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Hey guys! Here we are again with a game guide for the newly dropped Sea of Thieves Microsoft release game. Only available on Xbox and PC gamers, I am sorry PS4 guys, you will have to sit out this one. The 2018 gaming world started on the right path as we witnessed the release of several jaw-dropping games. I mean, think of it, God of War, A Way Out etc. We have witnessed a great number of games, and we are yet to cherish more. The ones that have been released indeed are a gem. Take for instance the Sea of Thieves. One would think that a game by the sea has got nothing interesting except roaming around the open waters. Well, this game has got a lot, and if you want to enjoy it, you better know what you are doing from the word go. Why do I say so? This is due to the fact that the game can be a turd boring if you do not have a clue of what to do. However, as Jack Sparrow would say; the game is not a problem, it is the way you approach it that makes it an issue. How? You ask. Well, take, for instance, you just jump into the ship, without a clue of what is what and where is what and what to do with what; what will make you have fun then? Everything becomes a problem in the game. And for this particular reason, I have decided to create a game guide for you so that you can understand the game more profoundly and enjoy it with your buddies from the word go.


Sea of Thieves is a pirate-based game that takes place in the open waters of the sea. As the game’s name suggests, the game is all about thieves that roam around the sea looking for treasure to steal or loot. One of the most valuable features of the game is the graphics. Most of my friends I have played this game with seem to applaud the graphics that bring the sea to life. The game can be played in a co-operative mode where you get to play with your friends on the same side of the crew and roam around the sea to loot treasure. It can also be played in P-v-P (player versus player) mode where you get to face other players in real time.

I will say something before you play this game, it is one hell of a sick game that will break your ribs with laughter. This is a game that allows you to get drunk with your crew and start to vomit at each other. Ewww, that’s gross, right? But it doesn’t end there, the thrill gets to a point whereby you are not able to control your character due to drunkenness. The rules of the living are applied, and the living that play the game feel much more sucked into the game than ever. The madness goes on to literally eating a banana without peeling it and shooting each other to the air.

To be honest, the idea of coming up with a guide really crawled into my mind for some time as I couldn’t bring myself to understand why a much non-linear game will have a guide. I mean this is a game that allows gamers to channel any sort of strategy into action without defining the outcome at the beginning. It is so open such that you might not be able to repeat the previous move on the same opponent and be successful. So, how did I come about to convince myself to develop a guide? Well, it’s not about how you imply what you learn from the manual, but it’s about how you understand it. Understanding a guide will give you the leverage to easily comprehend certain events that happen during gameplay. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player of this game, be guaranteed that this guide will be of use to enhancing the fun to your game time on the Sea of Thieves.

What is the game about? Sea of Thieves requires gamers to play as pirates on the waters of an open sea. As a game that is pirate-themed, Sea of Thieves gamers enjoy the game from a first-person shooter perspective. Unlike most of the games where players are categorised based on their platform, Sea of Thieves is a cross-platform game. It is played by the PC gamers, as well as the Xbox One console players. So, since I have introduced you to the game, now I will give you a walkthrough on how to play the game. I won’t lie to you, Sea of Thieves is not a candy crush type of game whereby one can quickly get into a tune from the word go.

Getting Started

Be it for better or worse, there is a lot of freedom granted to players in Sea of Thieves. Although quests, as well as targets, exist in the game, you do not get a guide or held by hand from one point to another. You have the liberty to go anywhere at any given time. However, such level of freedom can make everything look overwhelming to beginners. I will like to point one thing though, Rare did disappoint as I feel like they released a half-baked game with Sea of Thieves. Most gamers have complained about various issues such as a delay in obtaining rewards as well as facing barriers to play online. Although they have promised to address the problems, it weighs down the grand work implemented in the game and its uniqueness.

