Pokemon Let’s go!

Even though Pokemon games have existed for a long time and will continue to do so, Pokemon Let’s Go is an innovative new look at the game franchise while keeping the history and the legend of the game and the franchise in mind. It manages to bring a few new twists to the original gameplayContinue reading “Pokemon Let’s go!”

The Darwin Project Review

The genre of the year is shaping up to be Battle Royale games. PUBG was the first modern iteration of this and it completely exploded. Fortnite followed it up with their own Battle Royale mode, which has become even more of a cultural phenomenon. I hope to god The Darwin Project explodes in the sameContinue reading “The Darwin Project Review”

Far Cry 5: Game Guide

Overview Hey guys! At the moment of developing this guide, my excitement levels are very high. To be precise, I am on cloud 9! Far Cry 5 is finally out and what a game it is. I had been waiting for this one impatiently after having seen its impressive trailer. Although I am a bitContinue reading “Far Cry 5: Game Guide”

Play Store Try Now Button

Soon the google play store is going to be adding a try now button. This button will allow the player to test out a portion of the game without a download. This is a huge step in preventing players from dealing with the shovelware, but it is a band-aid over a huge cut. Google PlayContinue reading “Play Store Try Now Button”

Overwatch: Game Guide

Overwatch was released in May 2016, and since then there has been a lot of changes implemented to the game. Honestly, this is one of the most played first-person shooter games. Apparently, if you are reading this, it means you are new or at the baby steps of playing this marvellous game. I call itContinue reading “Overwatch: Game Guide”

Does Fortnite Have Longevity?

It is pretty safe to say that Fortnite: Battle Royale has become something of a hit. However, they have almost completely halted production on the project they envisioned from the beginning. It seems that after 6 years of development, what is now known as Fortnite: Save the World will follow the tracks of so manyContinue reading “Does Fortnite Have Longevity?”

2018 is the year of Nintendo’s Modernization

Recently, Nintendo added the ability to write reviews for switch products on their site. While a common sight in many game platforms, it usually takes a little bit longer for Nintendo to catch on to industry practices (looking at you, backing up to the cloud). Hopefully, this can be seen as steps towards the modernizationContinue reading “2018 is the year of Nintendo’s Modernization”

A Way Out Preview

Hey folks. Could someone remind me how many days are we left with till the release of A Way Out? Yeah! Since the announcement of the game at the Electronics Art’s E3 2017, A Way Out has become the most talked about game. The game is the first to be released by Hay’s Light studio.Continue reading “A Way Out Preview”

Metal Gear Survive: Review

We all know the victim when the bulls fight; the grass. We all know who suffers most when there is a messy divorce; the child. The post messy divorce events saw Kojima left in the cold with Konami smiling at the fall of the former. Metal Gear Survive is the first instalment under the Konami,Continue reading “Metal Gear Survive: Review”