The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a console that tries to do many things simultaneously. Its success is due to it bridging the gap between a handheld console and a home console that the late, lamented Wii U never managed. It’s a credit to the Nintendo team that the Switch is able to combine gaming on-the-move with gamingContinue reading “The Nintendo Switch”

2018 is the year of Nintendo’s Modernization

Recently, Nintendo added the ability to write reviews for switch products on their site. While a common sight in many game platforms, it usually takes a little bit longer for Nintendo to catch on to industry practices (looking at you, backing up to the cloud). Hopefully, this can be seen as steps towards the modernizationContinue reading “2018 is the year of Nintendo’s Modernization”

The Switch’s Number of Ports is Just Fine

No doubt you have seen the mini direct where Nintendo announced a variety of ports of new and old games that will come to the switch soon. Games like Dark Souls and Wolfenstein 2 and even indie titles like Hollow Knight will reach the Switch in 2018. Many people have expressed their objections to theContinue reading “The Switch’s Number of Ports is Just Fine”