RF Online Upgraders Crafting


Upgraders put talics into your weapon with a 100% success rate. You can get them from celebration  Luck Boxes or Keen/Favor boxes you can find at the item mall. It is one of the easiest ways to upgrade any weapon or armor.

Some upgraders from these boxes will put up to seven talics into your item. Other upgraders will only put in two or three. The upgrader you get from these boxes are entirely from chance, so having more boxes will allow you to get the best ones.

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You can see the numbers on the upper right. These numbers represent the Minimum as well as the Maximum number of Talics that will be added into the item.

If you want to use these items then there are a couple of things you need to know.

  • The weapon/armor you are upgrading must have the same number of slots as the MAXIMUM number on the upgrader. It wont work otherwise.
  • The Item must also not have any Talics already added.
  • Upgraders will come in two colors RED ones may be used several times before Upgrading succeeds. Black ones are GUARANTEED Upgrades.
  • Failing to upgrade means there is a chance the Item will break, but you will not lose the upgrader.
  • You cannot trade upgraders.

There are two kinds of Upgraders:

Keen Upgraders :  For Weapon upgrades. They come in four types depending on Item grades

Type C (Orange) – Upgrades Type C Weapon

Type A (Purple) – Upgrades Type A Weapons

Type B (Yellow) – Upgrades Type B Weapons

Type N (White) – Upgrades Type A Weapons

Favor Upgraders:  For Armor upgrades. These come in three types and can be used on all parts

Type C (Orange) – Upgrades Type C Armors

Type B (Yellow) – Upgrades Type  B Armors

Type N (White) – Upgrades Type N Armors


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