Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already

Even though September of 2019 is one of the most exciting months of the year for gaming, It is definitely not the last. With games like Gears 5 and Borderlands 3, the month had its fair share of blockbuster games that had us intrigued for hours. However, the list of games that are about to hit the shelves in October has excited already. Here are the games we are most excited to get our hands on in October.

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already,Games,Gaming,Online Games,Video Games

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Whenever we hear about a Tom Clancy game, we cannot help but get excited. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is one of our most anticipated games of the year. Featured in our earlier piece on the most awaited games of 2019, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is shaping up to be one of the most exciting gaming released of this year. Launching across all platforms, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the third entry in the Ghost Recon Franchise. Following, the events of Ghost Recon Wildlands, the game is set in a unique survival-based setting with a range of exciting new possibilities. We are excited to be able to see how the game defines its out genre and moves the franchise forward.

Release Date: October 4

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already,Games,Gaming,Online Games,Video Games

WWE 2K20: The WWE’s annual flagship 2K games are a must-try for all fans of WWE and Pro-Wrestling in general. This year is no different. WWE 2K20 arrives with an array of new updates that have us excited for what the game has in store. From a dedicated female career mode to an updated roster of WWE superstars, we can’t wait to give the game a shot. An interesting change this year is the game’s shift from the Yukes. Yukes was the studio behind a number of major games launched by WWE. It will be exciting to see what the new games have to offer this year.

Release Date: October 22

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already,Games,Gaming,Online Games,Video Games

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: The Call of Duty franchise is the crowning Jewel of Activision. Featured in our earlier review of the initial outlook of the game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is shaping up to be an exciting new addition into the Call of Duty franchise. CoD Modern Warfare is aiming to reset the Call of Duty franchise by making adjustments to adapt to modern technologies and go with a grittier tone. The game is expected to have an exciting new single-player campaign along with new game-changing additions into the mechanics that are expected to add a new flair into the game. Based on the Beta experience and what we’ve seen so far, we are absolutely excited about this game’s release.

Release Date: October 22

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already,Games,Gaming,Online Games,Video Games

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Luigi’s Mansion 3 promises to be an exciting treat for all Switch fans of the Mario franchise. The game offers a fun avenue to go on ghostbusting adventures with Luigi with a set of new ghostbusting tools while offering explorational freedom like never before. We cannot wait to try this game out on Switch on its release day.
Release Date: October 31


RF Online Ability Combination Crafting

Lets you change a normal (white) weapon to a type A weapon using PIMs extracted from other weapons and shields. Talics solely depends on the PIMs used and could be purchased in Tools NPC. Remember to use Grade A purple Excelsior when combining regardless of the level and ability.

RF Online: Crafting Ability Combination,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

RF Online: Crafting Ability Combination,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

RF Online: Ability Extraction Crafting

Permits you to extract abilities from Type A (purple) weapon and shield which is sold in Tools NPC. Extraction is solely exclusive to Type A weapon and shield.

RF Online Ability Extraction Crafting, Games, Gaming,Online Games, Video Games

RF Online Ability Extraction Crafting, Games, Gaming,Online Games, Video Games

RF Online Ability Extraction Crafting, Games, Gaming,Online Games, Video Games

RF Online Ability Extraction Crafting, Games, Gaming,Online Games, Video Games

RF Online Crafting: Booty Decomposition

To break up high class booties into lower class for crafting, you will need to purchase the Hammer Catalyst from Tools NPC. The ratio is one hammer per booty. This process will result to a maximum amount of 10 stacks and is free of charge.

RF Online Crafting Booty Decomposition,Gaming, Games, Online Games,Video Games

RF Online Booty Decomposition

RF Online: Force Reaver Combination Recipe

This weapon has a skill equivalent and is available as soon as you reach the required PT. It can only be utilized when you equip it into your weapon slot.

Every element corresponds to an elemental talic and you can use any Excelsior Grade. A fee of 100k will be collected for every combination regardless of the result. The best combination with force reavers would be type C excelsior due to it’s high success rate and the lowest success rate combination would be with Type A excelsiors.

RF Online: Crafting Force Reaver,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games,Dark Force,MMORPG

RF Online: Crafting Force Reaver,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games,Holy Force,MMORPG

RF Online: Crafting Force Reavers,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games, Fire Force,MMORPG

RF Online: Crafting Force Reavers,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games,Water Force,MMORPG

RF Online: Crafting Force Reavers,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

RF Online: Crafting Force Reaver,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

RF Online: Crafting Excelsiors

Excelsiors are used for weapon and armor upgrades. Several item combinations need to be used for creating excelsiors. Moreover, exelsiors are required to craft Type C or orange weapons and Elite force reavers.

Here are the different types of excelsiors:

RF Online: Crafting Excelsior,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games
RF Online Exelsiors

Weapon Excelsiors:

  • Black Excelsiors for crafting Melee Weapons
  • Red Excelsiors for crafting Firearm weapons
  • Green Excelsiors for crafting Bow Weapons
  • Blue Excelsior for crafting Staff Weapons
  • Yellow Excelsior for crafting Launcher Weapons

RF online,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Force Reaver Excelsiors:

  • Navy Excelsior: Water Element Force
  • Red Excelsior: Fire Element Force
  • Black Excelsior: Dark Element Force
  • White Excelsior: Holy Element Force
  • Blue Excelsior: Wind Element Force
  • Brown Excelsior: Earth Element Force

Combinations for Excelsior A, B, and C

You can find three types of excelsior, ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’. These are used to combine Weapons and to create Elite Force Reavers.

