within the game, the game also adds two additional brand new characters. Lahni and Mac. Lahni is a scout character with the special ability to summon her electro-blade. The blade allows her to stun and cause damage to enemies for a limited time. Mac is a solid tank with the ability to generate a shield to protect teammates.

These were the only characters we were able to experience in this mode however there are multiple other characters that will be included in other game modes.

Even though we were only able to have a limited time experience of the gameplay, the graphics of the game were absolutely stunning in 4k. This crispness adds an element of visual interactive-ness even in scenes that are not otherwise extraordinary.

Gears of War 5 basically begins right when you start. The timer at the top indicates the start and helps have an idea of the time to track competitiveness. The default difficulty setting was easy which made the game a little too easy to play. The basic grunts were too easy to kill. The biggest annoyance during my gameplay experience with the lack of ammo. That luckily was covered by choosing Keegan as the main character.

Our short experience was extremely fun and definitely left us waiting for September to see more of what Gears of War 5 have to offer.

Sinking City Steps into Unexplored Waters Yet Manages to Make Waves

There has been a massive rise in Lovecraftian games recently. With its concoction of mystery and intrigue, “The Sinking City” is an interesting rendition suiting any Lovecraftian tale. Even though it builds upon a path started over a century ago, it manages to be fresh with minor elemental drawbacks.

The game takes a leap into new territory to set itself apart from its peers. When “Call of Cthulhu” came out in 2018, it felt like a minor standalone that aimed to fit itself into the massive lore. The Sinking city, on the other hand, expands massively and delivers a cosmic level product.

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The games open strong with a leap into the ocean. With a mystery from the ocean floor causing intrigue into the mind of residents, the protagonist is charged with the duty to investigate the source of the mysterious chants.

The game rapidly transitions into a stunning visual tour of tales from Lovecraft’s lore. Filled with an exciting exploration of damned cave and battling with obsessed tyrants. The game lures in intrigue by making users put in the work of connecting the dots and unravelling extended realities.

The sinking city,games,gaming,online games,online games

We found the game visually stunning. With the stunningly mystifying seabed to complex dryland assets, the assets perfectly complemented the style of the game. There is a wide array of noticeable details from a ghastly hospital setting to a bar where incoming guests can drink along with newcomers.

A major focus on the game is investigating the mysteries and exploring facts. In the role of the protagonist Charles Reed, we had to make choices in dialogue while assessing evidence to conclude story arcs. At times we felt the story turn a little dry but we had side-quests to keep us intrigued.

The Sinking City does not shy away from dipping into unknown waters. The game explores intriguing ideas, some of them work magnificently while others fail to make an impact. Following the footsteps of the previous flagship release “Sherlock Holmes” by Frogware, the game has strong elements of gathering evidence and undergoing hardcore research.

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Oakmont represents an open-world environment with areas brimming with “Wylebeasts”, beings that are extremely scary. With ammunition being scarce, we are forced to navigate the waters without having a proper means to kill the beasts. In the latter stage of the game, we found the ability to fast travel across the map with the means of phone-boxes. However, that was only useless in the latter part of the game.

The game is ambitious, maybe a little over-ambitious but it dares to step into waters not tested before. It makes it own mark and instead of blending in, stands out. With a pleasant mix of appropriate visuals, intriguing storyline and open-world travel, Frogware definitely warrants an attempt at exploring this game. We are excited to see the studio build upon the promise and improving the clunky elements in the sequel to deliver an even more captivating sequel.


Exciting New Characters Additions Make Us Want to Play Overwatch Again

One of the things that set Blizzard apart as a top-notch gaming company is its constant support and update. The Overwatch community was anticipating additions into the game following the Anniversary Event for Overwatch. One of the most awaited aspects was the addition of new heroes into the game. With time, we got used to playing with the initial roster of 21 heroes and wanted something new. Blizzard has always been honest about its commitment to introducing fresh content and ensuring the game is exciting for the users.

