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Changelog of all the Updates made to the Guides


March 12, 2008   

Removed level 50 weapon                                                                                                                    combination. Disabled on ver. 0523.


March 15, 2008   

Type C Armor combination                                                                                                                  updated.


April 2, 2008       

Upgrader section updated.


September 13, 2008   

Site moved from 50websto morrigan-erinyes.com


October 4, 2008 

Updated Armor Combination.

January 27, 2009         

I’m starting to work on the update.   Can anybody confirm that the images  aren’t displaying? Please send an email  to admin at morrigan dash erinyes dot com. Thank you!


January 29, 2009     

Image display fixed. Thanks for the                                                                                                   emails!
• Socket Extender page added
• Jetpack page updated















RF Online Item Combination Crafting


Item combinations are one of the intriguing aspects of RF online. It allows you to Upgrade your equipment at certain costs allowing for better gear than the ones dropped by monsters. It also allows you to craft materials like gems which you can use as materials or upgrades.

That being said, Where can you do Item combination?

The  place you can go for Item combination is the Hero NPC. You can usually find them at Race headquarters.


RF Item combination Crafting, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games, Crafting, Recipe

RF Item combination Crafting, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games, Crafting, Recipe

RF Item combination Crafting, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games, Crafting, Recipe


RF Online Type C Armor Crafting

Also know as Intense Armors, Type C armors are a combination of Type B and Type A armors. With the right materials and the recipe provided here you will be able to craft armors with abilities of your own choosing that will give you the edge you need to win the battles that matter to you.

The Requirements:

10 pcs Armor Ability Reavers

  • There are a selection of Armor Ability Reavers that you can choose from. These reavers are found in the Inventor’s Box dropped by Assassin Builders. Picking the right one is very important when creating the correct build. You will need 10 of each type when crafting the type C armor.


Note that Ability reavers not shown here are not valid for combination. Attempting them will only end in you losing your materials.

RF Online Type C Armor, Games, Gaming, Online Games, Video Games


Advanced Strength: Increases hit points and force points by 6%

Endurance: Increases elemental resistance by 4

Fine: Increases accuracy by 5

Guardian: Decreases the duration of debuffs by 10%

Protection: Increases shield block rate by 5%

Sharp: Increases critical hit chance by 8%

Solid: Increases defense by 10%

Vampire: 4% of damage dealt is regained as hit points

Strong: Increases attack damage by 5%

Type B armor (Favor Upgraded +1 to + 5)

  • The next thing you need is a type B armor. Upgraded armors must be used for combination. The higher the upgrade of the armor the higher the chance of Combination. Just take note though that If you are successful in crafting the armor all the talics will be wiped.

Note that only lvl 47 – 55 Armors can be Upgraded. Upgraded armors may also have lower lvl requirement that regular ones.

10 Pcs Red Stone

  • These stones are mined and processed from Ores. You need 10 of them to upgrade your armor.

99 Pcs Purple Excelsiar Pieces

  • These pieces are dropped by any random mobs/monsters. There are other kinds of Excelsiar pieces with their own uses but for this combination you would need the purple one.

1 pc Type C Whole Purple Excelsiar

  • These crystals are different from the purple pieces you get from mobs. You can craft these crystals by combining 30 Purple Excelsiar Pieces, 20 Silver Catalysts and 10 Gold Catalysts. The Catalysts can be purchased at the Tool NPC.

1 Million Racial Currency

  • Each combination for Type C armor will cost you the 1 million. Make sure you have enough currency to make the combination.

Rf Online Type C armor, Games, Gaming, Online Video Games,Armor combination, recipe

RF Online Socket Extenders Crafting

Ever got the Item you’ve been grinding for so long only to find out it’s missing that One socket? That’s where Socket extenders come in.

Just as the name suggest, Socket Extenders allows you to add Sockets for weapons, armors or shield that needs it. You can buy one of these from the Item mall.

Each Socket extender can add only one slot so you might need more than one.

Maximum number of Sockets you can add is 7 so the socket only works for items with 1-6 sockets. You can not use these to add more than 7 sockets (too bad huh.)

Weapon and Armor socket extenders come in multiple grades:

  • Type C (Yellow)
    • Type B (Intense)
    • Type N (white)
    • Type A (purple) – except armor

Socket Extenders can be used on upgraded and socketed equipments so go ahead and don’t be afraid to upgrade.

