Online Games: The Best of Browser-Based Gaming

When you’re bored at work and you’re one of the lucky few who work in companies who don’t care to put up firewalls and productivity-maximizing rules like no browsing “fun” sites like Facebook and MySpace, there are quite a few sites out there that would keep you from the boredom bogeyman. These game websites host flash games that you can play right from your browser. Nothing to download, no tracks, no sweat. – If you are one of those geeks who are into 1980s video games, then this French website is the site to visit for you. The URL can get no more straightforward than that: this site hosts all the games you love straight from the 1980’s: from good ol’ Mario to Battle City and even to Donkey Kong. For the classic gamers, this site will definitely be a treat for you. – If you like “cake-making,” and other “cooking” games on the Nintendo DS, SIM (simulation) games, wherein you guide your character through several steps in order to win a level, and even addictive puzzle games that help you understand the true meaning of that idiom “Time flies when you’re having fun,” this is the website to go to. If you’re a home-based worker stuck with a programming snag, writer’s block, or an uninspired moment in web design, this site’s games would surely help you de-stress, rearrange your brain, and help you get back into project deadline fighting form.
– This is a web designer/flash games expert’s haven. It’s his personal stash of games. If you like games that are absolute eye and ear candy, this is the best place for you. The games themselves, however, are rather simple: most of these involve a lot of jumping and dodging. And yet, it takes a learning curve to get the hang of these games. The graphics are cute and nice; perfect for children, especially girls. If you want a sensory treat while de-stressing via computer games, this site is for you. – Is the ultimate flash gamer’s website. From blood and gore games that involve obliterating zombies, to fighter plane games, Bomber Man knockoffs, even SIM games and surgery games, this website has it all. Who needs a PSP or a Nintendo DS when you have a tablet netbook and 😉

There’s a study that says that playing video games is actually beneficial, as opposed to the common notion that it’s just another source of time wastage and addiction. The brain actually gets exercised and learns new things. And, hey, scientists do say that in order to combat brain degeneration and dementia, a person has to exercise his brain via thought, learning and other brain activities. Quite a heavy amount of which, you can get from playing video games.

Happy gaming!

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