Sinking City Steps into Unexplored Waters Yet Manages to Make Waves

The sinking city,games,gaming,online games,online games

There has been a massive rise in Lovecraftian games recently. With its concoction of mystery and intrigue, “The Sinking City” is an interesting rendition suiting any Lovecraftian tale. Even though it builds upon a path started over a century ago, it manages to be fresh with minor elemental drawbacks.

The game takes a leap into new territory to set itself apart from its peers. When “Call of Cthulhu” came out in 2018, it felt like a minor standalone that aimed to fit itself into the massive lore. The Sinking city, on the other hand, expands massively and delivers a cosmic level product.

The sinking city,games,gaming,online games,online games

The games open strong with a leap into the ocean. With a mystery from the ocean floor causing intrigue into the mind of residents, the protagonist is charged with the duty to investigate the source of the mysterious chants.

The game rapidly transitions into a stunning visual tour of tales from Lovecraft’s lore. Filled with an exciting exploration of damned cave and battling with obsessed tyrants. The game lures in intrigue by making users put in the work of connecting the dots and unravelling extended realities.

The sinking city,games,gaming,online games,online games

We found the game visually stunning. With the stunningly mystifying seabed to complex dryland assets, the assets perfectly complemented the style of the game. There is a wide array of noticeable details from a ghastly hospital setting to a bar where incoming guests can drink along with newcomers.

A major focus on the game is investigating the mysteries and exploring facts. In the role of the protagonist Charles Reed, we had to make choices in dialogue while assessing evidence to conclude story arcs. At times we felt the story turn a little dry but we had side-quests to keep us intrigued.

The Sinking City does not shy away from dipping into unknown waters. The game explores intriguing ideas, some of them work magnificently while others fail to make an impact. Following the footsteps of the previous flagship release “Sherlock Holmes” by Frogware, the game has strong elements of gathering evidence and undergoing hardcore research.

The sinking city,games,gaming,online games,online games

Oakmont represents an open-world environment with areas brimming with “Wylebeasts”, beings that are extremely scary. With ammunition being scarce, we are forced to navigate the waters without having a proper means to kill the beasts. In the latter stage of the game, we found the ability to fast travel across the map with the means of phone-boxes. However, that was only useless in the latter part of the game.

The game is ambitious, maybe a little over-ambitious but it dares to step into waters not tested before. It makes it own mark and instead of blending in, stands out. With a pleasant mix of appropriate visuals, intriguing storyline and open-world travel, Frogware definitely warrants an attempt at exploring this game. We are excited to see the studio build upon the promise and improving the clunky elements in the sequel to deliver an even more captivating sequel.


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