Overwatch does not let the secret out easy; it leaves intriguing little hints on the map and other gameplay elements to lure the users into figuring out the secrets of the new characters. Users were hotly anticipating the addition of a new hero. After days and weeks of community discussions and figuring out, Hero 30 has finally been figured out.


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Baptiste is the latest addition into the Overwatch hero roster. Similar to many other heroes that were added recently, Baptiste will have two roles; doing damage and healing. The battle medic has an exciting background story and we are thrilled to be able to freshen things up with our new Hero.


Ashe,Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

Blizzard unveiled Ashe at Blizzcon. Even though the animated short teased the hero people thought would be Athena, it was revealed that the hero was Ashe, A gang leader along with her omnic boy B.O.B. The reveal also allows us to have a clearer idea of Ashe’s abilities. It also revealed the role of B.O.B.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking BallOverwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

Jeff Kaplan introduced Wrecking ball to the world with the means of a small video put together. The genetically modified hamster Hammond was revealed to be Wrecking Ball.


Bridgette,Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

Bridgette is one of the most recent additions to the game. She is the daughter of Torbjörn, the team’s lead engineer. She is revealed to be a supporting role with tanking abilities and her signature items include a shield and a flail.

There are also abundant rumors of incoming rumors revealed by avid users that have spent their time analyzing game files and clues for ant hints regarding new heroes. This research has led to interesting revelations regarding the heroes. These are all characters that can be introduced at some point down the line but it is possible that some of them never make it or take years before we get to see them in action.


Sojourn,Overwaatch,Blizzard,games,gaming,online games,online games

The analysis of a promotional trailer reveals Sojourn, a potential new hero. An audio message also reveals Sojourns encounter with Soldier 76. It can be deduced that she is a member of the international task force.


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Athena has been a part of the game since the beginning days of Beta. She has been assuming the role of the administrator in Team Fortress 2. There are major speculations on her becoming a character due to her massive role in the game as well as her integral part in the backstory as well.




Cyberpunk Leaves Us Waiting For 2020 With Stunning Visuals and Captivating Surprises

When CD Projekt Red gets associated with a new project, it instantly gets high expectations. When the studio announced Cyberpunk 2077 during its summer conference in May 2012, everyone was intrigued to what the studio had to offer. Riding off the success of Witcher 3, arguably one of the greatest games of all time, the studio attracted a lot of intrigue for its new project. However, with the reveals of the elements along the years, it is clear that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be one of the most anticipated games of all time.

With an announced release date of April 2020, the game is set in a dystopian future. With a Blade Runner vibe to it, the game features a society where body modification and digitalization is the norm. There are widespread elements of corruption and chaos raging throughout society. The mission of the game is to find a path in this word for our protagonist named V. Even though not much is currently known about the full extent of the plot and storyline, the revealed details so far have gotten us extremely excited to experience what the game has to offer.


The game is a first-person RPG and following the path of the Witcher series, the actions and choices make can have a major impact on the way the story progresses and ultimately the ending. At E3 2019, we had the change to experience the gameplay and dynamics of the game and we were blown away. The mission we had a chance to play where the protagonist V had to infiltrate a rival gang’s headquarters to gain access to a leader. The game allows several different options on how the task can be approached. According to the studio, the game will allow an ending without having to resort to violence as well. Elements of stealth can also be adopted in the game to complete different tasks.

The shooting mechanisms were entertaining with amazing visuals and transitions, our experience with the gameplay was amazing even though it was clear that some elements would be refined further into development.

cyberpunk-2077-ps4-playstation-4.original (1)

Cyberpunk takes a step forward compared to Witcher 3 in terms of customizability of characters. According to the studio, users will have the ability to completely customize elements of their character from hairstyle to skin tones and more. Another interesting addition that the studio revealed was the ability to choose the backstory of the character which ultimately impacts elements of the game and the way the character interacts. Like the Witcher series, the game features multiple dialog options and also Skill Trees that impact aspects of conversation and combat.

The game also features a plethora of interesting characters including Keanu Reeves playing Johnny Silverhand. The art style was one of the biggest factors that set this game apart from other games set in the future. We are not clear right now to the extent of detail and surprises that Cyberpunk 2077 will offer but one thing is clear, We cannot wait for it to be 2020 and get our hands on this game.