  • Grade A – Level 30 to 35 weapon or shield
  • Grade B – Level 40 weapon or shield
  • Grade C – Level 45 weapon or shield

RF Online,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Far Cry 5: Game Guide


Hey guys! At the moment of developing this guide, my excitement levels are very high. To be precise, I am on cloud 9! Far Cry 5 is finally out and what a game it is. I had been waiting for this one impatiently after having seen its impressive trailer. Although I am a bit disappointed with the new antagonist Joseph Seed, there is a lot that the game offers. One thing about Seed is that he does not have any memorable lines; if you played Far Cry 3, you would understand what I am talking about. Do you remember Voyt? An antagonist who burnt a boat full of hostages while listening to the song “Ride of Valkyries”. Although as gamers we are meant to hate antagonist, their characters and motive should bring life to the game. I am talking about the likes of Frau Engel from Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, as well as Joker from Batman. This is something that Seed lacks. However, it doesn’t take away the beauty of the game. Ubisoft did a great job by keeping the structure of the game while avoiding the repetition feeling among gamers. There is a huge selection of weapons at your disposal, and the introduction of playing as a female character is a welcome one. You now have the liberty to create your own character. However, this feature is limited but it does add meat to the bone. 2018 continues to impress us with the release of jaw-dropping games. Like I previously said, we are in for a treat, and it seems like there are still more to come. If you smell something, just know the developers are cooking!

About the Game

Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter game that was released on the 27th of March 2018. It was developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is the latest entry in its series. Its predecessor in the name of Far Cry 4 was released in 2014. Although the setup is pretty much similar to its predecessor, a lot of things have changed in Far Cry 5. There is a lot that needs to be paid attention to otherwise you will find yourself roaming at one place. An open world like the one presented in Far Cry 5 can be a bit confusing, especially if you do not have a clue of what is going on. I am sure the reason you are here is that you are searching for a sense of direction. Yeah, it does get to us all, and it’s frustrating. Well, that is the reason why we provide such useful guides so that you can enjoy your well-spent money to the fullest. I will not spend much time introducing the game as most of you already know what it is all about. However, I will give a brief intro just in case we have got some noobs in the house.

So, what happens in Far Cry 5? When playing the game, you are placed in the fictional world in Hope County, Montana. The place is ruled in dictatorial form by a douche in the form of a preacher Joseph Seed together with his cult called The Project. Joseph Seed is the main antagonist in this entry, and as you guessed well, he is the final nail in sealing the coffin. The protagonist is a Junior Deputy Sheriff who is unnamed. The story of the game follows this Jr Deputy. As a gamer, you are in control of the Deputy who is trapped together with the task force in this area. They have to fight their way along with a bloc of a Resistance to free e town from its dictator and his cult.

The environment in Far Cry 5 is an open world just like in its predecessors. As a player, you have the liberty to explore the world on foot or by other modes of transport such as buses, bikes, as well as a chopper. Don’t get that much excited on this one though as the driving mechanics are the game’s major downside. Close combat is being reinstated into the game with the introduction of melee weapons hence making the entry to be the best in the series when it comes to weapon selection. There is also a recruitment system, which from my perspective is something you should go for if you want to survive. This system existed in the previous entries; Far Cry 2 as the Buddy System, as well as in Far Cry 4 as the Guns for Hire System. This recruitment system has got NPCs that portray distinct combat skills. This host of non-playable characters present pilots, snipers, arsonists, a huntress, grenade master, as well as Boomer the dog. Depending on how you play the game, you will or may not meet some of the characters. Aside from obtaining a ‘good boy’ in the form of a dog, you can also tame animals using ‘Fangs for Hire’ system. This feature will let you have animals as your allies, and they will do as you say while helping you in combat.

Far Cry 5 has got a controversial storyline. Think about it, The Father (Joseph Seed) who is the town’s preacher has gathered a group of followers who will fight for his selfish, twisted desires. In one sentence, you get The Father, cult leader, and preacher all pointing to one character. How can this be possible? Well, this is Far Cry, and anything is possible. Now, this armed uprising falls onto your path as the sheriff’s deputy, and it becomes your calling to save the town from the ‘Peggies’.

In the beginning, you are prompted to select the looks of the character you will be using. There is an option to choose a female character. Then you take it to the open world. There isn’t any form of the guideline whatsoever, and unlike the game’s previous entries, the completion of quests is not done simultaneously. Helping the preacher to run the cult are his brothers who you will have to take out first before eliminating the mastermind. I know I said anything is possible. However, you can’t take the whole cult alone; thus you will need allies that will enable you to have a strong resistance to fight by your side. To accomplish this fit, I will show you by giving you valuable info on how you can bring together forces using recruitment system, obtain Resistance Points, as well as other details that can be handy in your quest of reclaiming the county’s freedom.


Seeking help is a sign of caring about your progress. Also, receiving guidance does not take away any fun, it actually enhances it. Remember, this is not a tutorial but a guide which means you do things by yourself using the tips obtained. I have spent a significant amount of hours to come up with this guide so I have great confidence that it will be of help.


Tips are basically the must know things about the game. Once you have that intel, you are good to go. Hence, it will be wise for you to pay attention to the following tips.

Engage in Conversation

This is one of the important things to do. If you are used to other Far Cry entries, then you will think that this feature is not essential. However, you have never been so wrong. Far Cry 5 no longer utilises towers to reveal more world or set pointers on the map. It now allows gamers to get more missions by talking to people. You may be thinking that you will spend the whole hour looking for the right character to talk to. However, that is not the case. Only characters with an exclamation mark will give you juicy information.

Change NPCs Allies Frequently

Depending on the mission you are pursuing, it would be best to acquire the right specialist. For example, when hunting animals, using Jess Black who is a huntress will prove beneficial while Grace will provide you with range support as she is a sniper. Sharky can create chaos as a flamethrower.

Take Note of the Signs

This is not some sort of apocalypse type of a game where road signs mean nothing. The road signs posted by the roadside are not ornaments but provide useful intel regarding a close area of interest. These signs have become more significant in Far Cry 5 since radio towers are now out of service. They will let you know the area you are about to enter such as hunting grounds, fishing places, as well as camps.

Safes are meant to be Opened

Each safe you come across you can open it, and they are essential as they can give you money. There is more than one way of cracking these safes. From using a detonator to explode the lock to use a blowtorch to burn the safe open as well as using your bare hands to pick the lock. However, the last two options have to be unlocked first as perks but are essential in the sense that at some point you will want to keep the explosive for desperate measures.

