Need for Speed Heat Turns It Up A Notch to Deliver an Exhilarating Experience

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Need for Speed is definitely one of the most beloved gaming franchises in the world. Ever since the first installment of the franchise was released, the game successfully managed to grow and become the biggest racing game in the world. Even after 25 years, the excitement for the latest edition of the game is at an all-time high. Despite the let down from the 2017 NFS Payback, we could not help but be excited for Need for Speed Heat.

As we delved into the game, the thing that first captured our attention was how stunning the visuals looked. Palm City looks simply stunning due its perfectly matched color calibrations and lighting. We were able to experience a number of different weather conditions. From a gorgeous sunny day to a gloomy rainy day, the game perfectly captures the different vibes by adjusting the visual elements to perfectly compliment the feel of the game. The view of water on the road is a sight a behold with reflections adding to the stunning effect.Need for Speed Heat Turns It Up A Notch to Deliver an Exhilarating Experience, Games, Gaming, Online Games, Video Games

A surprising interactive detail in the game was the impact sounds had in creating the perfect atmosphere for racing. I would definitely be using headphones during the experience to perfectly capture the feeling of the game. Every car has its own unique engine sound. The Ferrari and Nissan sound distinctly different which I felt was an amazing detail in the game. Further visual effects are absolutely stunning, the way the water splashes off the wheels, the way the tires squeal, it is just an absolutely astounding experience combined with the hyper-realistic sound effects.

No matter how good the perks and effects are, a good is as good as its gameplay and storyline and NFS Heat definitely packs a punch in that aspect. NFS is definitely an arcade racer which a multitude of elements that make it extremely fun. The mixture of an open world along with a highly customizable environment brings the signature NFS flair to the game.nfs2.PNG

One of the most unique aspect that the game induces is the factor of having different impacts whether the time is day or night. In the morning, the game offers a number of different challenges spread out through the map. However, our experience with the game showed us that night is definitely the place to be. While you definitely attract massive heat with the cops due to the illegal racing environment, the stunning visuals of the city and glaring lights make it hyper-interactive. Nighttime racing is integral for earning reputation and unlocking better upgrades and parts.

Need for Speed Heat Turns It Up A Notch to Deliver an Exhilarating Experience, Games, Gaming, Online Games, Video Games

I was extremely fortunate to be able to experience the game way ahead of its public release. My limited experience with the game was one of the most fun gaming experiences I had this year. It definitely made me left wanting more. The public release is just across the corner and it is highly recommended to give this one a shot.


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