RF Online Socket Extenders Crafting

Ever got the Item you’ve been grinding for so long only to find out it’s missing that One socket? That’s where Socket extenders come in.

Just as the name suggest, Socket Extenders allows you to add Sockets for weapons, armors or shield that needs it. You can buy one of these from the Item mall.

Each Socket extender can add only one slot so you might need more than one.

Maximum number of Sockets you can add is 7 so the socket only works for items with 1-6 sockets. You can not use these to add more than 7 sockets (too bad huh.)

Weapon and Armor socket extenders come in multiple grades:

  • Type C (Yellow)
    • Type B (Intense)
    • Type N (white)
    • Type A (purple) – except armor

Socket Extenders can be used on upgraded and socketed equipments so go ahead and don’t be afraid to upgrade.

All socket extenders have 100% success rate. At the small cost of almost 100k racial currency for the combination.



RF Online Upgraders Crafting


Upgraders put talics into your weapon with a 100% success rate. You can get them from celebration  Luck Boxes or Keen/Favor boxes you can find at the item mall. It is one of the easiest ways to upgrade any weapon or armor.

Some upgraders from these boxes will put up to seven talics into your item. Other upgraders will only put in two or three. The upgrader you get from these boxes are entirely from chance, so having more boxes will allow you to get the best ones.

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You can see the numbers on the upper right. These numbers represent the Minimum as well as the Maximum number of Talics that will be added into the item.

If you want to use these items then there are a couple of things you need to know.

  • The weapon/armor you are upgrading must have the same number of slots as the MAXIMUM number on the upgrader. It wont work otherwise.
  • The Item must also not have any Talics already added.
  • Upgraders will come in two colors RED ones may be used several times before Upgrading succeeds. Black ones are GUARANTEED Upgrades.
  • Failing to upgrade means there is a chance the Item will break, but you will not lose the upgrader.
  • You cannot trade upgraders.

There are two kinds of Upgraders:

Keen Upgraders :  For Weapon upgrades. They come in four types depending on Item grades

Type C (Orange) – Upgrades Type C Weapon

Type A (Purple) – Upgrades Type A Weapons

Type B (Yellow) – Upgrades Type B Weapons

Type N (White) – Upgrades Type A Weapons

Favor Upgraders:  For Armor upgrades. These come in three types and can be used on all parts

Type C (Orange) – Upgrades Type C Armors

Type B (Yellow) – Upgrades Type  B Armors

Type N (White) – Upgrades Type N Armors


RF Online Accessory Upgrade Crafting


RF online accessory uograde crafting, gamer, gaming, online games, video games

Certain elemental accessories can be upgraded using a combination of high gems and talics. If you’ve got the right materials then you can try your luck and roll the dice. You can upgrade your gear at the Hero NPC.


Here are the things you need to upgrade your accessory:


  • Elemental Accessory you want to upgrade

*Only elemental accessories with attack/defense/avoidance can be upgraded.*You can upgrade up to 30 except for avoidance which can upgrade to 25.


  • Tier 3 Gem

*You need 10  pieces in total. 5 pcs Tier 3 gem of one kind(E.g. Ice Crystal) and5 pcs Tier 3 gems of another kind (E.G. Poison Topaz)


  • Talics

There are 3 kinds of Talics you would need depending on accessory. You have to choose the the corresponding Talic and provide 5 pcs of each.

Keen Talic – attack

Favor Talic – Defense

Mercy Talic – Avoidance/Dodge


Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair Brings Back Nostalgia of the Golden Days

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

When you hear about a game release coming from Rare studios, you already know it is going to be amazing. The studio has a history of making games popular ever since games were 16-bit. What started from Donkey Kong, eventually branched out into other formats but the studio never ventured away from its roots. Yooka-Laylee is a game created by Playtonic, a company formed by former Rare employees that go back to the essence of what made Rare studio games so much fun. Even though the game is not revolutionary in terms of what it offers, It is still an extremely enjoyable experience.

