Horizon Zero Dawn

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This is life after earth as we know it. The backstory is a gripping action, thriller and mystery that one can easily tell are easily inspired by the series The 100. Developed by the award-winning creators of PlayStation’s venerated Killzone franchise, Guerilla Games, this Mathijs de Jonge directed game is made for the PlayStation 4 platform. Horizon Zero Dawn was released in North America on the 28th of February 2017 and in Europe on the 1st of March 2017. It is an Action role-playing genre with a single-player mode. The single-player mode is thrilling as it is explored from an angle rarely given attention before. i.e. the third-person perspective.

The main character is Aloy, an athletic, sexy, strong and alluring hunter-archer who ventures into a post-apocalyptic land that is under the control of ‘machines.’ These ‘machines’ are robotic creatures designed to look like hybrids of humans and creatures. Aloy’s quests are to find her way through the post-apocalyptic terrain by killing the machines which are the enemies. To add to the mystery, Horizon Zero Dawn gives the player both an open world environment as well as day-night cycle. Just like in the series The 100, the weather in Horizon Zero Dawn tends to be dynamic offering the player endless ways of exploring. The terrain is a healthy existence of snowy mountain ranges, thick forests, sandy desert and a jungle.

Aloy is equipped with more than just spears and arches. She has a headpiece called ‘Focus’ that she wears to scan machines. Using Focus, Aloy is able to learn basically everything about a machine from its ranking to its location. Horizon Zero Dawn is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and this is evident in the way one of the machines called ‘the Stalker’ can change game formation by enabling cloaking technology thereby averting the gaze from Aloy’s Focus scan. As the game progresses, players fight tooth and nail to reclaim the earth and get it backed from the fearsome machines. What makes the quests more challenging is the fact that the mechanical creatures have an unknown format, they are a mystery, with different makeup composition. A player can never say that they understand one machine so they understand all of them. The action keeps one glued right to the end.

The signature features associated with Horizon Zero Down include the varied ecotopes, ever-changing weather systems as well as the rich buried secrets of the past. As Aloy progresses, players are introduced to the different geographies and ecotopes that are complemented by dynamic weather conditions which need one to adapt to otherwise lose their focus and progress done on the game. Also, because the game is set in a post apocalyptic world, there are insurmountable amounts of a lost civilization that remain constant throughout the terrain and changing ecotopes. Regardless of the number of times one plays the game, you are always bound to come across an undisturbed grave of ancient treasure.

Horizon Zero down’s storyline pauses gripping questions such as; what happened to civilization in a post apocalyptic era, where the machines originate from etc. As the player seeks to answer some of the questions, it becomes clear that the answers determine Aloy’s fate which directly translates to that of humans. Every avid gamer will agree on a thing, Horizon Zero Down is a classic masterpiece with rich rewards. Players are kept engaged as they develop unique strategies and understand the machines, one after the other.

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