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Changelog of all the Updates made to the Guides


March 12, 2008   

Removed level 50 weapon                                                                                                                    combination. Disabled on ver. 0523.


March 15, 2008   

Type C Armor combination                                                                                                                  updated.


April 2, 2008       

Upgrader section updated.


September 13, 2008   

Site moved from 50websto morrigan-erinyes.com


October 4, 2008 

Updated Armor Combination.

January 27, 2009         

I’m starting to work on the update.   Can anybody confirm that the images  aren’t displaying? Please send an email  to admin at morrigan dash erinyes dot com. Thank you!


January 29, 2009     

Image display fixed. Thanks for the                                                                                                   emails!
• Socket Extender page added
• Jetpack page updated















RF Online Item Combination Crafting


Item combinations are one of the intriguing aspects of RF online. It allows you to Upgrade your equipment at certain costs allowing for better gear than the ones dropped by monsters. It also allows you to craft materials like gems which you can use as materials or upgrades.

That being said, Where can you do Item combination?

The  place you can go for Item combination is the Hero NPC. You can usually find them at Race headquarters.


RF Item combination Crafting, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games, Crafting, Recipe

RF Item combination Crafting, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games, Crafting, Recipe

RF Item combination Crafting, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games, Crafting, Recipe


RF Online Type C Armor Crafting

Also know as Intense Armors, Type C armors are a combination of Type B and Type A armors. With the right materials and the recipe provided here you will be able to craft armors with abilities of your own choosing that will give you the edge you need to win the battles that matter to you.

The Requirements:

10 pcs Armor Ability Reavers

  • There are a selection of Armor Ability Reavers that you can choose from. These reavers are found in the Inventor’s Box dropped by Assassin Builders. Picking the right one is very important when creating the correct build. You will need 10 of each type when crafting the type C armor.


Note that Ability reavers not shown here are not valid for combination. Attempting them will only end in you losing your materials.

RF Online Type C Armor, Games, Gaming, Online Games, Video Games


Advanced Strength: Increases hit points and force points by 6%

Endurance: Increases elemental resistance by 4

Fine: Increases accuracy by 5

Guardian: Decreases the duration of debuffs by 10%

Protection: Increases shield block rate by 5%

Sharp: Increases critical hit chance by 8%

Solid: Increases defense by 10%

Vampire: 4% of damage dealt is regained as hit points

Strong: Increases attack damage by 5%

Type B armor (Favor Upgraded +1 to + 5)

  • The next thing you need is a type B armor. Upgraded armors must be used for combination. The higher the upgrade of the armor the higher the chance of Combination. Just take note though that If you are successful in crafting the armor all the talics will be wiped.

Note that only lvl 47 – 55 Armors can be Upgraded. Upgraded armors may also have lower lvl requirement that regular ones.

10 Pcs Red Stone

  • These stones are mined and processed from Ores. You need 10 of them to upgrade your armor.

99 Pcs Purple Excelsiar Pieces

  • These pieces are dropped by any random mobs/monsters. There are other kinds of Excelsiar pieces with their own uses but for this combination you would need the purple one.

1 pc Type C Whole Purple Excelsiar

  • These crystals are different from the purple pieces you get from mobs. You can craft these crystals by combining 30 Purple Excelsiar Pieces, 20 Silver Catalysts and 10 Gold Catalysts. The Catalysts can be purchased at the Tool NPC.

1 Million Racial Currency

  • Each combination for Type C armor will cost you the 1 million. Make sure you have enough currency to make the combination.

Rf Online Type C armor, Games, Gaming, Online Video Games,Armor combination, recipe

RF Online Socket Extenders Crafting

Ever got the Item you’ve been grinding for so long only to find out it’s missing that One socket? That’s where Socket extenders come in.

Just as the name suggest, Socket Extenders allows you to add Sockets for weapons, armors or shield that needs it. You can buy one of these from the Item mall.

Each Socket extender can add only one slot so you might need more than one.

Maximum number of Sockets you can add is 7 so the socket only works for items with 1-6 sockets. You can not use these to add more than 7 sockets (too bad huh.)

Weapon and Armor socket extenders come in multiple grades:

  • Type C (Yellow)
    • Type B (Intense)
    • Type N (white)
    • Type A (purple) – except armor

Socket Extenders can be used on upgraded and socketed equipments so go ahead and don’t be afraid to upgrade.

All socket extenders have 100% success rate. At the small cost of almost 100k racial currency for the combination.


RF Online Accessory Upgrade Crafting


RF online accessory uograde crafting, gamer, gaming, online games, video games

Certain elemental accessories can be upgraded using a combination of high gems and talics. If you’ve got the right materials then you can try your luck and roll the dice. You can upgrade your gear at the Hero NPC.


