Quirkiness Meets Fun To Offer A Meaningful Experience In The Outer World

When we started hearing about The Outer World releasing this month, we were intrigued by what the experience would be like. What we could not predict was how fun the experience would be. This game was definitely amongst the most fun games I have played all year. The experience thoroughly was authentic. Obsidian truly managed to come out with a game that leaves u intrigued for hours.

The most striking element of the game was the fact for us, the general roleplay experience felt much deeper than traditional role-playing games. The general interactivity of the game was astounding. As I first stepped into a human colony wearing a ravaged armor, the general reaction of the people around was extremely interesting as they called me out my dressing choices. Unlike most modern games that are extremely focused on delivering massive expansive games. The Outer World was a breath of fresh air with its extremely compact yet deep characters and environment. Every aspect of the interaction was filled with meaningful quirks that didn’t fail to surprise me.

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One of the biggest factors that stood out to me was the general Bethesda influence into the general game. From the impact of small actions into the larger story to the general sphere, a certain Fallout environment is definitely there. However the best aspect of the game is its focus on having a smaller in-depth environment unlike Fallout which has a massive map and the focus deviates on a much larger scale.

My favorite aspect of the game was definitely how much power it gave to my choices. It was almost as if you get to have the ability to entirely disrupt the flow of the game from the very start. From turning in a major character to other important choices that get to impact the way the game works, The Outer Worlds is a refreshing change from the norm.

The game is also incredibly intelligent with the way it interacts with you. Having a smart character limits your dialogue options to the ones that are most relevant to your journey. On the other hand, having a low IQ character expands the choices you get while making a conversation. It most definitely feels at times as if the game is predicting and acting upon the choices you are making on an intelligent level. One of the highlights of the game is when the game puts you at a crossroads where you have to make the decision of putting forward a character in front of her parents and the reactions are based entirely on the moves you make. The game and the reactions felt much more realistic than I could have previously anticipated.

To sum it all, The Outer Worlds is a must-try for every gaming fan. With a 20-30 hour playing time, it offers much more meaningful content than most games. The level of depth and intelligence is something that is truly going to make its mark on many other games in the future.






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