Quirkiness Meets Fun To Offer A Meaningful Experience In The Outer World

When we started hearing about The Outer World releasing this month, we were intrigued by what the experience would be like. What we could not predict was how fun the experience would be. This game was definitely amongst the most fun games I have played all year. The experience thoroughly was authentic. Obsidian truly managed to come out with a game that leaves u intrigued for hours.

The most striking element of the game was the fact for us, the general roleplay experience felt much deeper than traditional role-playing games. The general interactivity of the game was astounding. As I first stepped into a human colony wearing a ravaged armor, the general reaction of the people around was extremely interesting as they called me out my dressing choices. Unlike most modern games that are extremely focused on delivering massive expansive games. The Outer World was a breath of fresh air with its extremely compact yet deep characters and environment. Every aspect of the interaction was filled with meaningful quirks that didn’t fail to surprise me.

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One of the biggest factors that stood out to me was the general Bethesda influence into the general game. From the impact of small actions into the larger story to the general sphere, a certain Fallout environment is definitely there. However the best aspect of the game is its focus on having a smaller in-depth environment unlike Fallout which has a massive map and the focus deviates on a much larger scale.

My favorite aspect of the game was definitely how much power it gave to my choices. It was almost as if you get to have the ability to entirely disrupt the flow of the game from the very start. From turning in a major character to other important choices that get to impact the way the game works, The Outer Worlds is a refreshing change from the norm.

The game is also incredibly intelligent with the way it interacts with you. Having a smart character limits your dialogue options to the ones that are most relevant to your journey. On the other hand, having a low IQ character expands the choices you get while making a conversation. It most definitely feels at times as if the game is predicting and acting upon the choices you are making on an intelligent level. One of the highlights of the game is when the game puts you at a crossroads where you have to make the decision of putting forward a character in front of her parents and the reactions are based entirely on the moves you make. The game and the reactions felt much more realistic than I could have previously anticipated.

To sum it all, The Outer Worlds is a must-try for every gaming fan. With a 20-30 hour playing time, it offers much more meaningful content than most games. The level of depth and intelligence is something that is truly going to make its mark on many other games in the future.





WWE 2k20 Manages to Offer Exciting New Additions Despite Minor Shortcomings

Rating: 4.0/5 stars

WWE 2k has established itself as the premier franchise when it comes to wrestling games. Building on the foundation and reputation of the biggest sports entertainment companies in the world, WWE 2k20 is the latest entry in one of the most globally revered gaming franchises. Over the last few years, the WWE 2k series seemed to be heading down the path of FIFA. With yearly offerings, it felt like a similar game with more less the same content. However, this year, it seems like fans of the series might have something really fun to look forward to. After the departure of the previous studio Yukes, the game is solely created by Visual concepts. The change in the studio comes as a fortunate one as it offers the franchise a chance to reset its elements to offer something new. Even though Yukes had an incredible run with 2k games, having a fresh studio working on the contents is a definitely welcome change in the game.

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WWE 2k20 truly makes one of the most needed changes to adapt to the time. It puts forth some spotlight on the star diva’s that have truly elevated the standard of the WWE. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have managed to put themselves at the forefront of WWE stardom and they get their much-deserved spotlight in WWE2k20. The game introduces the 2K showcase model that covers the rise of the NXT’s famous horsewomen. The career mode also features a female story mode which is a late but pleasant addition.

WWE 2k20 shows massively signs of improvement in character modeling. Unlike the previous installment which was at the bring of several jokes by even the superstars themselves, this game offers extremely details and fluid character design, providing a fresh change from the previous iteration. The modeling of the in-game elements truly helps in the emersion aspect. The ring is modeled differently to offer a much better level of fighting experience, the reflection of light is also handled much better off of the mats. Even though these are extremely minor factors, they contribute massively to the experience of the game.
The game also changed the way the controls and handled so that the finisher and the moves are configured with a different methodology. The combo’s take a little time to get used to as they are radically different from the initially used combination attacks. There are also major differences in the way attacks are reversed.

WWE 2k20 Manages to Offer Exciting New Additions Despite Minor Shortcomings, Game, Gaming, Online Games, Video Games

The number of news modes offered in the game along with a new take on character design and combat elements by a new published definitely make it a worthwhile experience. The game promises to be a unique experience that defines the standard for wrestling games and it will surely manage to do so. Based on our current experience so far, we would definitely recommend to all the fans of WWE as the game offers them to pair up exciting pairings and create highly entertaining scenarios.