Here are the things you need to upgrade your accessory:


  • Elemental Accessory you want to upgrade

*Only elemental accessories with attack/defense/avoidance can be upgraded.*You can upgrade up to 30 except for avoidance which can upgrade to 25.


  • Tier 3 Gem

*You need 10  pieces in total. 5 pcs Tier 3 gem of one kind(E.g. Ice Crystal) and5 pcs Tier 3 gems of another kind (E.G. Poison Topaz)


  • Talics

There are 3 kinds of Talics you would need depending on accessory. You have to choose the the corresponding Talic and provide 5 pcs of each.

Keen Talic – attack

Favor Talic – Defense

Mercy Talic – Avoidance/Dodge


RF Online: Crafting Excelsiors

Excelsiors are used for weapon and armor upgrades. Several item combinations need to be used for creating excelsiors. Moreover, exelsiors are required to craft Type C or orange weapons and Elite force reavers.

Here are the different types of excelsiors:

RF Online: Crafting Excelsior,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games
RF Online Exelsiors

Weapon Excelsiors:

  • Black Excelsiors for crafting Melee Weapons
  • Red Excelsiors for crafting Firearm weapons
  • Green Excelsiors for crafting Bow Weapons
  • Blue Excelsior for crafting Staff Weapons
  • Yellow Excelsior for crafting Launcher Weapons

RF online,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Force Reaver Excelsiors:

  • Navy Excelsior: Water Element Force
  • Red Excelsior: Fire Element Force
  • Black Excelsior: Dark Element Force
  • White Excelsior: Holy Element Force
  • Blue Excelsior: Wind Element Force
  • Brown Excelsior: Earth Element Force

Combinations for Excelsior A, B, and C

You can find three types of excelsior, ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’. These are used to combine Weapons and to create Elite Force Reavers.

  • Grade A – Level 30 to 35 weapon or shield
  • Grade B – Level 40 weapon or shield
  • Grade C – Level 45 weapon or shield

RF Online,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale Review

Becoming one of the most streamed games on twitch with a recent stream featuring the rapper Drake, it is obvious that many people know about Fortnite. However, it has been a while since anybody has taken an objective look at its popular Battle Royale mode, and it has changed quite a lot since its release. From new weapons, to complete rebalances, the game has changed a lot and I wanted to take an objective look at the popular game.

So Fortnite’s most unique thing to me is its art style. It combines what I would consider high res N64 graphics mixed with the comic-book style of games like Borderlands or Mad World. The bright colors really make the game pop, especially since so many games in the genre (zombie survival or battle royale) are very realistic and drab. The game also has a visual simplicity that lends to more efficient gameplay. It is a lot easier to pick out enemies from the landscape than in other games in the genre. The loot itself is also very streamlined in its visual style. You can immediately tell what something is from the way it looks, instead of having to see the item description. The World of Warcraft esque glow also does a good job of letting you know if a piece of equipment is even worth your time.

In a battle royale game, you are going to be moving constantly, what confuses me is why Fortnite is the first game to really nail this. Ammo and building materials are always picked up when you walk over them, and there are no weapon mods to burden you with the customization. I usually love to have as many customization options as possible, but when I am trying to run and gun, I don’t want to worry about that stuff. The game just does a good job of shortening the number of things you have to worry about. Your main focuses are going to be:

– Your weapon level

– Your position relative to the circle

– Your health

and that is pretty much it. It’s just a lot simpler and reduces the number of things you have to worry about in your game.

However, the game needs a bit more variety. For some reason, I don’t feel like Fortnite forces variety in the way that other games in the genre do. Maybe this is by design but was most relevant to me when they recently decided to shelve the smoke bomb while they released the remote explosive. I can understand the desire to make your game as streamlined and newbie-friendly as possible, but I feel the lack of variety made me bore quickly. The game could also use a few more weapons because the current weapons in the game could be used as categories of weapons in other games. Maybe doing things like the silenced pistol and integrating mods into weapons that cannot be changed would be nice. More things like the scoped assault rifle can help and shake the game up a bit.

The game is just very comfortable and safe. It doesn’t take any risks, but it doesn’t do anything exceptionally well. It is easy to see how it has gathered the mass appeal it has gathered, but it feels like Epic is holding back.

7/10 “good, but safe”

RO: Idle Poring Game Review

Ragnarok Online has a great list of spinoffs that are developed by various developers. I mean, the fact that a random developer gets the nod to develop a spinoff is a turn off for loyal fans. Developers of RO, Gravity, did a great job with the ever-popular Ragnarok Online thus managing to build a significant fan base. I used to play the game back then before the unending releases of spinoffs knocked out my interest for the game. Don’t get me wrong, not all of the spinoffs were bad, just that they lacked the Gravity’s magic touch. Despite being pissed, I kept on checking every time there’s a hint of a new release. Yes, I would be disappointed but all that changed in September when I came across this amazing RO release.

