The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

The introduction of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim back in 2011 was welcomed with a lot of excitement. To be honest, the game developer outplayed the notion of an open world game by presenting one of the largest maps in the game genre. For me, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is amongst the best alongside GoD, Half-Life, as well as BioShock. This game takes the gamer as far as they get tired. I am talking about hundreds of hours of exploring the map only to find out there are still more things to discover. Kudos to the directors and developers for investing a lot of time in planning such a game.

I remember trying to wrap my head around the comparison of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Witcher 3. Having played the former for a significant amount of hours, I couldn’t believe there would be a game that can surpass the experience Witcher 3 presented. But then, there was The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. My first encounter triggered some chills and gave me a feeling that I can’t explain. I bet you all know what I am talking about. Both games are masterpieces to compare but one has to wonder why they should place Skyrim on top of the other. Get me well folks, I don’t mean this to be a comparison, but still, when you have played both games, i.e. (Skyrim and Witcher 3), you’re left with a haunting question of what makes Skyrim be the better game.

After a long analysis of the two games, I figured out one significant defining point. Unlike Witcher 3, in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim you play as the hero of the story. You are given an insane liberty, and you are responsible for defining your character. Skyrim allows you to invest your emotions, thus experiencing the game from a personal perspective. Just like in real life, in the game, you start off the woods with no prior knowledge of where you should go or where you are coming from. You set your own path by making sound choices. You have got many options such as selecting the nearest village or head straight to the capital where you will be able to complete quests with higher rewards.

During your journey, you’re likely to face bandits that you won’t be expecting or be surprised by a freaking Dragon. You can earn powers such as absorbing the soul of a dragon after killing it by visiting one of the sacred mountains where you get to learn dragon language. After completing an exhausting fight, you have the liberty to chill in a tavern to ease your mind. Well, everything is connected in this game. While at the tavern, there is a chance that you will get to hear a rumour that might be useful. Just like in real life, a tavern is the best place for rumours (yet they say men don’t gossip). So you might find both games equally interesting with the one based on immersion while the other focusing on presenting an engaging storyline, flawless gameplay, as well as interesting characters.

Fast forward to 2017, we get the introduction of VR in video games. Well, when I got my VR gear, I had a list of games that I was keen on playing and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim was on the list. VR comes with a lot of fun and gives an intriguing experience. Having already enjoyed the wonderful map of Skyrim in the first person, I couldn’t see how the introduction of VR would spoil rather than spice up the experience. Well, I was partly right and partly wrong. VR in Skyrim is amazing if you consider the view that you get when you are in the Throat of the World. Another amazing scenario is a close up of a dragon flying over you. Damn! It feels like you are Tyron Lannister seeing Drogon flying over for the first time. The sh*t is real and there is no way you are going to miss the excitement in it.

However, as the struggle of many games with combat continues with the implementation of VR, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is no exception. When on VR, combat is at its best clumsiest. Forget about killing those Frost Spiders while on VR because they will whoop your ass to a pulp. Although you will be able to crawl through when facing one enemy, when the number of your opponents increases, it becomes difficult to switch between your targets. Thus, in the end, you will resort to sorcery as your only weapon to defeating your enemies (but the most annoying part is that you didn’t get the game to play some sort of Dragon Ball sh*t).

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review

It takes a good action game with few flaws for one to discover how much of an action fan they are. The first installation of Devil May Cry was pretty amazing. The game had everything that as a boy I wished to experience in an action-packed game. My first encounter with the initial entry was amazing, trying to perfect my abilities through frame-by-frame combat. The game was a real testament to how the sequence would go on to define the genre. With that said, I was looking forward to the next release.

The second entry of the game had a lot of flaws and one can simply say it was a misstep. But the awful experience would be short-lived thanks to the release of Devil May Cry 3 which by far became the best action game to date (I know, keep quiet God of War). The introduction of the fourth iteration was below par and could not meet many expectations. It really was odd for the game to downgrade in many aspects 3 years later after releasing such a sublime 3rd installation. This was one hell of bull load to most goons as it tried to introduce a new hero, as well as a campaign that had a lot of backtracking. The game was really hard to fall in love with or to endure to an extent that I had to find my way back to the previous installation. However, despite the rough veneer, there was a great action game underneath that surfaced with the release of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition.

So, with the new pimped edition of Devil May Cry 4, fans are able to enjoy the original campaign using Dante and Nero. You can use these characters solely as Vergil or a joint story that mirrors the former split-story of Lady and Trish. Each character is unique as it comes with their own set of controls. The Legendary Dark Night mode was previously available only on the computer version. However, with the booted up Devil May Cry 4, the mode is playable from the beginning. Upon receiving the game, the Vergil was the first thing I got into, and boy, how smooth was it! So, although the game is basically the same in terms of levels and bosses, the feeling is nothing alike, all thanks to the revamped move sets. For first-timers, I know how much it sucks to get frustrated trying to get hold of the freaking controls. So, word of advice, it will help to visit the base story because the new characters don’t have an intro or an ending to cap things. However, you will like the automated controls that enable easy combos. There is also an automatic level-up function. With the latter, the game automatically selects upgrades for you.