Upgrade your ‘Guns for Hire’ NPCs     

Remember, these are mere civilians that are willing to assist you in fighting. Thus, these fighters need to be levelled up to unlock perks that will make them more lethal. There are several ways of levelling your character up such as reaching the milestone. For example, to get its first perk, the fighter will need to complete five kills or through looting stuff.

Recruiting Fangs for Hire should be Priority     

Just like the ‘Guns for Hire’, these are animals buddies that you can help you in any fight. You can recruit these helpful buddies upon the completion of Dutch’s region.

Maximise Resistance Points

Each region you come across, try to maximise your resistance points. Just like the previous entries, resistance points still play a vital role in your progress. By getting enough resistance points in a particular region, you will be eligible to fight its boss.

Challenges are there for Reason

To make your character more lethal, it is vital to obtain unlock perks and acquire advanced gadgets. However, to succeed in that, you will need to earn perk points. This is where challenges fit in. By completing challenges, you will gain perk point which when reaching a particular milestone unlock a perk or gadget. You can complete these challenges, for example, by killing a certain number of opponents using a particular weapon.

Watch out for Prepper Stashes

Aside from earning a pile of rewards in the form of money, perks, as well as points, Prepper Stashes present the best experiences in Far Cry 5. This includes visiting a Resident evil like a haunted house as well as the thrill of climbing the tallest mountain in the county.

Don’t forget Time Trials

Time trial events will help you unlock vehicles and other perks too. Actually, this event is dedicated to the county’s stuntman legend, Clutch Nixon who set numerous records in Hope County doing stunt tricks.

Melee Weapons are not only for Close-Combat

Considering that stealth is now a useless feature in the latest entry, the use of melee weapons at times can be a tad boring. However, when brandishing a melee weapon such as a shovel, you can throw it towards your enemy like a spear.


Crafting still exists in Far Cry 5, but it’s less immense compared to its predecessors. Thus the game presents fewer opportunities to craft weapons and bombs; however, it still adds weights in contributing to your fight against the cult.

You can Design a Mission

Far Cry 5 comes with an interesting feature that allows you to design your own mission. I have to admit, I tried this feature only to my dismal failure. Not that I am discouraging you, but it seems like you will need to have a somewhat game designing background to come up with a challenging mission.

Secret Ending for Lazy Gamers

First things first, I wouldn’t spend 60 bucks only to finish the game in 10 minutes. However, Far Cry 5 thinks that there are gamers who are like that and present the Secret Ending. You can end the game amid the opening scene; I won’t spoil it for you, but I will let you ruin it by yourself as I will attach the note telling you how to at the bottom.*


Command Xbox PC PS
Foot Command
Move the player Left Stick Left Stick WASD
Sprint Left Stick (down) Left Stick (down) Shift
Look Around Right Stick Right Stick Mouse
Melee attack Right Stick (down) Right Stick (down) F
Peek target L2 LT Right Click Button
Shoot R2 RT Left Click Button
Throw R1 RB Mouse Wheel (down)
The wheel of weapons L1 LB /
Select the previous weapon, gain health, change the kind of ammo Y X
Crouch B C
Jump X A Space
Talk/change shoot mode/reload X R
Scope/binoculars D-pad up D-pad up Z
Select gun for hire D-pad left or right D-pad left or right G or H
Throw rock D-pad down D-pad down /
Enter pause menu Options Start /
Menus of the game Touchpad Back ESC
Vehicle controls on land or water
Steer LS LS A or D
Automatic driving LS (Down) LS (Down) Shift
Look around RS RS Mouse
Hoot RS (down) RS (down) F
Gas R2 RT W
Brake L2 LT S
Fire L1 LB Left Click Mouse
Throw R1 RB Click Mouse Wheel
Gain health/weapons cycle Y X
Handbrake B Space
Change seats X A C
Exit/enter X E
Cange the radio station D-pad up D-pad up ]
Choose gun for hire D-pad left or right D-pad right or left G or H
Change throwable items D-pad down D-pad down /
Plane Command List
Roll D-pad left or right D-pad left or right A or D
Pitch D-pad up or down D-pad up or down W or S
Look around RS RS Mouse
Shoot view L2 LT Shift
Fire R2 RT Left Mouse Click
Missile R1 RB Right Mouse Click
Change vehicle weapons Y X
Landing B C
Throttle up X A Space
Enter or exit X E
Helicopter Command List
Strafe, reverse or forward LS LS WASD
Pitch RS RS Mouse
View L2 LT Mouse
Fire R2 RT Left Mouse Click
Missiles R1 RB F
Chang chopper weapons Y X
Land B C
Go up X A Space
Enter or exit X E



From the characters of Far Cry 5, we have an interesting list that includes the Seed family. However, you should note that all of the Seed members are non-payable and you will face them at one point. Besides the unnamed Junior Deputy Sheriff you are controlling, we have the Seed family comprised of Joseph Seed; The Preacher. The older brother to Joseph Seed is Jacob Seed, and he controls the inside Eden’s Gate. He covers the security of the cult and is the overseer at the Whitetail Mountains. He is 47 years old and has served in the US army as a marksman hence making him an ex-war veteran. Jacob once ate his best friend while in the army due to a shortage of food. Then we have got John Seed, a secondary villain of the game who operates Inside Eden’s Gate. He is the younger brother of Joseph Seed and commands the Holland Valley area. John is the lawyer’s family that is prepared to defend the family regardless the circumstances. His motto is ‘yes’, something that he started after his parents beat him to the extent that all he could say was the word ‘yes’. He often looks back at his childhood as a loving and kind individual who was a victim of bullying.

Then, there is Faith Seed who is an outsider yet an insider. She is the adopted child of the seed family and the only female among the siblings. She takes command of the Henbane River area and is the younger sister of Joseph Seed. There is controversy on who her real name is as the in-game dialogue present her revealing herself as Rachel. It looks like there have been other ‘Faiths’ in the Seed family. What happened to them only the developers and writer could guess the answer. According to the latest Faith, she was abused and raped amid her upbringing. These siblings seem to have one thing common, bad parenting, as well as some sort of abuse. And, we have got the protagonist, a rookie sheriff who is sent to arrest the preacher at the beginning. Although everything seems easy for the protagonist with the antagonist not resisting his arrest, everything goes south when the antagonist’s cult respond by bringing down the chopper which was supposed to take the preacher away. This is where the game begins.

