Cabal Online: Warrior and Force Shielder

This is the second part of the class overview for the Cabal Online MMORPG. As we have discussed last time, this series covers the pros and cons of each class. This time, we will talk about the two toughest classes in the game: the warrior and the force blader. In general, classes that specialize in Strength are specialize in taking the brunt of damage while relying on bashing slow but large chunks of out of their foes’ faces.

The Warrior

The warrior in Cabal is the standard swordsman classes in other MMORPGs. Basic fighters, warriors are pretty straightforward and that in itself is their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. The warrior is absurdly simple to play and effortless to handle. A new player who wants a decent and reliable character without needing to learn too many complications cannot go wrong with a warrior. Simply pile all stat points on strength, don that heavy armor, and start bashing away with sword skills.

Simplicity is also the warrior’s biggest disadvantage. The biggest challenge for a pvp situation is the damage that ranged classes will deal you while you close the gap—at which point they Dash away and start hurting you again. With ranged classes, the Panic Cry skill is your best friend, and Seismic Wave and Sword Cannon if they’re running. If not, well, you’ll get a diced wizard soon.

Play a warrior if you want an easy time leveling, but not necessarily fast leveling. With lots of strength, you’ll have tons of HP and considering that you wear heavy armor, the damage against you is minimal. Mobbing hordes of monsters won’t be a problem for you, although taking it out may take some time.

The Force Shielder

The force shielder is Cabal Online’s natural tanks. Defence is their specialty and enduring hits is what they do best. Play a force shielder if you enjoy being the last one standing after a grand melee, or if you enjoy the feeling of your party mates rallying around you (well, behind you is more appropriate, if you think about it). Force shielders are also natural guild masters. In MMORPG, the players who think of the group more than themselves draw the attention of other players, and the force shielder is all about taking one for the team.

Skill-wise, players who want to use force shielders are actually torn between strength and intelligence. The force shielder boasts awesome magic skills in advanced skill ranks such as Shadow Shield, which allows you to take damage in a party mate’s place. This skill is important for keeping softer wizards and bladers alive and dealing damage. Skill leveling, therefore is quite difficult because you’ll need sword skills and strength to have damage and high hit points, but you need to raise your magic skill rank too. Like the force blader, it is necessary for the force shielder to master both to be at maximum strength. More importantly, force shielders excel in dealing AoE damage instead of massive damage to a single target. Therefore, going one-on-one with a more focused class might not be a good idea. Nevertheless, force shielders rock in party battles.

That’s it for the force shielder and the warrior. Next time, we’ll tackle the classes which deal death from afar: the wizard and the force archer. Until then, enjoy your stay in Nevareth.

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