RO Idle Poring, Games, Online Games, Video Games

RO: Idle Poring is something that every fan had been longing. Developed and designed by Gravity itself, one couldn’t have asked for better news than this. Presenting a spectacular background, the game returns the original feel of Ragnarok Online.

RO Idle Poring, Games, Online Games, Video Games
Image designs, attire, music, as well as types of jobs have a similar feature to the original game. Thus, there is no doubt that the game is by far the most original release after RO. To add to the thrill, included as a new feature is an Arena used for PvP mode and Pets Exploration. In the Arena, you get to fight against other online opponents while the Pets Exploration gives you an opportunity to have a companion in the form of pets. These pets will help you in your battles by strengthening your power. It’s indisputable that the game manages to bring back the good memories of the old RO.

maxresdefault (1)

Gameplay is pretty much similar to Ragnarok Online. To customize how your characters play, there is a need to distribute attribute points. If you are a new player, you have to be patient in understanding how to get your character to the top league. This is not a snack and ladder sort of game where your advancements are purely based on luck. You need to know your way around and understand the use of attributes and stats. If you want to avoid frustration, don’t dive into the game with that old RO mindset, otherwise, you will find yourself lost in most cases. The stats are not similar to those in RO as you cannot develop characters according to the actual MMO. Note that there are no DEX Mages in the game. Overall, the game is great though I kind of got frustrated midway.

RO Idle Poring, Games, Online Games, Video Games
With the game crossing over to the mobile world, it really has become more engaging and addictive. However, when a game has got an option to purchase gems, it’s a must for it to have active support. But, that is not the case. The RNG factor is not balanced too. Spent a considerable number of diamonds hoping to get headgear or armour upgrade but to no luck. This can be frustrating but some players seem to be lucky. However, most gamers that I have talked to who face this bug think that it’s a dirty trick played by the programmers in order to frustrate gamers into spending real money in buying equipment. The other issue is that customizing a character takes a while. This is due to the long time needed to collect coins. By the time you reach your target amount, the costume will be long gone. With literally no support, you can hope to get your answer through FAQ. I mean, what the F**K can FAQ help you with considering that 99 percent of the questions won’t give the answer you are looking for. If the game is to introduce an option of purchasing costume coins, it will by far solve almost 80 percent of its problems.

All things considered, RO: Idle Poring is pretty much a cool game. With the new additions and its similarity to the original Ragnarok Online, the game provides an interesting combination of the traditional and modern environment. I still have much to explore despite reaching level 90 in 7 out of 8 of my equipment.


Horizon Zero Dawn

This is life after earth as we know it. The backstory is a gripping action, thriller and mystery that one can easily tell are easily inspired by the series The 100. Developed by the award-winning creators of PlayStation’s venerated Killzone franchise, Guerilla Games, this Mathijs de Jonge directed game is made for the PlayStation 4 platform. Horizon Zero Dawn was released in North America on the 28th of February 2017 and in Europe on the 1st of March 2017. It is an Action role-playing genre with a single-player mode. The single-player mode is thrilling as it is explored from an angle rarely given attention before. i.e. the third-person perspective.

The main character is Aloy, an athletic, sexy, strong and alluring hunter-archer who ventures into a post-apocalyptic land that is under the control of ‘machines.’ These ‘machines’ are robotic creatures designed to look like hybrids of humans and creatures. Aloy’s quests are to find her way through the post-apocalyptic terrain by killing the machines which are the enemies. To add to the mystery, Horizon Zero Dawn gives the player both an open world environment as well as day-night cycle. Just like in the series The 100, the weather in Horizon Zero Dawn tends to be dynamic offering the player endless ways of exploring. The terrain is a healthy existence of snowy mountain ranges, thick forests, sandy desert and a jungle.

Aloy is equipped with more than just spears and arches. She has a headpiece called ‘Focus’ that she wears to scan machines. Using Focus, Aloy is able to learn basically everything about a machine from its ranking to its location. Horizon Zero Dawn is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and this is evident in the way one of the machines called ‘the Stalker’ can change game formation by enabling cloaking technology thereby averting the gaze from Aloy’s Focus scan. As the game progresses, players fight tooth and nail to reclaim the earth and get it backed from the fearsome machines. What makes the quests more challenging is the fact that the mechanical creatures have an unknown format, they are a mystery, with different makeup composition. A player can never say that they understand one machine so they understand all of them. The action keeps one glued right to the end.

