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Changelog of all the Updates made to the Guides


March 12, 2008   

Removed level 50 weapon                                                                                                                    combination. Disabled on ver. 0523.


March 15, 2008   

Type C Armor combination                                                                                                                  updated.


April 2, 2008       

Upgrader section updated.


September 13, 2008   

Site moved from 50websto morrigan-erinyes.com


October 4, 2008 

Updated Armor Combination.

January 27, 2009         

I’m starting to work on the update.   Can anybody confirm that the images  aren’t displaying? Please send an email  to admin at morrigan dash erinyes dot com. Thank you!


January 29, 2009     

Image display fixed. Thanks for the                                                                                                   emails!
• Socket Extender page added
• Jetpack page updated















Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Open Beta Lands With Exciting New Updates

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games

Call of Duty is one of the most iconic gaming franchises of all time. Time and time again, the series has managed to produce timeless spectacles. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Blackops have managed to capture the imaginations of games with their entertaining gameplay and engaging storyline. This year, the franchise adds a new dimension with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game is being made from InfinityWard studios which are the studios that gave us the original iconic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The Open Beta for the game has launched across all platforms. Gamers across PC, Xbox, and PS4 can now get a feel for the game in the Open Beta. We happened to be lucky enough to get a chance at experiencing the game and it was truly amazing. The game is filled with smaller, most intense gunfight modes which we were able to experience. The Gunfight mode was essentially a 2 vs 2 mode with one life. Dying would mean having to wait till the next round. This rounds are deadly and filled with exciting action. The maps are perfectly suited to be the next big thing, creating a difference from the recent trend of huge maps started by Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games

The Gunfight mode was extremely entertaining in terms of its action. We feel the mode is ideal to sneak in between lunch breaks at the office. The time stipulation for the rounds is 2 minutes but we did not manage to go through any game that reached the time limit. In typical COD fashion, seeing an enemy is usually instant death. However, despite the fast-paced action, the mode itself was really exciting and kept us entertained for hours.

The game takes a major step up in terms of graphics due to the use of Ray tracing and ambient occlusion. These technologies take the graphical detail to the next level. The night based show nature of the map helps showcase the true potential of the Nvidia technology. We were running the game on an RTX setup, the game ran smoothly without any framing issues. We were unable to see the frame counter however the game ran seamlessly on our setup.

Call of duty: Modern Warfare clearly marks the end of the Battle Royale era. Even though Call of Duty itself delved into the Battle Royale mode with the WWII installment, this edition steers clear from the format and aims to offer something new which is an exciting choice. The game is true to the call of Duty DNA and helps make a strong return to the roots of the franchise. The game was a RAM hog however im sure that that was a trivial issue in an otherwise highly entertaining game. The gunfight mode was an entertaining addition that added a unique flair into the game.

We are excited to see what the complete games has in store when it launches on 25th October across all platforms.

Games That Have Us Excited for September 2019

2019 has proven to be a monumental year for gaming. A little after half of the yearand we have already been blessed with some of the most exciting games of all times.From Apex Legends to Metro Exodus, the year has been filled with some of the most entertaining flagships across all genres. With the ending of the year approaching,September 2019 promises to be one of the most exciting years for gaming. With a score of exciting games approaching in September 2019, here is the list of games we are most excited for in September.

NBA 2K20,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

NBA 2K20

The yearly basketball flagship is a must-watch for all basketball and NBA fans across the globe. Featuring the latest rosters and updates, this year NBA 2k20 brings exciting new gaming modes along with massive improvements in the Physics system adding much more fluidity and motion that resembles reality. Another major exciting addition is the inclusion of the WNBA which is exciting news for fans of the women version of the sport.

Release Date: September 6

Gears 5,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Gears 5

Gears5 is one of the most awaited games of 2019. With a brand-new protagonist at the helm and a much greater focus on the storytelling aspect of the gaming, the game is poised to be one of the most exciting action-packed games of the year. The franchise is known for its knack for action and exciting sequences. However, Gears 5 is expected to take the action to the next level with its intense new features. We are excited to be able to see what the game is able to bring with its promised Co-operative Multiplayer modes and the previously shared Escape mode.

Release Date: September 10

Borderlands 3,

Borderlands 3

The Borderlands series has always set itself apart from the traditional gaming sphere due to its knack for exciting weapons and visual locations. The third installment in the franchise is expected to take every aspect to the next level. Players will be leaving the orbit of Pandora towards a new spaceship that is at the center of exciting adventures spanning different worlds across the galaxy. The Borderlands 3 promises to bring new creative planets with their own unique visual elements.

Release Date: September 13

Fifa 20,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games


The FIFA franchise has been the definitive leading flagship for EA sports. FIFA 20 promises to follow the traditions of its predecessors by taking the graphical possibilities of sports gaming to the next level. Featuring a stable of the leading teams and players from across the globe, the game takes the tradition of the previous gaming of featuring in the top sports stars with interactive multiplayer modes and exciting new possibilities. We cannot wait to get our hands on the game to check out all the new features and game that EA sports have managed to improve in this version. The gameplay physics are also rumored to be improved which are a great additional incentive to wait for the game.
Release Date: September 13

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Gear 5 Promises to be a Ton of Fun Despite Lacking Maps

September could not come closer as millions of gamers along the world wait patiently for Gears of War 5. We were amongst the lucky cohort that got a chance to experience it hands-on at E3 2019 and it was surely a delight. The game was announced during E3 2018 alongside a trailer and a release window of 2019.