Far Cry 5 is a gem in its own world and has proven that the series still has got some life left in it. There are a lot of missions to enjoy as well as challenges presented by the game. This makes it possible to spend hours on the game without getting bored. Ooh, by the way, I promised to give you the details on how to trigger the secret ending of the game. I repeat, SPOILER ALERT! If you are not interested in this, just turn back and head to the game. Well, since you are still here, there you go.

The Secret Ending of the game is triggered in a silly manner. You can still restart and play the game through to claim your 60 bucks worth of fun. To trigger the Far Cry 5 Secret Ending amid the opening scene you are supposed to do nothing. Yes, do nothing, and the game will end. The game opens with you as the rookie sheriff heading to the county to arrest the antagonist. Upon entering the church like building and one of your sheriffs reading the arrest note to the antagonist, somehow, you are told to handcuff Joseph. He doesn’t resist and gives you his hand to cuff him after instructing his followers to step outside. The two sheriffs wait for you to cuff him but you choose not to but ignoring the onscreen instructions to cuff Joseph. After several times the other sheriff trying to advise you to cuff antagonist, the elderly sheriff decides enough is enough, and you guys should herd out of the building. What he saying upon walking out of the building states that you guys as sheriffs are now on the payroll of the cult. Then the credits will begin to roll. That is how you trigger the Secret Ending my lazy friend!

Sea of Thieves: Game Guide

Hey guys! Here we are again with a game guide for the newly dropped Sea of Thieves Microsoft release game. Only available on Xbox and PC gamers, I am sorry PS4 guys, you will have to sit out this one. The 2018 gaming world started on the right path as we witnessed the release of several jaw-dropping games. I mean, think of it, God of War, A Way Out etc. We have witnessed a great number of games, and we are yet to cherish more. The ones that have been released indeed are a gem. Take for instance the Sea of Thieves. One would think that a game by the sea has got nothing interesting except roaming around the open waters. Well, this game has got a lot, and if you want to enjoy it, you better know what you are doing from the word go. Why do I say so? This is due to the fact that the game can be a turd boring if you do not have a clue of what to do. However, as Jack Sparrow would say; the game is not a problem, it is the way you approach it that makes it an issue. How? You ask. Well, take, for instance, you just jump into the ship, without a clue of what is what and where is what and what to do with what; what will make you have fun then? Everything becomes a problem in the game. And for this particular reason, I have decided to create a game guide for you so that you can understand the game more profoundly and enjoy it with your buddies from the word go.


Sea of Thieves is a pirate-based game that takes place in the open waters of the sea. As the game’s name suggests, the game is all about thieves that roam around the sea looking for treasure to steal or loot. One of the most valuable features of the game is the graphics. Most of my friends I have played this game with seem to applaud the graphics that bring the sea to life. The game can be played in a co-operative mode where you get to play with your friends on the same side of the crew and roam around the sea to loot treasure. It can also be played in P-v-P (player versus player) mode where you get to face other players in real time.

I will say something before you play this game, it is one hell of a sick game that will break your ribs with laughter. This is a game that allows you to get drunk with your crew and start to vomit at each other. Ewww, that’s gross, right? But it doesn’t end there, the thrill gets to a point whereby you are not able to control your character due to drunkenness. The rules of the living are applied, and the living that play the game feel much more sucked into the game than ever. The madness goes on to literally eating a banana without peeling it and shooting each other to the air.

To be honest, the idea of coming up with a guide really crawled into my mind for some time as I couldn’t bring myself to understand why a much non-linear game will have a guide. I mean this is a game that allows gamers to channel any sort of strategy into action without defining the outcome at the beginning. It is so open such that you might not be able to repeat the previous move on the same opponent and be successful. So, how did I come about to convince myself to develop a guide? Well, it’s not about how you imply what you learn from the manual, but it’s about how you understand it. Understanding a guide will give you the leverage to easily comprehend certain events that happen during gameplay. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player of this game, be guaranteed that this guide will be of use to enhancing the fun to your game time on the Sea of Thieves.

What is the game about? Sea of Thieves requires gamers to play as pirates on the waters of an open sea. As a game that is pirate-themed, Sea of Thieves gamers enjoy the game from a first-person shooter perspective. Unlike most of the games where players are categorised based on their platform, Sea of Thieves is a cross-platform game. It is played by the PC gamers, as well as the Xbox One console players. So, since I have introduced you to the game, now I will give you a walkthrough on how to play the game. I won’t lie to you, Sea of Thieves is not a candy crush type of game whereby one can quickly get into a tune from the word go.

Getting Started

Be it for better or worse, there is a lot of freedom granted to players in Sea of Thieves. Although quests, as well as targets, exist in the game, you do not get a guide or held by hand from one point to another. You have the liberty to go anywhere at any given time. However, such level of freedom can make everything look overwhelming to beginners. I will like to point one thing though, Rare did disappoint as I feel like they released a half-baked game with Sea of Thieves. Most gamers have complained about various issues such as a delay in obtaining rewards as well as facing barriers to play online. Although they have promised to address the problems, it weighs down the grand work implemented in the game and its uniqueness.

Choosing a Character

Upon booting up the game, you are straight taken to the pirate generator menu. This is where you are given a host of pirates to choose the one you prefer. Despite being called a ‘pirate generator’, you do not have the liberty to build your own from scratch. What you have to do is to keep refreshing until a pirate with the looks you like comes up. So, basically, it’s the system that generates one for you, and you only have to settle for the one you like most. Before you jump into any character, you need to remember that this will be your buddy for almost hundreds of hours you will spend on the game. Thus, it becomes imperative for you to select a character that you can grow fond of. Yes, the game will allow you to change the clothing and style of the pirate. However, the look will remain the same hence the importance of selecting the best looks based on your perspective from the word go.