Moving on from amateurs to veterans, what is enjoyable mostly is the turbo option that gives you a 20% boost in speed and the usual lock-on tweaks. For goons that haven’t played the game on PC, the Legendary Dark Night will be your treat folks, buckle up as this remake of Devil May Cry 4 gets about as balls-to-the-wall as it can be. This may be a remake, but it isn’t a lazy one and believe me when I say Vergil has got the best playstyle the entire series ever tossed. I mean, he is flawless, fast, flashy, and can perform some sick moves such as the trick teleporting. This move can also be utilized as a defence tactic as it can cancel attacks.

With that said, I won’t take the crown from Dante as he is still the king. He still got his five signature moves; Trickster, Sword Master, Gunslinger, Royal Guard, as well as DarkSlayer. So, with all the polished move sets of the previously lazy-ass entry, Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition presents a much enjoyable experience. Take all that and endorse it with 1080p visuals at 60fps. That is how good the reboot is and one could safely dream of a much better release when it comes to the next installment of Devil May Cry.

Devil May Cry 5: Is it Happening?

Is it Devil May Cry or it should be Devil Might-be Sleeping? It’s been a while since the fans have been waiting for the new installation of DMC. To be precise, four good years have gone by since Capcom made an entry in the DMC franchise. Fans are becoming restless wondering when the next installation will be released. I mean, the word hope can only take a man so far. Reports concerning the game have been virtually nonexistent, and even though a few still appear, they are less encouraging. You can take for instance the performance of the latest DMC entry in regards to sales. The entry under-performed thus leading to Capcom publicly declaring their lack of interest in the continuity of the franchise. It came to a point that I even started to wonder if I had witnessed the last of Dante’s demon-slaying skills.

However, it turns out, even when it comes to games, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the release of Devil May Cry 5 looks set to happen. There are a number of strong reasons that I will mention below that point to this fact (it’s all about being optimistic right). First of all, I know most of you played DMC: Devil May Cry, as well as Devil May Cry 4 published in 2015. But few of you knew that these games were simply re-releases. Anyway, most of us enjoy the hacking of demons and give no jack-ass to what lies behind the scenes. The financial success demonstrated by these re-releases meant that it would take a dumb company to ignore the possibility of continuing the game series. Capcom, sure as hell isn’t dumb. With that said, the DMC fans were left optimistic.

To skyrocket the excitement, in October 2015, Capcom included Devil May Cry in their financial annual breakdown in the company’s Integrated Report. Devil May Cry 5 seemed to be a sure thing by then as it was listed under the category for future releases beyond the fiscal year. Although this might not have been a nailing point since things drastically change within the gaming industry, the fact that other games (Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Dead Rising) listed under the same category got released escalated the possibility of a new release. To be honest, the excitement building in me following the possibility of Devil May Cry 5 release is equivalent to the one I might have received had it been released years back.

To spice up things, Norwegian voice actor Nils Hognestad listed Devil May Cry 5 in his resume. I mean, who lists something that hasn’t happened in their resume? So, according to his listing of the Devil May Cry 5 in his resume, one can conclude that the developments of the game had already begun. As if that wasn’t enough, the reputable Capcom’s game developer who directed most of the Devil May Cry games hinted on his Twitter account his hopes of announcing a new game. This is a big deal in the sense that this is the main guy behind Devil May Cry 2, 3, as well as 4. So, for him to drop such a hint could mean a lot to DMC fans. I know this is heresy guys, but reality seems to be favouring the existence of Devil May Cry 5.

There is no smoke without fire. If you smell something, know that Capcom is cooking. One can never be sure unless and until the game is officially announced. However, as of now, a lot of signals are pointing to the possibility of Devil May Cry 5. Thus, fans should keep their hopes high and expect the next entry sooner than later.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Game Review

So, folks, I managed to get time to play the new Resident Evil game. I had purchased the game some time ago, however, due to Assassin’s Creed, I kept on procrastinating. My apologies to Resident Evil goons for being a disloyal b***. Well, they say the gamer’s hand are like the eyes of a playboy…I am sure we are set now, so I will get on with my review. So, the first thing to knock me off my feet was the amazing sound quality. Usually, the developers seem to hold back on the level of sound effects. But when it comes to the 7th installation, it seems like the developers read all my concerns and took them into consideration.

How do I even put this in writing and still be able to explain my true feelings? The first 20 minutes of the game ha me all up in my feelings. I mean, hey, I am an organized person and would like to think that I always maintain a certain level of sanity when gaming. Resident Evil 7 got me terrified. Think about being terrified on a horror level. By the time I hit 20mins I had created a clear path between my screen and the couch. I won’t lie, Resident Evil 7 did take some huge risks when developing this. Of course, some of their risks fall flat while others succeed.