Borderlands 3 Expands on the Series by Venturing into Other Planets and Adding Layers of Personalization

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Whenever you hear about a Borderlands game, you know what to expect. Memorable characters and a ton of shooting mayhem. The latest addition in the franchise does not disappoint. Building upon what the series does best, Borderlands 3 is packed with tons of new fun features while retaining the best of the previous games.

Expanding out of the planet for the first time, the series adds a ton of new personalization options that allow you to add your own flair into the game. The crew brings back some of the best characters while keeping them personable, making them feel like a family instead of a group of rag-tag outlaws.

Set 7 years into the future from the events that unfolded in Borderlands 2, Borderlands 3 takes a leap forward into new dimensions, wrapping past storylines and adding new threads into the future. As part of the Crimson Raiders based in Pandora, you are at war with Troy and her twin Tyreen Calypso. The story starts slowly but rapidly pics up pace as it moves along and then never looks back. Even though the action, shooting, and looting lie at the heart of the game similar to other renditions of the series, The game has a gripping story that makes it thoroughly entertaining to play for hours.

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Borderlands 3 adds customization like never before, adding new levels to which you can personalize your characters. For the first time, Vault hunters have their active skills tied to their respective skill trees. This makes it possible for you and your friend to play the same character while having completely different roles on the battlefield. This makes the campaign enjoyable to play without the limitations present in past games. Even though the solo play option is there, Borderlands 3 still rewards co-op by having the option to remove the loot requirement.

We found in our experience that one of the most fun parts of the Borderlands experience is better than ever before. The guns are truly fun to use and shoot. Borderland has always been known for its unique guns and this game is no different. There are a number of unique new guns to play with and they have some major game-altering impacts. Borderlands 3 never lets the weapons get stale and adds incentive to keep on experimenting with new weapons as they get progressively better and more explosive as you move through the game.

Overall, the game is quirkily fun and combat never gets dull due to the unique lines and the way enemies go out. The game is incredibly fun in its shooting experience and the standard humor you’d expect from a Borderlands game. It is highly recommended to give it a try even if purely for the sheer fun of the shooting. Avid fans of the series would love this rendition due to its exploration onto new territories and must-try new additions.

The Latest Franchise In the series sticks to what Borderlands does best.

Astral Chain Embraces the Weird to Deliver A Thoroughly Entertaining Experience

Rating: 4.0/5 stars

Whenever we hear about a PlatinumGames release, we can be sure that it will not be an everyday game. The studio has a reputation for taking risks and not shying away from embracing the “weird and we are delighted to experience Astral Chain. The game reeks of flair and style and makes the Switch Exclusive a truly amazing experience. The game is based on a truly peculiar yet fascinating world. The detective-action genre is a common theme amongst this year’s games. However Astral Chain presents its take, incredibly unique and thoroughly entertaining. The game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

The storyline is based around a post-apocalyptic environment caused by alien pollution. The bulk of humanity is living in the Ark, a future city filled with neon-lights and its own share of Alien problems. The protagonist of the game is either male or female. One of the Howard twins can be selected as the main characters. The protagonist is part of a task form formed to eliminate aliens. The major fighting tool against the fight is Legions. These robots are tethered using the Astral Chain. A link that connects us to our Legion. Having the Astral Link allows us to see the Chimera’s which are the Aliens we are fighting against.

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The game introduces an interesting combat system that allows us to control two users at the same time. Due to the innovative approach used in introducing this mechanism, the transitions between the characters is seamless and the changes are rewarding.

Game Combat

The game is full of interesting twists and turns that kept us glued to the screen during our experience. The characters in the game are full of personality despite the lack of flair in one of the protagonists. Due to the quirky and energetic nature of the surrounding characters, the quiet protagonist feels even more out of shape in Astral Chain. Despite this lack of personality, the combat element of the game more than makes up for the shortcomings in personality. The synchronicity between us and the legion, the action is amazing. The studio did an amazing job with creating stylized animations that go along perfectly with the theme of the game. The particle effects and graphics make the combat look insanely amazing. The flawless performance of the game in the hand-held mode makes the game a must-have for any switch user.

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The game offers a plethora of legions to choose from and the fighting mechanics ensure that the game never gets too easy. The combat system made us work to make smart choices and rapid decisions to ensure that we got the best out of our Legion. The game is also full of hidden Side Quests and other fun stuff that make it a must-try. Our experience with the game was truly unique due to the gameplay and sheer creativity. It is highly recommended for all Switch users.