Choosing a Character

Upon booting up the game, you are straight taken to the pirate generator menu. This is where you are given a host of pirates to choose the one you prefer. Despite being called a ‘pirate generator’, you do not have the liberty to build your own from scratch. What you have to do is to keep refreshing until a pirate with the looks you like comes up. So, basically, it’s the system that generates one for you, and you only have to settle for the one you like most. Before you jump into any character, you need to remember that this will be your buddy for almost hundreds of hours you will spend on the game. Thus, it becomes imperative for you to select a character that you can grow fond of. Yes, the game will allow you to change the clothing and style of the pirate. However, the look will remain the same hence the importance of selecting the best looks based on your perspective from the word go.

Structure of the Quest

Sea of Thieves presents a wonderful yet strange open setup. The theme of the game is simple and straightforward; feel free to do what you want at any given time and place. However, this does not provide a sense of direction. As a gamer, the fun and thrill of playing games come in accomplishing certain challenges. Thus, there are quests which are called voyages in the game. There are three ways of obtaining these quests; from the Merchant Alliance, Gold Hoarders, as well as the Order of Souls. These three are often referred to as the Three Trading Outposts. From them, you get to buy a quest. However, you are only allowed to own three voyages at a time. This means that if you buy two quests from the Merchant Alliance and one from the Order of Souls, you will not be able to purchase any from the Gold Hoarders. You will have to complete one of the quests to acquire it.

How to Get a Quest

Now that you know to get the voyages is not that much tricky though. Whatever character you select, as well as the choice you make on how to start the game be it solo or something else, you will start the game at a Tavern. Of course, what is a pirate-themed game without a tavern? A tavern is what defines a pirate, so they say. At the tavern, you can collect various items from the barrels. After having obtained enough, you will need to leave the tavern and look for the vendors (Three Trading Outposts). The type of vendor you want can be easily identified based on the shelter they are in. For example, the Order of Souls vendors is sheltered in a shack that looks creepy while the Gold Hoarders settle in small tents. The Merchant Alliance is always located far near your ship compared to the other two who can be found off the harbour.

Now, to get rolling, Sea of Thieves gives you the first voyages free of charge, a reasonable offer considering that it’s your first time going into the sea. These first three voyages are called the Starter Voyages. However, after obtaining and utilising the Starter Voyages, you will need to buy more quests using gold. Thus, without gold, you are just a useless pirate with nothing to do except scratching your neck.

Now, since you have your quest on hand, how do you get to your destiny? Well, all you have to do is to go to your boat. If you selected a smaller boat which is suitable for beginners, it would be hard to notice compared to a bigger one. However, all ships are found near the shoreline, so, no matter what, you will find it at the end. Upon hopping into your boat, locate the lower deck which will contain all the available quests. Upon accessing the deck, you need to select Propose Voyage and ultimately choose the one among the three you purchased from the vendors. In order to get the quest activated, you will have to pick ‘Vote for Voyage’. If you are in the solo mode, the quest will immediately start. However, if you are playing as a group with others, a team consensus will begin. This is where you and other members discuss how you are going to tackle the quest and so forth. After that, you will need to access the map by holding the RB button. Remember, PS4 guys are sitting out on this one, so the control buttons are based on an Xbox One or 360 controllers. To select a map icon, you can use the right stick and hold RT button.

This isn’t the end though. The real matter begins when you are trying to figure out on how to get to the location. The map that just showed you the voyage location doesn’t give you the actual route of getting there. Therefore, you will need to locate the voyage on a bigger map that is found on the lower deck of the ship. Now, upon establishing the voyage location, you will know which direction to take with the help of a compass and then begin to sail.

Sailing is like spreading butter on a slice of bread, easy and fun. First of all, you need to raise the anchor. Then what follows is the unfurling of sails which are roped by the boat’s side. You will then head to the wheel where you will direct the boat using the wheel with the help of a compass located on the side. Unlike the road, the seas are not friendly at times. So, you will need to constantly redirect your course. Also, it is vital to keep checking your map to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Progression in Sea of Thieves

Just like in any other game, there is character growth in Sea of Thieves. Advancing a character in Sea of Thieves is vital in the sense that it open doors to more quests that are more rewarding. You ask, how do you progress in the game? The answer is straightforward, complete as many quests as you can. The more quests you complete will get you levelled up with the particular vendor. Levelling up with a specific vendor will give you access to more advanced voyages. Note that, there is a central premise in the vendors’ voyages. For example, the Merchant Alliance quests are often timed and require you to complete them within a specified period. The difficulty of each quest differs based on the tier you are ranked in. Order of Souls requires you to collect important skulls by killing skeleton like opponents. And the Gold Hoarders require you to obtain chests. Rising among the Outpost ranks will also give you access to special cosmetic, as well as game influencing credits. How do these items make a difference? Well, think of it, obtaining a shovel that can help you dig faster compared to the one you have or having a broader area to seek chests etc. so, as common sense would suggest, the gear becomes better as you climb the ranks.