The game presents a first-person experience that takes the gamer into a survival-horror adventure. The exploration is composed of a tense atmosphere. I can safely say that together with the sound effects, the atmosphere makes one of the strongest features in Resident Evil 7 thanks to the eerie Dulvey plantation.

One thing that I always loved about the previous installations of this game is the storyline. However, that part has long gone. I knocked myself off with laughter when I tried to show enthusiasm for the storyline. I mean, before attempting to play this game, I first read a number of reviews. They were a lot of goons that were ass-licking the game’s story, praising how it unfolds. Just piss-off! Honestly, if you ever played the real Resident Evil game, then you will know that the storyline of the new installation is bull. It’s ok if you don’t give a sh*t about the storyline. You are likely going to enjoy the game. But, some of us want to be more engaged and are rooted in the origins of the game. Problem with the story is that you do not have the freedom of making a key decision. There is no in-depth storyline, all that you get is a load of gore.

For those who don’t give a damn about the story, well, the game is great. Cool features such as playing on VR surely enhance the experience and as I mentioned before, the tense gameplay will also scare the hell out of you.

One might say I am just venting, but my main issue with Resident Evil 7 is that it has got nothing that resembles the house of RE titled games. Although that VR experience is amazing, the co-op and online modes are not available. There is no option of getting out of that first person mode, it is freaking forced upon you. It makes the whole setup feel cheesy and disoriented. The game is about zombies, yet you find none. I know it’s a new direction, but it has got nothing to do with what the original fans want. The title of the game was promising but it turns out fans had their hopes raised too high for fluff.

I understand that Capcom wanted to introduce gore horror, but ditching the traditional fear based type of horror used in the previous Resident Evil titles wasn’t balls. The problem with the game is that it failed to negotiate the curve and took a hard turn. The convoluted, undeveloped and irrelevant story is a turnoff for any RE fan. Moreover, introducing the first person was a good idea, but forcing the feature on everyone turned out to be bizarre. Not everyone likes to see their gun bobbing up and down, it sucks and disheartens playing.

I won’t crush the game that much as it really did try to improve in terms of graphics and incorporation of VR. To be honest, it scared the pants off me. But for the most part, it felt like I wasn’t playing a game with RE on its title. I didn’t find the obstructions interesting as I could easily stumble upon solutions more often without employing any sort of skill or real problem-solving technique. Implementing a broader variety of enemies and scenes to encounter them in would have added some spice to the scary side of Resident Evil 7. Anyway, the game is out. What can we do other than enjoy what is enjoyable and hope the developers hear the war cry of their fans? At the moment, hope is one thing that RE fans can hold on to as the game seem to be drifting off the track.

Destiny 2 Review

As an avid PC and console gamer, I was extremely excited for Destiny 2. I mean, who wouldn’t have been? The first game was amazing, complete with an open world, a fully-online experience, and amazing DLC (not to mention the novella that was released alongside The Taken King). I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition and went to a local midnight release of the game. As I walked out to my car, game in hand, I thought that this was well worth the purchase, as I’d be playing it for years to come. I soon realized how big of a mistake I had made.

As I popped it in and started playing, I came to the realization that you have to grind a whole lot more in this game than you had to in the first installment. I didn’t have too much of an issue with this; I enjoy grinding quite a bit (why would I spend nearly a decade and a half playing RuneScape if I didn’t?). Besides, the loot was more than worth it, or so I thought at the time. In addition to these, I wasn’t too pleased at the fact that my character’s stats from the original wouldn’t carry over as promised.

Destiny 2 was one huge letdown from the start. The game’s release date was pushed back several times, further annoying an already disgruntled fanbase. Several promised features were dropped, such as the aforementioned carrying-over of character stats from the previous installment as well as the removal of Grimoire cards, an important feature in the original. Furthermore, Vicarious Visions joining the development team, in my opinion, hindered the game’s success even more. Also, what’s with Curse of Osiris and the plethora of issues with its release? That alone almost makes me uninterested in the second expansion that’s to come in a couple months.

However, the game isn’t entirely awful (I mean, we aren’t talking about the absolute disaster that was Fable 3, are we?). The writing staff is superb, with talents such as Christopher Schlerf, the lead writer for Halo 4 and a contributor on Mass Effect: Andromeda. The design team significantly improved upon the graphics of the first game, a feat that was surely hard to accomplish. And really, who can say they didn’t like the many improved multiplayer functionalities?

However, most of these pale in comparison to the first installment. The original Destiny was written primarily by Joseph Staten, a one-man linguistic powerhouse. The DLCs, as stated above, were amazing. Each new DLC certainly topped the last. The best (and possibly the most interesting) of all? Paul FREAKIN’ McCartney was a composer, an amazing one at that.

All in all, the game has significantly more downs than ups. Destiny 2 is certainly an acquired taste, and many newcomers to the series will likely be turned off by the many shortcomings of the game. However, this is just one opinion; the game got an average of 85/100, so I suppose SOMEONE had to like it. Regardless, if you like excessive grinding and disappointments from the developers (not to mention the utter mess that is Vicarious Visions), then this is certainly the game for you.