The signature features associated with Horizon Zero Down include the varied ecotopes, ever-changing weather systems as well as the rich buried secrets of the past. As Aloy progresses, players are introduced to the different geographies and ecotopes that are complemented by dynamic weather conditions which need one to adapt to otherwise lose their focus and progress done on the game. Also, because the game is set in a post apocalyptic world, there are insurmountable amounts of a lost civilization that remain constant throughout the terrain and changing ecotopes. Regardless of the number of times one plays the game, you are always bound to come across an undisturbed grave of ancient treasure.

Horizon Zero down’s storyline pauses gripping questions such as; what happened to civilization in a post apocalyptic era, where the machines originate from etc. As the player seeks to answer some of the questions, it becomes clear that the answers determine Aloy’s fate which directly translates to that of humans. Every avid gamer will agree on a thing, Horizon Zero Down is a classic masterpiece with rich rewards. Players are kept engaged as they develop unique strategies and understand the machines, one after the other.

Final Fantasy XIV

Released in September 2010, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is also known as Final Fantasy XIV Online. Developed and published by Square Enix, this game has lived up to the hype.

The Nobuaki Komoto designed game is available in the latest version, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The game, which is built around a compelling story, grips the player from the onset. The game starts with an aesthetically pleasing Kimono clad female asking Othardian peasants to rise and represent the Garlean Empire. Only one man heeds the call, but instead of things going as planned, he suffers unprecedented loss, some, at his own hand.

In the Final Fantasy XIV series, Stormblood is perhaps Square Enix’s best creation to date. Given that the backstory is a relatable tragedy, it reels in audiences from all walks of life. The cruelest points of the story shape are out as one of the finest creations whilst appealing to players who are more aligned with gothic themes and surprising peace loving players. With one of the best gaming graphics, Stormblood does not shy away from showing poverty stricken villagers in distress. As the film unapologetically zooms into places where gory fights are bound to erupt, I can’t help but marvel at the developer’s boldness in exploring scenes that other games usually brush under the carpet.

One of the most striking features that come with Stormblood is perhaps the exploration of new lands. There are also two new classes that are gradually introduced to the gamers as the explicit tale unravels over a sequence of dungeons, quests, and trials. I must say, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is fierce and not for the faint hearted. The version goes into detail showing Ala Mhigo with its sandy battlefields, and the landscape is shown in a manner never seen before, not even in the Final Fantasy XIV’s 2013 relaunch. The besieged Ala Mhigo battlefields are the highlight of levels 60 to 70, thus making this zone easily the most enjoyable to maneuver.

The certifiably excellent graphic in Stormblood easily blends in with the clear view of Asian culture that accompanies the new culture and settings. Final Fantasy XIV seems to improve with each new version. This observation is augmented by the show of high-end scenes in Stormblood. Here, at this point, the story easily comes across from every battle scene. The port of Kagane (which has a Japanese-inspired setting) which is the only port that openly welcomes foreigners has unprecedented scenes a game could possibly possess. Also, when playing over the wild plains of the Azim Steppe tells the story of epic proportions that have never been seen before in an action game, when the Au Ra tribes fight to select their next leader in Naadam, a Mongolian-inspired area.

Matter-of-factly, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood tends to be more realistic than it is fantasy. Due to the fact that the game is based on a seemingly-actual story, with settings that are inspired by real life settings, this game can easily manipulate with and play around gamers’ feelings. When the peasants get manipulated, abused and trampled on by the imperial soldiers and other authoritative figures in the game, it is quite easy for a player to find their emotions well up.

However, one thing is always certain when playing this game. And that is the quick changes that come with each level. When playing underwater quests, there are new characters there that easily hook a player into a completely new setting. The characters under water include ninja turtle lookalike denizens as well as different fishes. As the levels increase, so does the surprises. Frankly, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is worth investing one’s time and emotions into. The game is set up in such a way that the highly dangerous and challenging combinations are at higher levels. Thus, by the time the player gets to the top levels, they would have earned their stripes and be worthy of such creativity. In Stormblood, the Samurai is one damage-oriented melee class that is easily accepted and loved by dedicated players who have always yearned for the ‘X-factor’ within the game.

Always set in a high fantasy setting, Final Fantasy XIV takes place on planet Hydaelyn which is an upgrade and huge gap from previous releases of the Final Fantasy franchise. Due to the existence of three distinct terrains (desert-based Ul’dah sultanate, the thalassocracy of Limsa Lominsa, as well as the forest nation of Gridania) in the Eorzea planet, Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of room to play around and indicate the highest level of creativity in a manner never seen before. Of course, just like any other excellent game, you might easily be annoyed with the Final Fantasy XIV’s side quests. However, the undeniably enticing storyline, beautifully contrasted combat classes, as well as full-fledged battles, are what keeps this game ahead of other RPGs of the present era.