Structure of the Quest

Sea of Thieves presents a wonderful yet strange open setup. The theme of the game is simple and straightforward; feel free to do what you want at any given time and place. However, this does not provide a sense of direction. As a gamer, the fun and thrill of playing games come in accomplishing certain challenges. Thus, there are quests which are called voyages in the game. There are three ways of obtaining these quests; from the Merchant Alliance, Gold Hoarders, as well as the Order of Souls. These three are often referred to as the Three Trading Outposts. From them, you get to buy a quest. However, you are only allowed to own three voyages at a time. This means that if you buy two quests from the Merchant Alliance and one from the Order of Souls, you will not be able to purchase any from the Gold Hoarders. You will have to complete one of the quests to acquire it.

How to Get a Quest

Now that you know to get the voyages is not that much tricky though. Whatever character you select, as well as the choice you make on how to start the game be it solo or something else, you will start the game at a Tavern. Of course, what is a pirate-themed game without a tavern? A tavern is what defines a pirate, so they say. At the tavern, you can collect various items from the barrels. After having obtained enough, you will need to leave the tavern and look for the vendors (Three Trading Outposts). The type of vendor you want can be easily identified based on the shelter they are in. For example, the Order of Souls vendors is sheltered in a shack that looks creepy while the Gold Hoarders settle in small tents. The Merchant Alliance is always located far near your ship compared to the other two who can be found off the harbour.

Now, to get rolling, Sea of Thieves gives you the first voyages free of charge, a reasonable offer considering that it’s your first time going into the sea. These first three voyages are called the Starter Voyages. However, after obtaining and utilising the Starter Voyages, you will need to buy more quests using gold. Thus, without gold, you are just a useless pirate with nothing to do except scratching your neck.

Now, since you have your quest on hand, how do you get to your destiny? Well, all you have to do is to go to your boat. If you selected a smaller boat which is suitable for beginners, it would be hard to notice compared to a bigger one. However, all ships are found near the shoreline, so, no matter what, you will find it at the end. Upon hopping into your boat, locate the lower deck which will contain all the available quests. Upon accessing the deck, you need to select Propose Voyage and ultimately choose the one among the three you purchased from the vendors. In order to get the quest activated, you will have to pick ‘Vote for Voyage’. If you are in the solo mode, the quest will immediately start. However, if you are playing as a group with others, a team consensus will begin. This is where you and other members discuss how you are going to tackle the quest and so forth. After that, you will need to access the map by holding the RB button. Remember, PS4 guys are sitting out on this one, so the control buttons are based on an Xbox One or 360 controllers. To select a map icon, you can use the right stick and hold RT button.

This isn’t the end though. The real matter begins when you are trying to figure out on how to get to the location. The map that just showed you the voyage location doesn’t give you the actual route of getting there. Therefore, you will need to locate the voyage on a bigger map that is found on the lower deck of the ship. Now, upon establishing the voyage location, you will know which direction to take with the help of a compass and then begin to sail.

Sailing is like spreading butter on a slice of bread, easy and fun. First of all, you need to raise the anchor. Then what follows is the unfurling of sails which are roped by the boat’s side. You will then head to the wheel where you will direct the boat using the wheel with the help of a compass located on the side. Unlike the road, the seas are not friendly at times. So, you will need to constantly redirect your course. Also, it is vital to keep checking your map to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Progression in Sea of Thieves

Just like in any other game, there is character growth in Sea of Thieves. Advancing a character in Sea of Thieves is vital in the sense that it open doors to more quests that are more rewarding. You ask, how do you progress in the game? The answer is straightforward, complete as many quests as you can. The more quests you complete will get you levelled up with the particular vendor. Levelling up with a specific vendor will give you access to more advanced voyages. Note that, there is a central premise in the vendors’ voyages. For example, the Merchant Alliance quests are often timed and require you to complete them within a specified period. The difficulty of each quest differs based on the tier you are ranked in. Order of Souls requires you to collect important skulls by killing skeleton like opponents. And the Gold Hoarders require you to obtain chests. Rising among the Outpost ranks will also give you access to special cosmetic, as well as game influencing credits. How do these items make a difference? Well, think of it, obtaining a shovel that can help you dig faster compared to the one you have or having a broader area to seek chests etc. so, as common sense would suggest, the gear becomes better as you climb the ranks.

In most cases, voyages will let you pick up a chest at the end. What do you do when you find a chest? At times you get a chest amid the quest. This usually occurs when the voyage you are pursuing has got multiple levels such as finding a clue before getting to the next location. Thus, in most cases, such clues are revealed in the form of the chest. However, when you get a chest, you need to get it to the boat. Then, locate an outpost close and head there. Once you get there, sell your chest to the shopkeeper of the Gold Hoarder, and in return, you will get gold. This gold is the one that you will use to purchase more quests.

There is one thing that you need to be alert on, other gamers. See, the thing is that in Sea of Thieves, you get to meet other players by the sea. You will meet some gamers who will be friendly and up to their own business or others that will attempt to board you and raid you off your treasure. So, taking a small boat is ideal if you are still learning your ropes; however, sticking to that same boat will make you vulnerable to larger ships. I will not discard the possibility of defeating big ships when you are using a small boat but the chances are rare, and you will need to be a genius or expect to the game.

Use of Weapons

One of the important abilities in Sea of Thieves is the use of weapons. Knowing how to use your weapons will grant you swift experience when partaking in quests. You should also know which type of tools you should use when fighting certain opponents. For example, using a plank against the skeleton bring your fate to misery. So, don’t be like me who learnt it in a hard way.  Of course, it is important to save your ammo especially when you are engaging your enemies while away from your ship. However, certain types of enemies will require the use of certain weapons to easily defeat them. When you are on your ship, you can quickly reload your ammo by heading to the ammo chest. However, if you are n land, once you run out of ammo, you are one for good. Basically, the control buttons for using the weapons are as follows:

  • Y—I can safely say this is the most essential button when using weapons as it is used to cycle, as well as equip
  • RT—this button engages a primary use of the weapon
  • LT—is the secondary use of the weapon
  • LB—radial of the item
  • B—Seize interacting
  • L—move the character
  • L( )—triggers a sprint
  • A—jump
  • X—interact
  • RB—radial of the maps

One important tip that I will emphasise on is to try and conserve ammo when fighting off the ship against skeletons and other players. For skeletons, using a wood or other form of weapons that won’t scatter their bones will be a worst of time. On the other hand, raiding opponents on their own boats state that you do not have the ammo chest and they do hence the importance to conserve your ammo.

