Playing Life: 2 Simple But Addictive SIM Games

When it comes to Simulation games, or SIM games, nothing beats the success and fame of the SIMs series. However, there are two offbeat, not-as-famous SIM games that are equally as addictive: “Game of LIFE – The Path to Success” the video game, and’s “Daily Life.”

Game of Life was originally a board game developed by board game company Milton Bradley Company. Among its other famous products are Jenga, Twister and Yahtzee. The objective of the game is to “retire” with the most success possible.

In the video game version, your character needs to satisfy the people around him, as they make requests, or require “interaction” with your character. If you successfully meet all their needs, you get the points needed to level up, and you get to juggle more and more responsibilities, progressively.

The great part is that this game really tests your multitasking skills. It also gets more fun as you “automate” your character by clicking through the tasks he needs to get through in advance, and he just “automatically” goes through all of them, meeting his targets, as you sit back and enjoy the game.

The only downside to Game of Life – The Path to Success is that its graphics are rather, pardon the blunt language, lame, and the tasks are repetitive that the game gets boring.

On the other hand, where Game of Life fails, Daily Life may be able to have an advantage. Daily Life boasts of good, clean, attractive graphics, and the tasks are quite challenging. While it’s not exactly Game of Life where you get to see everything you need to do in one space, in real-time, Daily Life may well be a great free substitute to Game of Life.

In Daily Life, you need to “enter establishments” and do your tasks, make friends, and even balance all that activity with “resting.” Even if the system of earning your “life points” is pretty lame: just clicking through the task hours, it is still one SIM game worth wasting minutes to an hour on, if all you need to do is to clear your brain. There is a level of challenge anyway, as you need to get a perfect balance of getting promoted at work, getting the right amounts of food and rest, on top of getting your main goal of earning a diploma by the end of one level.

SIM games may have their appeal in that it helps you escape real life with amusement while actually letting you “play through” or practice the skills needed in real life in a safe venue. These are two SIM games worth trying out. If you get addicted, don’t hesitate to thank us!


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