E3 2019 brought us much anticipated news alongside gameplay experience for the game. The developers did a marvelous job keeping the majority of the details under wraps to maintain anticipation and assure an element of surprise with the game. The conference was monumental in terms of sharing details about the game and we were lucky to be able to get a first-hand experience.

The development studio is still strictly keeping the details of the campaign mode contained, however, we got to know the following detail about other modes.

Escape Mode

Getting to experience Escape mode was a really fun experience. The premise is very simple; Team players team up together in either online play or local co-op with the goal of battling through enemy give map in the shortest amount of time. During my gameplay experience, I struck done anything that got in my way. The poisonous gas in the background added a really interesting element to be aware of.

My character of choice for the first run was Keegan. He is essentially a supporting character and his special ability allowed me to spawn ammo within a circle. This was a really helpful perk for a limited time and was really handy when my team ran out of ammo.

Keegan is not the only character within the game, the game also adds two additional brand new characters. Lahni and Mac. Lahni is a scout character with the special ability to summon her electro-blade. The blade allows her to stun and cause damage to enemies for a limited time. Mac is a solid tank with the ability to generate a shield to protect teammates.

These were the only characters we were able to experience in this mode however there are multiple other characters that will be included in other game modes.

Even though we were only able to have a limited time experience of the gameplay, the graphics of the game were absolutely stunning in 4k. This crispness adds an element of visual interactive-ness even in scenes that are not otherwise extraordinary.

Gears of War 5 basically begins right when you start. The timer at the top indicates the start and helps have an idea of the time to track competitiveness. The default difficulty setting was easy which made the game a little too easy to play. The basic grunts were too easy to kill. The biggest annoyance during my gameplay experience with the lack of ammo. That luckily was covered by choosing Keegan as the main character.

Our short experience was extremely fun and definitely left us waiting for September to see more of what Gears of War 5 have to offer.

The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a console that tries to do many things simultaneously. Its success is due to it bridging the gap between a handheld console and a home console that the late, lamented Wii U never managed.

It’s a credit to the Nintendo team that the Switch is able to combine gaming on-the-move with gaming at home without a preference for either. Now with top-tier titles like Fortnite arriving, the Nintendo Switch is an even better proposition.

The Switch’s design makes it a chunky tablet. It has thick bezels and a 6.2-inch touch screen that sports a 1280 x 720 resolution. The construction has a rock-solid feel and its metal finish adds a classy touch. Indeed, the Switch could well be the slickest, slimmest and least obtrusive console ever brought to market.

The things that stand out are the top vent for the purpose of cooling, and the rear kickstand that allows players to prop the console when using it for tabletop gaming out and about.

The dock is an elegant chunk of black plastic. The console easily slips into this, and the tablet is charged through the USB-C port, with sockets for a USB-C power adapter and HDMI cable, along with three USB 3 ports.

These ports are available for charging the Switch Pro Controller, adding any Joy-Con charging accessory, or an Ethernet adapter.

The best thing about a Switch is the device’s versatility. It’s great that it does not rely on a TV. The console can be grabbed along with the controllers and the whole thing can be set up in an instant wherever.

It’s great fun, no matter how you choose to play. It can run some great games. As well as Nintendo’s two classics, Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a huge Mario Kart, and quirky faves like   Mario+ Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Arms and Splatoon 2.

It’s also considered good for indie gaming, where you can take advantage of titles like  Oxenfree, Night in the Woods, and Stardew Valley.

What the Nintendo Switch as part handheld and part home console offers is the potential to be the only device you’re ever likely to need for gaming, wherever you choose to be. Its hybrid console is a great success, with exceptional handheld graphical quality, and the capacity to seamlessly transition into a home console.

What really makes this piece of kit stand out are:

  • It’s unique hybrid design
  • The HD Rumble
  • The fact it comes with two controllers
  • Its crisp, bright and colorful screen.

Nintendo is onto a winner with the Switch. It’s not only well made, but it’s easy to understand where it’s coming from and it does what it promises.

The Switch is not only a platform for a few first-party games. It is also a platform that is a good fit for lighter indie titles as well as innovative mobile crossovers. It is great for kids, along with people on the move, and those gamers who are time poor or perhaps are not inclined to sit down and do the big-screen thing.

OffGamers.com : Gamers’ Paradise!


Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) has taken gaming to a whole new level. OffGamers.com is today a big name in the world of MMORPG service providers and has gained solid reputation in a short span of time. The website provides virtual services to gamers worldwide and is a great destination for online shopping of gaming related products.

Founded in 2001, Off Gamers has come a long way since its inception. With a plethora of games under its belt, it is one of the most popular sites for purchasing virtual products such as game cards, game currencies and power leveling packages. The variety on offer is truly best in its class. Apart from offering virtual item services, the site also encourages fair play by not using illegal third party programs, hacks/dupes and macros.

The website has a friendly user interface and each department is well sectionalized. One can choose to buy gaming products for a large number of games, all of which are neatly organized in alphabetical order. OffGamers.com also acts as a trading portal where people can choose to sell their excess in-game currency. You may buy or sell products and the whole process is made to look very simple! The website guides you at every step to ensure a hassle free experience.

The customer can choose from a variety of payment methods such as credit/debit cards, E-Wallets/Prepaid cards, local online bank transfers, offline payments etc. This ensures a trouble free experience for the customer. Their service guarantee claims exactly that along with a safe and secure transaction.

OffGamers.com hit the iron when it was hot to establish itself as one of the finest virtual item service providers! The virtual world we live in requires more such websites to hit the market. Going by market trends, the requirement for these will only increase in the years to come.