My Experiences with PUBG

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds or PUBG is a game that has received a lot of attention over the past few months. It began as an early access game and shot to the top of the steam user charts. The idea of intense 100 player action filled with suspense and wild shootouts appeals to a lot of players,Continue reading “My Experiences with PUBG”

Top 10 Games in 2017

When it comes to the video gaming world, 2017 has been a groundbreaker. Extracting the top 10 Games of the Year (GOTY) from a pool of well-crafted releases was a pain in the neck. The year offered a lot of tremendous games, thus in order to come up with this list, we had to goContinue reading “Top 10 Games in 2017”

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Review

It takes one in a million of reasons for a beautifully built building to crack and finally fall down. Think of it guys, how many bricks go into a building and how many workers get involved from the onset that involves the manufacturing of high-quality cement and steel that will be used when building toContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront 2: Review”

Snes Classic, a Retro Retrospective

  My Christmas highlight was definetly receiving a SNES Classic. I had sought after an NES classic but was never able to get it due to the scarcity of the product, and the SNES classic was a bit above my price range. Unwrapping it was euphoric, and I immediately wanted to get started. The consoleContinue reading “Snes Classic, a Retro Retrospective”

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review

From a narrative perspective, the new installation of Pokémon in the name of Ultra doesn’t generally stray much from the first Pokémon Sun and Moon story, especially when we review it from the beginning. I mean for once I was like ‘this is basically this *ish is the same!’You are yet again the youthful heroContinue reading “Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review”

Super Mario Odyssey: A Concise Review

I remember when my brother and I couldn’t wait for the dawn of the weekend: our aunt had a Pentium three and on it was installed the Mario Bros. It was heaven for us. Its simplicity meant that it could be enjoyed by children. The music that played in the background as you hit theContinue reading “Super Mario Odyssey: A Concise Review”

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Review

From a father who chokes his own son to sleep to a mother who chops off the head of her enemy, then takes the head and shove it in front of her daughter’s vagina telling her to get oral sex, this game will surprise you in many ways than you can imagine. This is aContinue reading “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Review”

Mario Odyssey makes a big splash

With 1.1+ million sales and a beautiful 97 on Metacritic, it is obvious people love the Mario games online. Some have compared it to the quality level of the original Mario Bros. (relative to the quality of other games at the time), and while I cannot see the industry undergoing a renaissance due to oneContinue reading “Mario Odyssey makes a big splash”

Divinity: Original Sin II

This is one hell of a sick game that will keep you wrapped around your emotions. This game takes the cake in the category and one can safely say it is the CRPG genre pinnacle. Whatever it is that you have against RPG games, Divinity Original Sin 2 will change it the moment you startContinue reading “Divinity: Original Sin II”