Take Home Message

Guys, this is a great game and one that you should try once in your life. Of course, the fact that you are reading this mean you are already interested in it. Well, Sea of Thieves has got a lot to offer, and with its sea wide open for you to explore it, there is no short of fun in this game. Yes, there is an issue that I mentioned earlier on; however, with the team having recognised it and promised to fix it, there is no doubt that you will get immaculate experience when playing this marvellous game. Aside from the thrill of conquering quests, there is off the quest activities. You can get drunk with your team while on your journey. A drunk pirate will vomit on your screen, and this will make you see nothing. However, be careful, as everything in this game can turn out to be mean. With my friends, while drunk, we encountered a pool of mean gamers that raided us while we were drunk. We couldn’t do jack about it, but I have to admit, it was an incredible experience.

Lastly, I plead with you to keep visiting this page as we will keep on updating it. There is a lot for you Pirate to achieve and this include the Kraken. We are yet to delve deeper into the sea, so, it will be wise for you to stay tuned for more updates. Sea of Thieves is the first of its many kinds, hopefully. I am happy to help you obtain great experience by providing detailed and accurate information based on the game. In case you would want to sail with me into the sea, feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to contact you back for some game time. Cheers!

Overwatch: Game Guide

Overwatch was released in May 2016, and since then there has been a lot of changes implemented to the game. Honestly, this is one of the most played first-person shooter games. Apparently, if you are reading this, it means you are new or at the baby steps of playing this marvellous game. I call it “marvelous” because it’s fantastic. I am not trying to sell it to you because I know you are already interested in it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be searching for a guide. One will argue and say there is no fun in using a guide just to play a game. Well, it is brave and adventurous to dive into the sea to learn how to swim. However, only when you are inside the water, you get to realise how frustrating and dangerous it is to do something new without proper guidance. What’s up with the serious talk, dude? Yeah, I get it. Anyway, you get my point. On top of that, there are a lot of updates that have been implemented to the game such that if you had not played the game for quite a period, you would need this guide as a kick starter. It can also be useful to those who have been stuck with the same characters and are looking to expand their abilities to use more than one. Above all, a knowledgeable gamer can efficiently analyse and adapt to their enemy’s strategy. This guide will also help you understand each hero’s abilities, maps, team building and many more. So, before I jump straight to the real stuff, let me just walk you through on what the game is all about.


Overwatch is a first-person shooter game that is mostly played in teams. It is an online multi-player team-based type of a game whereby gamers are divided into two teams of six players each. Players in each of the team have got the liberty to pick any character from a roster of above 20 playable characters. These characters are commonly known as the ‘heroes’. Each character possesses a unique style of combat. These styles are categorised into four namely; support, offence, defence, as well as tank. The primary goal of each team is to support each other when fighting to secure, as well as defend control area on the map. Other missions include escorting a payload from one point of the map to another. There are rewards that gamers obtain. These rewards are cosmetic, and they do not affect gameplay as they are used to enhance the look of a character to your liking such as skins, and poses.

Since the game is squad-based combat, each of the six players has to select one hero to use. Note that knowing unique abilities of each character will help you choose the best based on your preferred combat style. For example, offence characters attack very fast but have got low defence mechanism. Defence characters are used as a choke point for your team’s enemy. The support characters act as army doctors as they give buffs to their mates like healing. However, they can also present debuffs to their enemies. The last but not the least of character classes are tank. These are the ones that carry heavy armour and target specific areas to withstand attacks from enemies.

We all know the importance of communication especially if you are to fight as a team. However, at times not everyone possesses the skill to communicate well with others. Thus, prior the start of each fight the game will automatically analyse the selection of characters then give suggestions to the team on where to improve. For example, they might be a lack of defence characters in your team. Hence the game will suggest having one of your teammates switch for a defence hero to create a more balanced team. Overwatch is a forgiving game. Regardless the pre-game analysis, it still allows players to switch a character during in-game. This can be due to deaths of characters and can be achieved by returning to the home base. Each gamer should master the art of adapting when playing Overwatch. Adapting is an essential tool as it will help your team better understand the best strategy and characters to use to counter-attack its enemies.

Characters have got unique primary attack skills. To trigger the ability, the gamer has to build up the meter by performing various activities such as defeating opponents or healing team members. Once built, the gamer has the liberty to use this skill at any given time. I personally advise using this skill only when it is necessary, e.g. when being overpowered or to finish off your enemies. When triggered, the skill may last for some time, a few seconds to be precise. It differs based on which character you are using like others will throw explosives, gain resistance to attacks, as well as increase strength in attack. After the use of the skill, you will have to wait for the meter to build up to perform it again. However, these skills are not inevitable as I have made it seem like. Upon triggering the ability, the opposite team gets alerted that you are about to deliver a massive blow to them; thus, it gives them the warning to take cover, as well as know how to respond appropriately. The alert is announced in various ways, but you will always see an exclamation mark. Characters such as McCree usually shout “it’s high noon” when they spot a player that is about to deal a massive blow to his team.

Then, there is a second meter that functions as a tracking device of your character activities. This meter records points to in-rounds that you obtained over a certain period. These points are obtained when you assist a killing, perform a kill, provide defence, and heal, as well as hitting objectives. When this meter reaches a particular threshold, the icon of the character “catches fire” signalling that the player is on a hot streak and is considered a threat. However, this does not have any impact on gameplay. The meter will cool down and drop when the character stops scoring points.

We like to see the impressive moves that we performed during gameplay. With that said, Overwatch employs a post-fight instant replay system. The system picks match fragments that had a significant effect on the progression of the game like a streak of kills or close call shots. Then, these fragments are broadcasts to all gamers involved in the fight from the perspective of the character player that performed it. These fragments are commonly known as the “Play of the Game” (PotG). After that, the scoreboard appeared that shows top four members of each team based on their kills, heals, as well as shields.