All socket extenders have 100% success rate. At the small cost of almost 100k racial currency for the combination.


RF Online Upgraders Crafting


Upgraders put talics into your weapon with a 100% success rate. You can get them from celebration  Luck Boxes or Keen/Favor boxes you can find at the item mall. It is one of the easiest ways to upgrade any weapon or armor.

Some upgraders from these boxes will put up to seven talics into your item. Other upgraders will only put in two or three. The upgrader you get from these boxes are entirely from chance, so having more boxes will allow you to get the best ones.

RF Online Upgraders Crafting, Games,Gaming,Online Games, Video Games

You can see the numbers on the upper right. These numbers represent the Minimum as well as the Maximum number of Talics that will be added into the item.

If you want to use these items then there are a couple of things you need to know.

  • The weapon/armor you are upgrading must have the same number of slots as the MAXIMUM number on the upgrader. It wont work otherwise.
  • The Item must also not have any Talics already added.
  • Upgraders will come in two colors RED ones may be used several times before Upgrading succeeds. Black ones are GUARANTEED Upgrades.
  • Failing to upgrade means there is a chance the Item will break, but you will not lose the upgrader.
  • You cannot trade upgraders.

There are two kinds of Upgraders:

Keen Upgraders :  For Weapon upgrades. They come in four types depending on Item grades

Type C (Orange) – Upgrades Type C Weapon

Type A (Purple) – Upgrades Type A Weapons

Type B (Yellow) – Upgrades Type B Weapons

Type N (White) – Upgrades Type A Weapons

Favor Upgraders:  For Armor upgrades. These come in three types and can be used on all parts

Type C (Orange) – Upgrades Type C Armors

Type B (Yellow) – Upgrades Type  B Armors

Type N (White) – Upgrades Type N Armors


RF Online Accessory Upgrade Crafting


RF online accessory uograde crafting, gamer, gaming, online games, video games

Certain elemental accessories can be upgraded using a combination of high gems and talics. If you’ve got the right materials then you can try your luck and roll the dice. You can upgrade your gear at the Hero NPC.


Here are the things you need to upgrade your accessory:


  • Elemental Accessory you want to upgrade

*Only elemental accessories with attack/defense/avoidance can be upgraded.*You can upgrade up to 30 except for avoidance which can upgrade to 25.


  • Tier 3 Gem

*You need 10  pieces in total. 5 pcs Tier 3 gem of one kind(E.g. Ice Crystal) and5 pcs Tier 3 gems of another kind (E.G. Poison Topaz)


  • Talics

There are 3 kinds of Talics you would need depending on accessory. You have to choose the the corresponding Talic and provide 5 pcs of each.

Keen Talic – attack

Favor Talic – Defense

Mercy Talic – Avoidance/Dodge


RF Online Leon’s Weapon Crafting

This weapon has a lot of abilities and parts can be acquired by finishing 46-50 Batte Dungeons like Calliana,Anabola,Turncoats etc. The weapon can’t be traded except by blueprints and only combined weapons can be traded and with a fee of 1 million.

RF Online leon's weapon crafting, games, gaming, online games, video games

RF Online Jetpack Crafting

Special accessories that are worn in the cape slot of the equipment menu which allows characters upgraded movements as well as additional bonus that could range from critical protection to other elemental protection.

The difference of the 3 grades are subject to success of the combination. Remember that the level of the grade will determine the success of  producing a jetpack and there are no changes on the stat of the jetpack regardless of what grade you use.

Maybe upgraded with the same talic which is also used for creating it and the number of slots per jetpack is not predetermined.

RF Online Jetpack Crafting, games, gaming, online games, video games



RF Online Proof of Warrior Combination Crafting

Proof of Warrior combination may be collected by joining Guild Circle Scramble. Combining a maximum of 7 of these weapon will earn you a Gift box for which you can earn 99 + 4 Ores, Type D/ E Pills or Elan Plateau Scroll and a small chance of getting a jetpack.


RF Online Proof of Warrior Combination Crafting, Games, Gaming,Online Games, Video Games.

RF Online Ability Combination Crafting

Lets you change a normal (white) weapon to a type A weapon using PIMs extracted from other weapons and shields. Talics solely depends on the PIMs used and could be purchased in Tools NPC. Remember to use Grade A purple Excelsior when combining regardless of the level and ability.

RF Online: Crafting Ability Combination,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

RF Online: Crafting Ability Combination,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games