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair Brings Back Nostalgia of the Golden Days

Building upon the storyline of the previous installment in the franchise, the game sticks to its roots while offering new twists and turns that make sure that you can never predict where the game is going to head next. The due of Yooka and Laylee is back in action in this edition as they wander across a plethora of different locations to face challenges. The main objective of the game is to rescue Queen Phoebee’s Royal Beetallion. Their journey is supported by a cast of entertaining characters that aid them in their mission and make sure that the game never gets boring.

Following the precedent set by the Donkey Kong games, the game is extremely simple and makes sure you understand every bit of the dynamic at the start of the game. The game dynamics are really fun to experience and we really loved the character designs and colors the game had to offer. It was truly like a trip back into memory lane. We were able to get hours of fun due to the humorous, wacky storyline. It made sure that we had a fun time.

Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair Brings Back Nostalgia of the Golden Days

The major objective of the game is to capture the Impossible Lair and it feels like everything else in the game leading up to the lair is actually a training exercise to prepare you for the perils of the Lair. The Lair is a dungeon filled to the brim with extremely strong foes and dangerous traps. It is extremely difficult and took us several different tries to get across some of the hardest challenges. The Beettallions help massively through the course of the progression as they help protect you against damage.

The undeniable influence of Donkey Kong is present throughout every element of the game. From the movement of characters to the way they are designed, every aspect of the game reflects the classis element of Rare Studio games. The importance of working together is essential for Yooka and Laylee to make sure that they can hit unique moves when they are together. The levels are set uniquely, offering new environments for every stage. Throughout the course of the 50 stages in the game, there is no repetition of gimmicks which is a refreshing aspect to see.

The game offers a comprehensive, entertaining 2.5D experience that is a must-try of all fans of platform gaming, what the game lacks in innovation it more than makes up for it in the humorous, engaging storyline and non-stop action.

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already

Even though September of 2019 is one of the most exciting months of the year for gaming, It is definitely not the last. With games like Gears 5 and Borderlands 3, the month had its fair share of blockbuster games that had us intrigued for hours. However, the list of games that are about to hit the shelves in October has excited already. Here are the games we are most excited to get our hands on in October.

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already,Games,Gaming,Online Games,Video Games

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Whenever we hear about a Tom Clancy game, we cannot help but get excited. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is one of our most anticipated games of the year. Featured in our earlier piece on the most awaited games of 2019, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is shaping up to be one of the most exciting gaming released of this year. Launching across all platforms, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the third entry in the Ghost Recon Franchise. Following, the events of Ghost Recon Wildlands, the game is set in a unique survival-based setting with a range of exciting new possibilities. We are excited to be able to see how the game defines its out genre and moves the franchise forward.

Release Date: October 4

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already,Games,Gaming,Online Games,Video Games

WWE 2K20: The WWE’s annual flagship 2K games are a must-try for all fans of WWE and Pro-Wrestling in general. This year is no different. WWE 2K20 arrives with an array of new updates that have us excited for what the game has in store. From a dedicated female career mode to an updated roster of WWE superstars, we can’t wait to give the game a shot. An interesting change this year is the game’s shift from the Yukes. Yukes was the studio behind a number of major games launched by WWE. It will be exciting to see what the new games have to offer this year.

Release Date: October 22

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already,Games,Gaming,Online Games,Video Games

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: The Call of Duty franchise is the crowning Jewel of Activision. Featured in our earlier review of the initial outlook of the game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is shaping up to be an exciting new addition into the Call of Duty franchise. CoD Modern Warfare is aiming to reset the Call of Duty franchise by making adjustments to adapt to modern technologies and go with a grittier tone. The game is expected to have an exciting new single-player campaign along with new game-changing additions into the mechanics that are expected to add a new flair into the game. Based on the Beta experience and what we’ve seen so far, we are absolutely excited about this game’s release.