E3 2019 Steals the Show with One Spectacle After Another

Even though it was a heckler that shouted “You are breathtaking” to Keanu Reaves at E3 2019, Everything about the conference this year stole our breaths away. Every year, E3 is one of the most anticipated conventions in gaming. Hosted in Los Angeles, the conference sees the Giants of the gaming world come up with their highly anticipated releases along with a plethora of surprises. Despite the lack of Sony and Activision being there as pointed out by Xbox’s Head of Operations, E3 this year was truly a spectacle. With one exciting reveal after another, here is a list of our favourite E3 moments this year.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,Games,Gaming,Online Games

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Date of Release: 15th November 2019

Even though Fallen Order was expected to be one of the best releases of E3 this year, the game far beyond its expectations to deliver a truly exciting presentation. Releasing across all platforms, The gameplay reveal was fascinating in terms of story and delivery. With gripping visual elements and an engaging story, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order is bound to be one of the best games to look forward to this year.

Watchdogs:Legion,Games,Gaming,Online Games

Watchdogs: Legion

Date of Release: 6th March 2020

Ubisoft delivered one of the most promising E3 presentations with Watchdogs: Legion. Based in a world dealing with the consequences of Brexit, the game allows playing as any character within the city. With captivating mechanisms and engaging gameplay, the game had exciting gameplay reveal that left us waiting for 2020. The game is announced to be set for release across all platforms including the new Google Stadia.

Doom Eternal,Games,Gaming,Online Games

Doom: Eternal

Date of Release: 22nd November 2019

With an announced release across all platforms, Doom Eternal sees us return back into Hell to fight against demons.  With a haunting soundtrack and fill of violence, Doom Eternal was definitely one of the goriest games of E3. With a symphony of speed & thrill, The game is set to launch in November.

Cyberpunl2077,Games,Gaming,Online Games

Cyberpunk 2077

Date of Release: 16th April 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 definitely stole the show at E3 2019. With the reveal of Keanu Reaves as a major character. The reveal blew the roof of E3 2019 and sent Twitter into a frenzy. With the amazing fan moment, Keanu had, Everything about Cyberpunk was stunning. From the insanely smooth gameplay reveal to the vivid futuristic setting, The game seems to be in line to be one of the best games of 2020. CD Projekt Red outdid themselves with the stunning show that has all of us excited to get our hands on the game as soon as it comes out.

There were so many great moments at this years E3 that we are struggling to choose the ones to highlight. However one thing is for certain, Our wallets are definitely going to be suffering the blow from the amazing games that are yet to come.


Games That Stole the Show In 2019

2019 has been a monumental year for the gaming industry. Even though it lacked major AAA releases like 2018, It has still managed to produce some spectacles. Without wasting time, we are going to delve right into our list of the best games in 2019 so far.



Apex Legends,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games


Apex Legends: Any list from 2019 would be meaningless without Apex Legends. The surprise release from Respawn Entertainment completely changed the Battle Royale landscape this year. We had a thoroughly entertaining time with this game for months. From its smooth launch without any major fumbles to its game-changing (Pun intended) respawning mechanism, the game ticked all the right boxes and rapidly shot to popularity. For a brief period, the game managed to dethrone Fortnite from twitch streaming charts, major achievement from the studio that gave us Titanfall.





A Plague Tale: Innocence: A Plague Tale: Innocence is everything you’d want an Indie game to be and more. This game knocked it out of the park with its stimulating visuals and gameplay. With a gripping story from France during the worst part of the Plague, this game had mind-blowing visuals and intense gameplay.





The Division 2: Division 2 is hands down one of the best shooters of the year, despite Ubisoft’s reputation for mis portrayed political scenarios, the game perfectly captures the vibe of Washington after the apocalypse. Everything about the game from its shooting mechanics to matchmaking is improved from its predecessor. The game stays exciting throughout its extended gameplay and never misses a beat in being compelling.