In most cases, voyages will let you pick up a chest at the end. What do you do when you find a chest? At times you get a chest amid the quest. This usually occurs when the voyage you are pursuing has got multiple levels such as finding a clue before getting to the next location. Thus, in most cases, such clues are revealed in the form of the chest. However, when you get a chest, you need to get it to the boat. Then, locate an outpost close and head there. Once you get there, sell your chest to the shopkeeper of the Gold Hoarder, and in return, you will get gold. This gold is the one that you will use to purchase more quests.

There is one thing that you need to be alert on, other gamers. See, the thing is that in Sea of Thieves, you get to meet other players by the sea. You will meet some gamers who will be friendly and up to their own business or others that will attempt to board you and raid you off your treasure. So, taking a small boat is ideal if you are still learning your ropes; however, sticking to that same boat will make you vulnerable to larger ships. I will not discard the possibility of defeating big ships when you are using a small boat but the chances are rare, and you will need to be a genius or expect to the game.

Use of Weapons

One of the important abilities in Sea of Thieves is the use of weapons. Knowing how to use your weapons will grant you swift experience when partaking in quests. You should also know which type of tools you should use when fighting certain opponents. For example, using a plank against the skeleton bring your fate to misery. So, don’t be like me who learnt it in a hard way.  Of course, it is important to save your ammo especially when you are engaging your enemies while away from your ship. However, certain types of enemies will require the use of certain weapons to easily defeat them. When you are on your ship, you can quickly reload your ammo by heading to the ammo chest. However, if you are n land, once you run out of ammo, you are one for good. Basically, the control buttons for using the weapons are as follows:

  • Y—I can safely say this is the most essential button when using weapons as it is used to cycle, as well as equip
  • RT—this button engages a primary use of the weapon
  • LT—is the secondary use of the weapon
  • LB—radial of the item
  • B—Seize interacting
  • L—move the character
  • L( )—triggers a sprint
  • A—jump
  • X—interact
  • RB—radial of the maps

One important tip that I will emphasise on is to try and conserve ammo when fighting off the ship against skeletons and other players. For skeletons, using a wood or other form of weapons that won’t scatter their bones will be a worst of time. On the other hand, raiding opponents on their own boats state that you do not have the ammo chest and they do hence the importance to conserve your ammo.

Take Home Message

Guys, this is a great game and one that you should try once in your life. Of course, the fact that you are reading this mean you are already interested in it. Well, Sea of Thieves has got a lot to offer, and with its sea wide open for you to explore it, there is no short of fun in this game. Yes, there is an issue that I mentioned earlier on; however, with the team having recognised it and promised to fix it, there is no doubt that you will get immaculate experience when playing this marvellous game. Aside from the thrill of conquering quests, there is off the quest activities. You can get drunk with your team while on your journey. A drunk pirate will vomit on your screen, and this will make you see nothing. However, be careful, as everything in this game can turn out to be mean. With my friends, while drunk, we encountered a pool of mean gamers that raided us while we were drunk. We couldn’t do jack about it, but I have to admit, it was an incredible experience.

Lastly, I plead with you to keep visiting this page as we will keep on updating it. There is a lot for you Pirate to achieve and this include the Kraken. We are yet to delve deeper into the sea, so, it will be wise for you to stay tuned for more updates. Sea of Thieves is the first of its many kinds, hopefully. I am happy to help you obtain great experience by providing detailed and accurate information based on the game. In case you would want to sail with me into the sea, feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to contact you back for some game time. Cheers!

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