Cabal: The Non-leveling guide

So you have installed the game and created your character. First of all, welcome to Nevareth, the world of Cabal Online. Cabal Online has a lot in common with other massively-multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), and the first half hour or so you spend playing will be filled with a series of tutorials to show you how to control your character.

Whether you play a wizard, a force blader, or any other class, there are some aspects of the game that are not covered by the opening tutorials. This guide details on three things you have to remember regardless of class.

The most important thing is do quests. In most games, quests are simply a means to gain experience points (XP) and a little cash which is called alz in Cabal Online. However, quests are more important in Cabal Online. In fact, you have no choice but to perform certain quests to advance in the game.

A lot of players just complete enough quests to get them to the next level bracket, then disregard the other quests for the previous one because in other games, questing serves only that purpose. In Cabal Online, a long series of quests is required to access the advanced maps. A lot of players are forced to backtrack for hours performing quests that they could have finished earlier without much trouble. Perhaps the most important tip for Cabal Online is to do all the quests. Also, questing is a good source of honor points, which is another often-overlooked aspect of the game.

The next thing to remember is to advance your skill rank, which is separate from from your character’s base level. It has been proven that in Cabal Online, being able to learn the most advanced skills is more important than having a high-leveled character. Therefore, it would be good to prioritize on skills with the shortest casting times instead of ones with bigger damage because your skill rank goes up with each instance you use a skill and not the amount of damage it deals.

On this note, invest on Adept equipment, which adds to the skill experience you gain. Many players wear Adept gear until they get to the highest skill rank possible (currently, Transcender). A lot of alz gets spent on learning substandard skills and then unlearning them again. Leveling your skill rank ensures that you get your alz’s-worth because you get to purchase skills that you are more likely to keep.

The last thing to take note of is to raise your honor rank. Like skill rank, honor rank is more important than base level because it opens game features that would otherwise be unavailable to even a character at max level such as better potions and items for sale at the NPC merchants. Late in the game, your honor rank also helps your guild, as it factors in more heavily in guild ranking than the members’ base levels.

These three things puts Cabal Online apart from other MMORPGs and they can also present certain complications to players who assume that base level is the most important thing to work on, as it is with other games. Hopefully, this guide would let you avoid certain frustrations while playing the game. Enjoy your stay in Nevareth!


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