Metro Exodus: I definitely feel that this might be the most underrated entry in this list. Metro Exodus improved massively on the previous 2 titles in the franchise and allows players to carve their own paths in the gameplay. The game is amazingly well structured making the open nature perfectly tied with progression. The story is incredibly captivating and I cannot recommend this game enough.





Kingdom Hearts 3: Kingdom Hearts 3 makes the decade long wait for a new entry in the series absolutely worth it. Just the simple ability to allow playing with our favourite Disney characters was a treat for us during the gameplay. The game improves every aspect of the previous games and can surely be declared the crowning jewel of the Kingdom Hearts series.


The nature of lists forces us to cap it off with our top but here are some definitive honourable mentions that stood out due to their gameplay and compelling gameplay. Devil May Cry 5 was definitely one of our favourites as Capcom delivered with an amazing game, Mortal Kombat 11 was also comparable with the best games from this year. The best part of the year is yet to come, We are patiently waiting for what Hideo Kojima brings with Death Stranding and the gameplay from Wolfenstein: Youngblood. It is definitely evident that 2019 will wrap up as a great year for the gaming industry.

Blood & Truth: SIE Studio’s Play Station VR Exclusive Adds New Dimension to VR Gameplay

In the era of tough competition between consoles and platforms, making a decision for the right platform can be really tough. However, games like Blood & Truth make that decision a lot easier to make. The game that could smoothly without VR shines even more so while employing the best Virtual Reality has to offer. A plethora of games presents themselves with the promise of Action, Suspense and everything in between. Blood & Truth, however, actually delivers.

The game is everything we wanted and more, From tense exhilarating action to a captivating story, The game has it all. Contrary to most VR games, Blood & Truth offers a truly comfortable gaming experience. During our 2-hour gameplay, There was minimal discomfort. The shooting mechanics were easy to track while being visually stimulating.




The game is recommended to be played from a seated position with basic movements to perform in-game tasks. The mechanism is simple to follow and easy to remember. Even though the calibration process takes a while to track all the motions smoothly, The end result reflects in the game brilliantly. The issues with irritating camera motions are eliminated in the game which we found refreshing compared to most PSVR games.

The storyline revolves around a retired soldier facing his family getting stuck in the messy world of underworld and crime. The protagonist faces a range of experiences in order to go through the scenarios and deal with the situation he is stuck in. The game scenes offer incredible depth and immersion. The game however also allows for shenanigans with the DualShock 4 or the standard controller. The cinematography is stunning and makes the player feel like the actual protagonist in a well-directed movie. The animation and sound design pair up perfectly with the experience and add to the vibe of the game.



The supporting cast and characters have great depth and personality, adding to the flair of the game. Backed by a great supporting cast of actors that gave their best to make the game truly realistic with dialogue and expression. The Studio has outdone itself from its previous flagships to improve on the quality of facial expression that the characters have. The lack of a major villain does feel to be a missing factor in the game but the general shooting scenes and action sequence more than make up for the minor flaws in storyline.

The Blood and Truth has received unanimously rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Our experience seemed to mirror the expressions from major twitter reactions as we found ourselves spending hours immersed in the gameplay. The game is a major hallmark in evolving VR gaming to a truly comfortable experience, this aspect is only part of the allure that the game brings. Despite the predictable storyline and high expectations to live up to, the game manages to executive it in a way that will surely make you immersed in its splendour.



Blizzard Pulls All the Stops for Overwatch’s 2019 Anniversary

Since its inception three years ago, Overwatch has gone on to become one of the most popular games in the world. Blizzards first IP in decades, the game has managed to become a cultural phenomenon. Being an active part of major Esports events, the game has slowly infused itself into the pop culture of gaming. While most games have rigid content and die out over time, Blizzard has managed to keep up the hype with its live events. One of the most popular events by the company has been the anniversary event in 2018. Blizzard is following suit with the event this year.