Release Date: October 22

Games That Make Us Wish October Was Here Already,Games,Gaming,Online Games,Video Games

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Luigi’s Mansion 3 promises to be an exciting treat for all Switch fans of the Mario franchise. The game offers a fun avenue to go on ghostbusting adventures with Luigi with a set of new ghostbusting tools while offering explorational freedom like never before. We cannot wait to try this game out on Switch on its release day.
Release Date: October 31


RF Online Leon’s Weapon Crafting

This weapon has a lot of abilities and parts can be acquired by finishing 46-50 Batte Dungeons like Calliana,Anabola,Turncoats etc. The weapon can’t be traded except by blueprints and only combined weapons can be traded and with a fee of 1 million.

RF Online leon's weapon crafting, games, gaming, online games, video games

RF Online Jetpack Crafting

Special accessories that are worn in the cape slot of the equipment menu which allows characters upgraded movements as well as additional bonus that could range from critical protection to other elemental protection.

The difference of the 3 grades are subject to success of the combination. Remember that the level of the grade will determine the success of  producing a jetpack and there are no changes on the stat of the jetpack regardless of what grade you use.

Maybe upgraded with the same talic which is also used for creating it and the number of slots per jetpack is not predetermined.

RF Online Jetpack Crafting, games, gaming, online games, video games



RF Online Proof of Warrior Combination Crafting

Proof of Warrior combination may be collected by joining Guild Circle Scramble. Combining a maximum of 7 of these weapon will earn you a Gift box for which you can earn 99 + 4 Ores, Type D/ E Pills or Elan Plateau Scroll and a small chance of getting a jetpack.


RF Online Proof of Warrior Combination Crafting, Games, Gaming,Online Games, Video Games.

RF Online Ability Combination Crafting

Lets you change a normal (white) weapon to a type A weapon using PIMs extracted from other weapons and shields. Talics solely depends on the PIMs used and could be purchased in Tools NPC. Remember to use Grade A purple Excelsior when combining regardless of the level and ability.

RF Online: Crafting Ability Combination,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

RF Online: Crafting Ability Combination,Gaming,Games,Online Games,Video Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Open Beta Lands With Exciting New Updates

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games

Call of Duty is one of the most iconic gaming franchises of all time. Time and time again, the series has managed to produce timeless spectacles. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Blackops have managed to capture the imaginations of games with their entertaining gameplay and engaging storyline. This year, the franchise adds a new dimension with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game is being made from InfinityWard studios which are the studios that gave us the original iconic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The Open Beta for the game has launched across all platforms. Gamers across PC, Xbox, and PS4 can now get a feel for the game in the Open Beta. We happened to be lucky enough to get a chance at experiencing the game and it was truly amazing. The game is filled with smaller, most intense gunfight modes which we were able to experience. The Gunfight mode was essentially a 2 vs 2 mode with one life. Dying would mean having to wait till the next round. This rounds are deadly and filled with exciting action. The maps are perfectly suited to be the next big thing, creating a difference from the recent trend of huge maps started by Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Gaming, Games, Online Games, Video Games

The Gunfight mode was extremely entertaining in terms of its action. We feel the mode is ideal to sneak in between lunch breaks at the office. The time stipulation for the rounds is 2 minutes but we did not manage to go through any game that reached the time limit. In typical COD fashion, seeing an enemy is usually instant death. However, despite the fast-paced action, the mode itself was really exciting and kept us entertained for hours.

The game takes a major step up in terms of graphics due to the use of Ray tracing and ambient occlusion. These technologies take the graphical detail to the next level. The night based show nature of the map helps showcase the true potential of the Nvidia technology. We were running the game on an RTX setup, the game ran smoothly without any framing issues. We were unable to see the frame counter however the game ran seamlessly on our setup.

Call of duty: Modern Warfare clearly marks the end of the Battle Royale era. Even though Call of Duty itself delved into the Battle Royale mode with the WWII installment, this edition steers clear from the format and aims to offer something new which is an exciting choice. The game is true to the call of Duty DNA and helps make a strong return to the roots of the franchise. The game was a RAM hog however im sure that that was a trivial issue in an otherwise highly entertaining game. The gunfight mode was an entertaining addition that added a unique flair into the game.

We are excited to see what the complete games has in store when it launches on 25th October across all platforms.