There is also a feature that awards gamers experience points. These experience points can be obtained by surpassing past records, winning gold, silver, as well as bronze medal amid a fight, using your character’s unique skills more often etc. The experience points obtained contribute to the gamer’s experience level. By reaching the next experience level through collected the required amount of experience points, the player receives a loot box. Upon open the loot box, the gamer stands a chance to obtain cosmetic rewards for a particular character/hero which consists of glory poses, speech lines, costumes, as well as pint sprays. By the way, note that this feature got updated in 2017. Previously, players were only able to obtain experience points by playing matchmaking modes. However, now, gamers are able to receive experience points from playing either matchmaking or custom games. The experience level rewards are dished out based on their rarity level.

There are three tiers of rarity namely Common, Epic, as well as Legendary. Among the rewards, you can obtain ‘credits’ which is an in-game currency. Particular items can be purchased using ‘credits’. The cost of the item is determined by its rarity level. If you obtain duplicated items, they will be converted into ‘credits’. Another way of gaining the in-game currency is through microtransactions which allow gamers to use fiat currency to purchase in-game currency.

Roles of Characters

Overwatch characters are grouped into four categories: Tank, Support, Defense, as well as Offense. The categorisation of characters is based on their similar ability and descriptions. Although there might seem to be one character that is easy or fun to use, it is vital for team members to select different varieties of character based on their categories. If a team lacks a specific class, it will be considered imbalance and the game would suggest switching to another character before the match. Below is a list of categories along with their respective heroes:

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Offence—this is a group of characters that are highly flexible. They can inflict huge damage by dealing quick blows to their opponents as they are attack oriented. However, each hit generates low points. Characters in this category are;


  • Doomfist—his off-hand has got a hand cannon that launches bursts that are similar to the one of a shotgun and then reloads ammo after a certain period. He can also perform a rocket punch, Seismic slam, as well as a rising uppercut. His ultimate skill is called Metteor Strike which allows him to launch into the air and then slams the ground, therefore, dealing heavy damage on other characters nearby.

maxresdefault (8)

  • Genji—he is ideal for one-v-one fights and is regarded as a flanker, as well as an infiltrator. His skill, deflect, can be used to counter opponent’s ultimate skill attacks. He works best as a lone ranger and can be used to flank snipers. However, his deflection ability can be bypassed by many energy weapons and can be baited into activating his deflecting ability then attacked when it’s on cooldown.


  • McCree—just like Genji, he can scope an enemy’s attack his deadeye


  • Pharah—she possesses the Concussive Blast, Jump Jets which enables her to rocket jump, as well as her ultimate skill, barnage which allows her to rain rockets on her targets.


  • Reaper—easily recognisable with his white skull mask, he carries two hellfire shotguns. He can perform shadow step which gives him the ability to sight teleport and wrath form, which gives him the ability to be invisible for a short period. He is more of a hitman with the ability to teleport.


  • Soldier: 76—considered to be one of the best offence characters, he performs well regardless the situation your team is in. Has the ability to heal either himself or teammates making him a valuable member. He is also offensive regardless the range and navigates fast amid the battle.


  • Sombra—she is an infiltrator and can hack enemies, therefore, paralysing Other abilities include thermoptic camo, translocator, as well as opportunist which helps her locate enemies that are low on health.


  • Tracer—carries pulse pistols that can perform rapid-fire. She possesses a chronal accelerator that enables her to go into the future (blink) or past (recall) either healing or regaining ammunition.

maxresdefault (9)

Defence—a combination of characters that can hold strong points of the team. These are characters that can defend particular positions that give the team an advantage. They can also provide field support like traps.


  • Bastion—a fighter robot that can repair itself. The ironclad ability enables it to decrease damage being received and its ultimate skill, Configuration: Tank empowers a roll on treads period releasing rounds of explosives.


  • Hanzo—an elder brother to Genji, he can detect enemies using his ability sonic arrow and can use ricochets to perform multiple hits at a go using scatter arrows. He can reach standpoints using Wall Climb. Hanzo’s ultimate skill is Dragonstrike. This skill is vital as it releases spiritual dragons that can go through obstacles while dealing damage.


  • Junkrat—is ” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Overwatch’s grenade maniac as he wields a Frag Launcher. He is also useful when it comes to setting up traps by employing steel traps, as well as concussion mines that can be detonated remotely. When he gets killed, he doesn’t go alone as he uses total mayhem which sees many primed grenades detonate from his body


  • Mei—the ice queen of the game. She is a climatologist with the ability to freeze her enemies using a short-range spray called an Endothermic Blaster which can also launch a long-range projectile in form icicle. She can also heal injuries by freezing herself. Blizzard, her ultimate skill is used to unleashing a drone in the form of a snowball that releases a freezing hell to the opposition in a wide range.


  • Torbjörn—wields a forge hammer to perform melee attacks as well as a rivet gun that fires molten slag. In his dwarfish state, he also specialises in building turrets that can automatically target enemies. The ultimate skill, molten core is used to upgrade his personnel.

maxresdefault (10)

  • Widowmaker—carries a destructive rifle that shoots at short range in full automatic (Widow’s Kiss) and is able to use the rifle in sniper mode for long range targets. Infra-sight is her ultimate skill.

maxresdefault (11)


maxresdefault (12)

  • Ana—has a biotic rifle that fires darts and her ultimate skill is nano boost which gives her an increase in both defence and attack.


  • Brigitte—her basic attack is performing close-range strikes on some enemies using rocket flail. Rally is her ultimate skills which make her transpose quicker.


  • Lucio—has got a wall ride in the form of roller blades and is equipped with a sonic amplifier weapon which knocks enemies through soundwaves. Lucio’s ultimate skill is a sound barrier which gives a shield for a short period him and his teammates close by.


  • Mercy—is the team’s guardian angel as she quickly dashes towards the attacked teammates. Valkyrie is her ultimate skill which boosts her abilities.


  • Moira—wields a biotic grasp which heals teammates by using biotic energy. Coalescence is her ultimate ability which projects a beam that heals teammates while inflicting damage to nearby enemies.


  • Symmetra—the only character with more than one ultimate abilities which are teleporter and shield generator.