Overwatch,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Beginning on 21st May, the event features a plethora of new content. There is a major wave of new skins, dance emotes and other collectables for players to collect. Most of the content can be earned by gaming aside from the easy purchase route. For players that love to play with Ashe, Baptiste or Wrecking Ball, new dance emotes are up for grabs as well. The player base of the company has warmly received this news. There is widespread excitement on social media channels by avid fans that are excited to find content related to their favourite characters. Twitter was raving about the event as shown by the fan tweets.

Blizzard offered a chance to anyone not playing the game to join the event without having to purchase the game initially. The first week featured free trial which allowed new players to join right into the action. There is widespread speculation currently by Industry insiders of Overwatch transitioning to a F2P (Free-To-Play) Gaming model. However, the proceeded at the anniversary event still came as a surprise to most.

Our experience of the game proved certain skins to be way better than the others. Doomfist, Widowmaker and Sombra felt overhyped. Winston seemed to be the highlight of the event with a massive transformation into a fierce character. Riot Police Bridgette also improved massively with added siren into the skin. Mei & Pharah were visually appealing as well.

One of the highlights of the event is the ability to catch up to skins missed in the past. The chances to get loot boxes from playing instead of just purely buying was a great addition. Even though we could not resist buying some loot boxes which bore great results, the general content for users that do not want to break the bank is great as well.

Overwatch has managed to achieve remarkable success in a few years. At the forefront of this success are its actively content addition and creativity. From winning the Game of the Year award in 2016 to having more than 40 million active users, The game has managed to reach new heights. The Anniversary Event 2019 followed suit from last year and engaged the community to produce a truly engaging event for a week. With such active participation and creativity, the addition of a free to play model will truly help the company gain rapid momentum again.

“A Plague Tale: Innocence”; Asubo Studio’s Latest Addition Delivers Beautiful Gameplay With A Gripping Story


A Plague Tale: Innocence,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Low budget games are usually expected to be mediocre at best in in their elements and gameplay. A Plague Tale: Innocence defies all expectations to deliver a truly beautiful gaming experience. Released across all Platforms, Asubo Studio’s Latest Addition has managed to prove itself to be so much more than its Adventure Genre label.

Set in one of the most horrific periods of human history, the game takes us back to France during one of its most gruesome periods, the Great Plague. With engaging elements from stealth to action, the narrative is extremely moving. The music perfectly matches the tone of the gripping visuals.

With under 10 hours of gameplay, the game reminds players of Hellblade with its elements. A tale of children banding together through the dark period of the French plague, the mystery feel to the game adds to its allure. The game sees the siblings face a sinister cult through their journey that takes them through a series of intriguing storylines. The will of the sister to find the cure sees her evade the cult which wants her brother as a key to the cure.

The game offers a brilliant mix of horror among its elements of stealth and mystery. Even though the stealth patterns used are nothing new, they are executed brilliantly. From using the sling to make distracting sounds to the stellar observation of patrolling patterns, the gameplay thoroughly imbues the players. Stealth is a major focus of the gameplay as combat mostly results in death. In times that it is required, an array of tools from knockout drugs to projectiles are available to use tactically.

Puzzles are also a major part of the gameplay with rats threatening to eat the character if the right move is not made. Using effective light sources and entrapments are necessary to progress through the puzzles. Even though the animations for the rats is not as smooth as it could have been, it adds an interesting element into the games overall experience. The music perfectly matches the occasion and adds to a thrilling horror feeling. The Boss fights resemble fights from typical horror games and effective evasive manoeuvres with strategy are essential for a positive outcome.




As a gameplay experience, A Plague Tale: Innocence stunningly brings the Plagued French 13th Century to life. The graphics are beautiful and go along great with the gameplay. The level of detail and effort put into the game is impeccable and is clearly visible in the elements of the game. From the blood running through the streets to the warm glow of the sun, the game truly feels like a great playing experience. Across our re-runs, the framerates were extremely smooth and remained consistently stable. The game goes beyond its Indie label and definitely presents itself as a solid well-packaged product. The lack of prior hype may lead to casual gamers missing out on the experience but we would definitely recommend giving it a chance for the surreal experience and intense gameplay.