Star Wars Battlefront 2: Review

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It takes one in a million of reasons for a beautifully built building to crack and finally fall down. Think of it guys, how many bricks go into a building and how many workers get involved from the onset that involves the manufacturing of high-quality cement and steel that will be used when building to the architectural design of the building. If the cement is not mixed accordingly, then the bricks are not going to hold. If the steel size or quality is not implemented correctly, then it won’t be able to sustain the weight leading to the collapse of the building. So, folks, in whatever you do, you should know that there are many obstacles involved and with each of them carrying the same weight as the other. I know you are probably wondering what that has got to do with the title. Take a chill pill homie, I am getting there.

Just like the initial instalment (in case you count from the Pandemic, then this will be your third) Battlefront 2 strongly catches the appearance and emotions of the Star Wars universe, with flawlessly detailed machines, and characters across the most common venues. Planned based on the Star Wars adventures, enveloping the prequels, the first three movies, and the new set of three – Battlefront 2 modes that can only be played online and single-player presenting the well-known environment of the Galaxy. From participating in airborne dogfights above Kamino to assaulting the Death Star II and getting away before its devastation, Battlefront places the fights and maps that accommodate 14 multiplayer on a 40 –year-old history setting to great use. It continues to demonstrate a much understandable distinction between experience and tone.

Like I said earlier on, there are many obstacles that can lead a beautiful thing to its downfall. But, when it comes to Battlefront 2, the game is like a Jedi with a lot of hatred within them. Battlefront 2 becomes its own reason for the down fall. It manages to execute some of the features perfectly that its predecessor had shortcomings. This sequel manages beautiful locations that are enhanced by a broader presentation of iconic Star Wars heroes, blasters that are hard-hitting, as well as a single-player campaign that is short. The fights, blasters, as well as battle droid all sound and look like they are from the movies. They are executed so perfectly that you would swear they are taken from the damn movies. However, with that great advancement, Battlefront 2 goes on to take a huge dump in its own yard by presenting a rushed storytelling that is disjointed in some sort. The terrible progression system that is baffling also contributes to the flaws of the game.

The locations are the winning point for Battlefront 2. The beautifully recreated Maz Kanata’s bar is definitely worthy eye candy on any day. Also impressive is the Naboo Palace from The Phantom Menace. Despite being shot at, the sound effects and music will also enhance your experience as it is innovatively implemented. Basically, Battlefront 2 made a big step forward and then took a huge step backwards. So, you will enjoy while squinting your nose through other things. You really to turn a blind eye to some things if you want to enjoy the game. But no one wants to pay their hard earned cash only to unsocket their eyes.

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