  • Zenyatta—transcendence is his ultimate ability, and it enables him to be invulnerable, as well as give teammates within large radius regenerative abilities

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  • D.VA—a mobile tank that has got an aerial edge. She wields twin firing cannons. She has got mecha that has to go rocket boosters for bursts. The defence matrix enables the mecha to intercept enemy projectiles. Her ultimate skill is Self-Destruct which detonates the mecha after overloading it causing severe damage to enemies within a considerable radius. After the mecha has been detonated, she ejects and continues to fight using a light-gun that is mid-range.


  • Orisa—she functions as the anchor and her ultimate skill, Supercharger enables her to deploy a device that will give her and the teammates within range attack boost.


  • Reinhardt—possesses a Rocket Hammer and has the ability to protect himself and team members behind him from enemy attacks by using Barrier Field. Earthshatter is his ultimate skill which sees him hammer the floor to unleash a shockwave that paralyses enemies within range.


  • Roadhog—Junkrat’s enforcer that carries a Scrap Gun which shoots mid-range shrapnel. Can perform Chain Hook which gives him the ability to draw far enemies closer to him. Whole Hog is his ultimate skill which adds a top loader on his scrap gun to fire it automatically without the need to reload.

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  • Winston—carries a tesla cannon which has got the ability to electrocute close range enemies and does not need any aiming abilities. He can house himself and teammates with a temporary shield by deploying Barrier Projector. Primary rage is his ultimate skill.


  • Zarya—a female soldier that carries a particle cannon and has the ability to shield herself using particle barrier. Her ultimate skill is graviton surge which creates a gravity well to pull enemies in therefore dealing damage and exposing them to further attacks.

Types of Maps

In most cases, maps are randomly selected. Each map supports a particular game mode;

  • Assault—the attacking team is given a goal to seize two particular areas located on the map with the other defending team supposed to stop them from achieving their goal.
  • Escort—the attacking team is given an assignment of escorting payload from one point to another on the map within a given timeframe with the defending team tasked to prevent them.
  • Hybrid (a combination of Assault and Escort)—first, the attacking team is assigned get hold of payload the assault structure and then deliver the payload to a certain point using the escort structure with the defending team tasked to prevent them.
  • Control—the map’s control points are positioned in an intrinsic position to avoid neither of the teams gaining an advantage over the other. The task is for each team to obtain control points and hold them until they reach 100%.

Game Modes

There are several gameplay modes that are made available on Overwatch. These game modes include tutorials as well as practice gameplay versus COM characters. There are also casual match matching modes which randomly match the available players against each other. There was a weekly brawl mode which featured certain rules that will see gamers being propelled to play using a certain character. However, it was combined with Arcade mode in 2016. There is also a custom mode which allows gamers to select their preferred rules, as well as conditions for the match like match time and the map. Competitive mode is also available, and it separates players based on the platform or their region and then put them in a ranking match. In this mode, players are matched according to their skill rank which is calculated based on their win/loss/draw record.

Granado Espada Stance – Enhanced Tactics

Who can use:


Attack Cycle:

Level: Expert
Stance: Tactical Assistance 25

Item Exchange: Symbol of Scorpio +2 Element Jewels, Emilia (after quest)

Bonuses:Stance Level 25: +20 Evasion, Immunity +10
Stance Feature: 20% increase in melee damage received, 10% decrease in range damage received, 10% decrease in magic damage received, 30% decrease in chance to get debuffed

Skill Name
Stance Level
SP Cost


5 1050
20 Ancient Star Orb
Cast time:
Cooldown: 30
All family members within 10m of self Increase damage to monster
Increase attack
Increase attack speed
Increase move speed
Increase max HP
Increase accuracy
Increase immunity
Increase penetrationDR +1 at skill level 11
DR and AR +1 at skill level 12
LV1: 30 (sec)
Monster Hit Damage: +2%
ATK: +2%
ASPD: +2%
MSPD: +6%
Max HP: +3%
Accuracy: +1
Immunity: +1
Penetration+1LV10: 300 (sec)
Damage +20%
Melee Enhance


10 950
15 Ancient Star Orb
Cast time:
Cooldown: 6
Selected character Gives a buff that causes one to level stronger in melee attacks.

Increases Melee Attack, Defense, and Max HP.
LV1: 30 sec
Melee ATK: +6%

DEF: +2

Max HP: +2%

300 sec
Melee ATK: +15%
DEF: +20
Max HP: +20%

Effect At Lv.11:
Additional Melee Atk, +1 Defense Rating


Magic Enhance


15 950
15 Ancient Star Orb
Cast time:
Cooldown: 6
Selected character Gives a buff that causes one to level stronger in magic attacks.

Increases Magic Attack, Max SP, and reduces skill casting time.
AR +1 and mHP increase at skill level 11 and 12
LV1: 30 (sec)
Magic Atk: +6%
Max SP: +11%
Skill Casting: -2%

300 (sec)
Magic Atk: +15%
Max SP: +20%,
Casting Time: -20%
Effect At Lv.11: 
Shooting Enhance


20 950
15 Ancient Star Orb
Cast time:
Cooldown: 6
Selected character Gives a buff that causes one to level stronger in shooting attacks.

Increases Shooting ATK, Aspd, Accuracy, and Critical.
AR +1 and mHP increase at skill level 11 and 12
LV1: 30 (sec)
Shooting Atk: +6%
Aspd: +6%
Critical: +2

300 (sec)
Critical +20
Effect AT Lv.11:
Escape Artist 25 1050
10 Ancient Star Orb
Cast time:
Cooldown: 5
All family members within 16,m of self Increase resist to [Darkness]

[Sandman’s Curse]
[Blood Curse]
[Cover of Darkness]
[Whole Cancellation]

Detects [Invisibility].

LV1: 1 (sec)
[Darkness] Debuff Res: +1%
Sense Transparency
Removes [Deep Sleep] debuff

10 (sec)
[Darkness] Debuff Res: +10%
Sense Transparency
Removes the following debuffs:
[Deep Sleep],
[Blood Curse],
[Cover of Darkness],
[Whole Cancellation].