Ion Fury Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane to Deliver an Entertaining Game

Rating: 4.0/5 stars

Playing a game in 2019, you expect it to have top of the line graphic, smooth 4K character rendering, high-quality visual sound, interactive menus and the like. Ion Fury takes a trip down memory lane in a way that is surprising as much as it is entertaining. Playing the game feels like having a trip into the 90s with a difficulty level that will make the most proficient gamer feel challenged. The game was highly entertaining due to its storyline and gameplay transitions.

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The protagonist is Shelly Harrison and the game was originally planned to be called Iron Maiden however, legal action from the band caused it to be named Ion Fury instead. Even though there is no similarity between the band’s name and the game, the game is named before the protagonist.

Ion Fury is an FPS shooter that brings back memories from the original DOOM era. The game has a lot of 2D model animation objects and the sounds very similar to games from the ’90s. The prime reason behind that similarity is that the Ion Fury is actually building using a gaming engine called Build. The same engine was used for a number of the retro games from the past. One of the best elements of the game is its originality. It does not merely feel like a game that pays homage to the golden era of gaming but truly feels like an original with authenticity.

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It was truly mind-blowing for us to play a game of this nature and it truly felt like a blast from the past. We found the game notoriously difficult to play. Maybe it was the years of coddled up gaming experience from playing modern shooters that effectively have smoother mechanisms, health recovery and all sorts of healing mechanisms. Ion Fury has none of these. There is no tips, no health recovery, and no cover-up options. The only assist you can get is turning on the autosaves to allow you to reload the game.

However, despite the graphic limitations and difficulty, the game does not become boring at any point. The weapon options are dynamic and almost all weapons feature alternative fire modes. We personally loved the revolvers and their ability to target multiple people. Each weapon is essential to the gameplay and ammo needs to be used conservatively as it is scarce. Accuracy is also extremely important in the game as the game has consequences for lapse shooting.

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The final enemy of the game was too much for us to handle at high-difficulty and we had to turn down the difficulty a notch in order to get to see the ending credits. The ending battle throws enemies of all sorts at you while you’re dangling from a rope. The ending battle summarizes the game; a quirky, fun retro game that does not make things easy for you at any point.


2018 is the year of Nintendo’s Modernization

Recently, Nintendo added the ability to write reviews for switch products on their site. While a common sight in many game platforms, it usually takes a little bit longer for Nintendo to catch on to industry practices (looking at you, backing up to the cloud). Hopefully, this can be seen as steps towards the modernization of Nintendo.


Nintendo makes some of the best games I have ever played. I would say it produces more classics by volume than any other studio, but they have one big problem. Nintendo does not understand how to be a good studio. One of the biggest events recently has been their obsessive need to take down content from Youtubers and Streamers unless they join their “Partner Program”. Mafia implications aside, they seem to have their mind stuck to the past, and will stick to old business practices religiously. This seems contradictory to their attitude towards consoles, as Nintendo consoles always have interesting and unique gimmicks you don’t see anywhere else. Hopefully Nintendo takes the jump into the 20th century with some recent changes.


The Nintendo Migration into the 21st century began when the switch launched. The Wii-U marked the beginning and end of what I would call the Dark Ages, as it was kind of a weird and rocky period for the publisher. The switch, however, is off to a much better start with some pretty amazing games, and with the Labo on the horizon, it seems like we are going to get some of-of that good old-fashioned Nintendo weirdness. Nobody quite operates like Nintendo, and from a hardware and software perspective, that is what has made them so successful. If we had another Microsoft or another Sony, it wouldn’t be as beneficial to the diversity of the industry. However, the time has come for Nintendo to modernize.


In the beginning, the switch was pretty archaic from a customer support standpoint. In its early weeks, you couldn’t even save your credit card information to the console. Now that has been remedied, and Nintendo is starting to allow for reviews to help guide players towards the good and bad games. Hopefully, we can see a lot more from the convenience perspective reaching the switch soon. The obvious next step would be allowing for accounts & data to migrate between consoles. Recently a journalist for IGN described how data for all of his games were lost when he had to send his console in for repairs. This simply shouldn’t happen in a day where you can store terabytes of data and files in services like Dropbox or google drive. I just hope to god things move quicker than they did for online accounts.


I love Nintendo. It is a fantastic company that produces hardware and software that continues to impress me. That being said, they need to upgrade their convenience and business practices if they want to keep me happy. More and more, the omissions in their convenience practices are becoming more glaring, and it is time for Nintendo to move into the 21st century. Hopefully, it is beginning, but we have a long way to go until they are caught up.